Is a GSXR 1000 too big a bike for me to handle?

I bought a GSXR 1000 & have really enjoyed riding on the back with my hubby riding on it but I WANT TO DRIVE IT ALONE - I am 5'6" 145 lbs- my hubby doesn't think I can handle a bike this size what is your "expert" opinion??

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Feb 01, 2015
Tell him to piss off!
by: Michèl

Lol I have a zx-14 Kawasaki.... I am only 140lbs
When my husband met me he was amazed that I could handle a bike that big! Lol when he seen me ride it he changed his mind! Lol it is not about the size of the bike it is whether or not you feel confident in driving it! You seen to be able to handle the back...once you actually give to drive it you will never go back....and THAT is probably what he's afraid of because he won't be able to drive your bike anymore! My husband also says what a crock of Pooh that is your husband should let you drive your bike! Not ride ride your bike! Ps...my has been rides a 1100 V star which is a cruiser...mine is a sport bike with more cc! Lol

Oct 01, 2014
im a lightweight on a K4 Gixxer
by: Aaron Water

Im only 150 lbs and have been riding my GSX R1000 K4 for 3 years now. Its not too hard to handle but do not recommend it as a first bike. NO NO NO.

Apr 08, 2013
thank you :)
by: E.Q.R

I am a bike lover, i have always been! i am 25 and i will soon take my MSF course and buy myself the Yamaha Vmax! that's a 1679cc :) it is a beauty! i was thinking it may be too much but after what i read here, i came to the conclution that if you are careful enough you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! however, i do thank all of you for the comments, those that say ''yes'' and those that say ''no'' i think it is safe to share that i will only ride in my small town for a good while until i feel alright with it! wish me the best, guys! :) God Bless <3

Feb 25, 2013
Try a 600
by: k3 gsxr1000

Idk your full bike history but if you havent riden a 600 sports bike I really wouldnt advise to get straight on a 1k.

I have had my gsxr1000 1 year now I previously had a yamaha r6 and the difference between the 2 bikes is incredible! I was expecting a power differene obviously but the extra power is frightening Im 23 5"10 176pounds and I feel small on this thing... Although, my friends mum is very small and rides the k8 1000 but that was NOT her first bike...

Honest opinion buy a 600 try it this year start on the big boy next year!

Sep 09, 2012
nice one ladies get her killed
by: gixxerguy

well yeah you can ride anything y want my first bike was a gsxr-750 and now ride a gsxr-1000 and a 1300 busa with nitro. just 1 thought how the hell can somone who is a little over 5 foot and 145lb's b srtong enough to handle a 1000 gixxer take it from someone who's been there get something smaller keep the 1000 for next year and get a 600 i know loads of guys n girls who can totally outride guys on 1000's and even 1300 bussas on a well riden 600's also helps if your strong enough to pick the bloody thing up if it falls or you get trapped under it.. if y keep the 1000 just please be carefull but you most likely will never be as good as if you had ridden something you could chuck around.. (ride fast ride hard)

Oct 19, 2011
I'm fine with people, but sometimes...
by: Judy

..things need to be said and heard that aren't "popular" or without coddling people. Lives are at stake here.

As to wrecking a well-handling bike by "stretching and lowering it" per the latest ridiculous fad, all that does is make it into a "pseudo drag racer" and totally wrecks the chassis configuration and the handling of a well made, but extremely fast, potent bike that again, is NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

The answer is NOT to wreck a bike by screwing it up like that to keep an inexperienced rider from killing herself as easily, but by taking a smaller, less powerful bike and learning to RIDE it the way motorcycles were meant to be ridden...which means learning how to corner properly, with confidence, and not just going fast in a straight line, which is all that a bike which has been grotesquely stretched and lowered will be capable of.

Think this through ladies. Don't succumb (literally) to faddish nonsense!

Oct 18, 2011
its all about how much throttle you give it
by: Angie

I learned how to ride a motorcycle on my husbands gsxr 1000.. I'm short but lucky for me his is stretched and lowered 6 inches. I love it. My opinion is if you dont open it up then you'll be fine. If your short like me you might want to stretch and lower it. That way the front tire will stay on the ground when you take off from lights and so on.. Good Luck I decided to get a gsxr 600 a little less power but it rides the same as a 1000...

Oct 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

@Judy, You may have more experience than others here, but you sure aren't good with people, are you?

Oct 18, 2011
I can't believe some of the tripe I'm reading here...
by: Judy

First of all, to all the people making a direct comparison of a GSXR-1000 to some of the larger Cruiser style bikes, such comparisons are totally invalid. An 1800cc Cruiser has perhaps 70-80hp and weighs several hundred pounds more than the GSXR.

