Just an observation

by Lois

I ride a BMW and when I'm out riding I give a wave or a nod to other riders I encounter. There are lots of bikes in this area and it's a vacation destination for a lot of riders. Here is my observation, I find that most HD riders will only wave to other HD riders. As a passenger and driver I have been riding for over 30 years and we always gave a wave to anyone on 2 wheels it was just what you did. In the past several years I've noticed what seems to be a rift within the motorcycling community that you only acknowledge the people riding the same brand bike that you have. What a shame because we are all enjoying the thrill of the ride in our own way. Today I was on the Blue ridge parkway, I had stopped at a parking area and had walked off to pick some blueberries. As I was coming back to my bike a women rider followed by a man were riding towards me I waved and in return got the stone face glare of the woman, I would put it down to a bad day but this is the look I receive from most HD riders, men or women. I ride with a full face helmet, I have to because I smile all day long. I just love being on my bike and riding wherever the road takes me. So I guess what I'm trying to say is SMILE like your enjoying the ride, give a nod or a wave to others on 2 wheels we are all motorcyclists. Hey I've even been known to wave at little scooters!

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Jan 09, 2015
A Big Wave for Lois
by: Anonymous

My dear Windsister.... How about the response to your Blog. This should tell you how we really feel about waving. I know you live in a very Touristy area of the country and hundreds of people ride motorcycles. Maybe the folks you ride by are from the flat lands and are scared to take their hands off the handlebars, as I was the first time I rode in that area and...maybe they just can't sop admiring the beautiful scenery in your part of the country and as one woman rider put it......some men still can't get over the fact that WOMEN RIDE. They will just have to get over it , won't they.. I am a Harley rider and II wave at all riders I can get my hands up fast to wave at. Heck , most of the time , the bike has passed me by before I can see what kind it is. I have a home in Asheville and if we ever pass I will wave. We are WOMEN and we ride..

Nov 09, 2014
To wave or not to wave that is the question
by: AWindsister

Ghee..... I've noticed that when riders pass some wave and some don't, but I didn't think it was political..Generally if I see them in time I always wave back most times I don't get to see what it is they are riding until we pass. Are we being sensitive or is there something going on out there. I have 2 bikes a suzuki and a HD and I haven't noticed being treated differently when I ride either. Some times I ride the Suzuki to the HD store. The folks have been friendly . I guess I am missing something here. And start paying more attention. Dear Ladies iit does not matter what you ride, that is your preference. Just get out there and do it..I don't know if there is a little bit of stereotyping going on maybe it on both sides and we nee to stop that . We are women and next time we see another woman on a bike let's salute her and not her bike. This one is to all women and to all the bikes they ride. Wave and I'll wave back..

Nov 16, 2013
Love the wave
by: Tar Baby

I ride a HD Iron. I can't not smile, I'm so in love w it, still.
I always nod or wave and receive the same courtesy from other riders. I've noticed that the ones that don't are generally the gang riders here in Oz. You can pick them a mile away... It seems to be a requirement that they have to look tough and stern.
If the ride is giving them joy, which it hope it does, always, perhaps it's simply not cool for them to show it. I also sometimes receive disdain, being a girl rider, but mostly... If you ride for the joy, you're a waver and a nodder.

Sep 17, 2013
by: Sandi R.

I ride a HD and wave at anything on two wheels. I find most people in my neck of the woods do the same thing! I live in Oregon and just took a three day ride all over the state and waved and got waved to about 100 times!

My husband and I were saying that we think about waving to motorcycles even when we are in our cars!

Sep 12, 2013
My observation
by: Connie

I LOVE the wave. It makes me happy! I wave to everyone, and nod when I can't wave. Most everyone waves back! I tend to notice that yong men on crotch rockets are the least likely to wave back.

I ride a Honda Rebel. For a long time I coveted a larger bike, but I'm 62 and at the age where I'm losing the muscle strength I once had. I can handle my Rebel without any problems, I know my limits, and it's a forgiving little bike. I get lots of compliments on her from all different kinds of riders, Harley riders included! I think most bikers are just glad to see more and more people on motorcycles, especially women!


Sep 01, 2013
by: Jess

I wave about 90% of the time. Other times maybe I just can't wave due to needing both hands on the bike but I'll try to give a head nod.

Some riders just don't like to wave - regardless if you are another biker, or their mother. It's just not part of the persona - not social I guess.

I live in Chicago, I notice a lot of bikers - mostly young men don't wave. I think it's more that they don't know about the culture as city riding is quite a bit different than riding outside the city.

