I'm Downsizing

by Stephanie
(Cincinnati, OH)

My Intruder

My Intruder

I started off just last year with a Suzuki Intruder 800 (picured here). I think it's just too big for me. At first, it seemed okay, but lately I feel like I'm going backwards in the confidence area. A car pulled out in front of me and I haven't been the same since. I didn't drop the bike, but it sure gave me a scare! I think if I have something smaller, like an S40, maybe I wouldn't feel so overtaken by the bike and I'd be able to "handle" the bike instead of it handling me. I sat on one yesterday and it feels so light and nimble. I'm feeling excited about riding again instead of feeling dread. Did anyone else out there downsize too? Anyone with an S40? Let me know if it helped you out in the confidence area at all? THANKS

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Jun 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a 500cc Ninja and I have no problem on the highway. I can sustain 80 mph with no problem, do I need to go 80 NO but I can. Not everyone needs a 1000cc or more, fit is more important and what type of riding your going to do. Remember these are just suggestions the decision is up to you. I have downsized and upsized I've had a 250 then a 900 then a 750 and a 500 I still have the 750 and 500 there both great rides.

Jun 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have an S40. I actually had a similar problem. I dropped it when I first started riding (a year ago) and got hurt, so I used my daughter's Rebel until I got my confidence back up. I do notice, though, that the S40 feels a bit "top heavy". I just bought an 1100 V-Star and, while it's way heavier than the S40, I'm much more comfortable now, as the V-Star is much more stable and very smooth. Initially, the weight difference was intimidating, but it just takes getting used to. I actually felt ready to move up to a bigger bike months ago, but finances prevented that at the time. You just might outgrow the S40 sooner than you think, too. I will admit that I'm keeping my S40 for now. It's still kinda fun, and I use it when I run short errands.

Jun 09, 2011
Don't give up!
by: Anonymous

Maybe you should try a different model, not necessarily a smaller engine. When I first got my license, I rode a 500cc, then sold it when I was pregnant. My husband had a Vulcan 900 and just sitting on it terrified me - I thought it was too big and heavy. When I got back into riding, I bought an older V-Star 650 which I would continually stall and felt my skills were still "rusty" riding at slower speeds. One day I got brave and hopped on my husband's Vulcan in an empty parking lot. I was shocked to find it was so much easier to ride than the 650!!! It is better balanced, even though it has more power and is heavier, it is a lot easier and more comfortable at the slower speeds. I'm now looking for something even bigger ;)

Jun 09, 2011
Be Certain the Bike Fits You
by: Rita

I think the most important thing for beginning women riders is to get a bike that FITS! You need to be able to flat foot it and you need to be able to balance it easily. Some bikes are top heavy and many women do not have the physical strength to 'man handle' such a top heavy bike, therefore balancing it becomes a challenge (or even a nightmare). I started on a Suzuki 650 which was a great learner bike. After one year of riding, I bought a Harley Davidson V-Rod which is a 1250 cc. I love it! I can flat foot it and balance it very well. It is built low to the ground plus the gas tank is under the seat which keeps all that weight below you instead of up on top. The engine size means little to me...it only goes as fast as you want to crack the throttle. However, as Sue said, a bike with to small an engine can be a danger if you ride high speed highways and cannot go with the traffic flow. Again, consider fit first, engine size second. Good Luck! Rita

Jun 09, 2011
Keep Riding!
by: SUE

I bought a Nightster 1200 and I thought the same thing. My first season of riding,..and I did 'place' mine down at 212 miles, Thankfully I didn't get hurt and neither did the bike. I was scared shitless to get back on. I put 2500 miles on that first season. I can flatfoot mine which is important, and I was later told I need the engine size to 'get out of the way', Maybe I didn't need a 1200 but I'm glad I made that choice. At first I felt the weight of the bike, all 600lbs of it cuz I was over-thinking too much. Take a course, drive defensively, don't be afraid of it. If I can do it, you can too! People that get smaller bikes for highway roads are just asking for danger..Speed limit her is 65...just sayin'.

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