To the lame-brain people who said, "ride it just to prove your husband wrong" that's just beyond stupid...we are not talking about playing silly games here..we're talking about her taking on a machine which is totally UNFORGIVING in chassis, throttle and braking input. A GSXR1000 is an extremely potent racebike with lights. It is NOT something to learn on, nor something to "prove a point."

Yes, you CAN die on a 250 as well as a GXSR1000 or other super sport. But NO NO NO, not even CLOSE as easily...that's total bullshit. If you make a mistake on the 250, say, accidently overdo it on the throttle, you might have a chance of an accident, but it's unlikely. You're talking about a bike that's about 300 lbs. with perhaps 35 hp. If you make the same mistake on a GSXR-1000, you're talking about a bike that only weighs about 75 more pounds, but has at least FIVE TIMES the HP...one mistake with that can launch you into a car, into next week....or into eternity.

Ladies, I've been riding on the street for over 35 years. I like fast bikes, but I know how big of a difference there is in the performance of a Cruiser vs. a Super Sport, and a 250 Ninja vs. a GSXR1000.

While in theory it IS possible to "learn" on a dangerously potent bike like a GSXR1000, its a very, very bad idea. Do you want to fully develop your riding skills? If you do, get something smaller to MASTER, that you can outride the capabilities of the bike. Even among very experienced, talented riders there are perhaps only about 25%, if that, who can fully utilize the power and suspension of a bike like a GSXR1000.

Be honest with yourself about your riding skills, your potential, and the capabilities you need to develop. If you are, you'll KNOW that is far too much bike to become proficient on, without taking many years, if you even ever can.

Don't listen to people who are so clueless they would compare a large-engined, underpowered Cruiser with the likes of a Super Sport like that. Listen to a voice of reason and clarity. Even after 35 years, I absolutely KNOW I will never be able to fully utilize such a potent machine to its full potential.

And again, don't be foolish and try to "prove a point" that you can ride it just because your husband said otherwise. We're talking about your LIFE here, and not some foolish pride.

If you choose to ignore this, I wish you VERY GOOD LUCK, because you'll certainly need it if you try to develop your riding ability on a such a potent, unforgiving machine.

Oct 17, 2011
Managing a bike
by: Anonymous

Check out Motor man Jerry Paldino . He says that it is not the size of the bike it is the training that you recieve how to handle the bike.
He has videos and teaches in FL. But you can get some of his videos and learn about handling bikes. Just a thought.
Will take practise.
Best of luck

Oct 16, 2011
Gsxr 1000
by: Susanne

Do you think it's too big for you? Apparently not otherwise you wouldn't of bought it for yourself. I ride a 1200cc Ducati Diavel and husband has ridden it twice. Once to move it and the second time to listen to a noise I was hearing and wanted his opinion. If your husband wants/likes your GSXR tell him to buy his own. Yours is taken....

Oct 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just re-read this. I did spell check but it doesn't fix numbers. My 110 is 1830cc, not the 830 stated in me first comment. I totally agree with the one that said if bf said no, then there is your reason to do it. Determination is a mighty tool!

Oct 16, 2011
Of course you can!
by: Katie

If you took the motorcycle course and have a bike and can't wait to ride it then I say yes. Just be careful. I am on a 650GSXF which is still a powerful bike. It is my first bike (notice I said first lol) and I have enjoyed it. I think it is time to get hubby off the bike and you in the drivers seat! It is your bike


Oct 16, 2011
you can do it!
by: kp

your husband saying that you can't handle it is reason enough to get on it and prove him wrong! just be patient, practice, practice & more practice. Pretty soon you'll be rocking it!

Oct 16, 2011
You can do it!
by: Denise

I'm 57 and I have a Suzuki GSXR750. It's my first bike since I was 23 years old and had a 650 Yamaha. I'm 5'3" and it was lowered when I bought it, so it fits me fine. My BF who has been a biker his entire life always says, "you can kill yourself just as easily on a 250 as a 1000. It's not the size of the bike, it's how safe you ride it". So ride at your own speed, take your time, learn the bike. You'll be fine! A friend of mine who used to teach a MS course and is probably in her 40's just bought a Honda 1000.

Oct 16, 2011
Sure you can!
by: Anonymous

I assume that you do know how to ride a bike and have taken a riding course. I had never ridden myself until I took the riding safety class, which I passed with flying colors I then went out and bought the bike of my dreams. The 110 FXDSE2 Screamin Eagle Dyna (about 830cc). That was Sept of 07 and I am enjoying that beautiful bike today. I am 53 and stand 5'5". If you have the determination, then go for it.

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