Aug 26, 2013
by: Jenny

My husband & I ride a Harley and wave at everyone. Doesn't matter what they are riding. I figure those that don't wave back are just not very friendly people on or off the bike and not necessarily a bike thing. Some MC's have some really strange rules they abide by and being friendly isn't one of them. Their loss. Please don't judge all HD riders by those that don't wave. Could be they're concentrating on their riding and simply didn't see you. They could be a fairly new rider and not comfortable with taking their hands off the bars. As a new rider, it doesn't always feel safe for me to wave but I do at least nod my head to acknowledge their wave. Not going to spend my riding time worrying about who waves and who doesn't. Just out to enjoy the ride. If you ever ride through Oklahoma, we will wave to you! Ride safe!

Aug 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

Don't lump all the HD riders together. I know a lot of them and they are nice even though I ride a star. And the comment about weekday riders snubbing the weekenders makes furious. sterotyping.

Aug 26, 2013
by: Barb

I can totally relate to your observation of who waves and who doesn't. I have noticed as well that HD riders can actually tend to not smile. I've only been riding for 5 months and I acknowledge every rider I pass as long as I'm in a situation to do that. I love riding and being out on the open road. I wear a full helmet and riding gear for pure safety. Let's just all enjoy the ride and share the road with a smile.

Aug 26, 2013
one more remark
by: Lynn - FL

My husband just chirped in to say that some won't wave at women riders because they don't think women should be riding. Not him, he is a huge supporter of ladies who ride.

When I ride my black VStar, people wave at me. When I ride my hot pink Ninja, they usually look the other way - ha ha.

We stop for anyone who is broke down to make sure they are ok and find out if they need anything. My husband as rescued more than one stranger because it's the right thing to do. We remember when there weren't cell phones to call road service and someone would have to find a phone booth or a house that would let you use their phone.

Aug 26, 2013
Waving to riders
by: Lynn - FL

I live in SW Florida and I wave to anyone who waves at me or I nod my helmet if I can't wave. We have a huge year round riding community. Just like in real life, people are nice but also idiots, jerks, etc.

We have a lot of M.C. clubs and they generally don't wave at anyone and don't want you to wave at them. (tough guys)

I also love to ride, meet new people and wave, particularly to other women.

Some people are snobs and always will be. I feel sorry for them.

Aug 26, 2013
Oz style
by: Wendy Pink BMW BARBE

Most weekday riders won't acknowledge another rider but the weekenders do... We tend to do the helmet nod..
I picked up my brand new BMW F800ST and 3 days later rode down to a major bike charity event for kids cancer to our Snowy Mountains about 500kms. I pulled into the petrol station to fill her up for the first time... (realised the petrol tank was on the rear of the bike and that she needed High Octane petrol.. so I put her up the bank to get to the right bowsers only to drop her... in front of about 100 other riders.... I squirmed out of her. This is the reaction I got... 50 blokes ran over and say "Is the bike OK" and the females who came to my assistance "Are YOU OK". I carry a first aid kit in my bike and have stopped numerous times at bike accidents and offered assistance. Only one rider who I helped put into the ambulance said "Thank you"..

Aug 26, 2013
by: Shelly

I will wave always--I stopped once to check the gas and a Harley rider stopped to make sure I was all set! I ride a Honda. That told me, I have nothing to fear riding. They help a fellow biker no matter the bike!

Aug 25, 2013
Don't sweat it
by: Anonymous

I'm a female rider and will always wave at every rider unless I feel it is unsafe to take my hands off the bars.
I say "whatever" to those that don't wave back. So even though I probably won't ever pass you on my HD...here's a wave for you :) Ride on sister

Aug 25, 2013
To wave or not to wave... that is the question;)
by: Libby in Nova Scotia

Well, I also wave at everybody, and generally wear a smile. (I'm so happy to be riding!) I ride a Yamahahaha, and most HD riders around Nova Scotia wave back. IMHO, those few HD riders that don't wave back are struggling with so much vibration in the handlebars.. they dare not let go. That's okay, I flash them a big sympathetic smile. ;)

Aug 25, 2013
by: Jeanne

Well I am a HD rider and wave at all riders...I have even been known to wave at a few moped drivers! ha

But I do agree, even some HD riders seem to be so stuck up they can't wave at other HD riders, let alone other kinds of bikes. I figure those are the prestige riders and what do I care...I am probably having much more fun than they are! I ride because I love it and it clears my head. I was riding behind my husband and his 13 year old daughter today and noticed we have raised her right...she waved at all riders regardless of what they were riding and for some reason waved at all of the convertible cars...guess she figured they had a little freedom even though they were in a cage!!

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