Im a new older rider....

I got my license and bought a used 250 Hond Rebel, I was having problems with it, but I got it all resolved....It made me very discouraged......but I won't give up.
I have started the past month taking it out around the block, side streets, I love it, but, at times im afraid. I will not give up, do you have any suggestions, please dont tell me to give it up......
Thanks for you time!

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Oct 18, 2012
Thank you for the positive comments!
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate all the comments, I really feel better now, Im actually 57 years old.....
I feel so much better there are people who feel the same as me. Thanks so much..

Oct 17, 2012
by: Cheryl R.

I will be 45 in January and just took the MSF class & got my license this year. I too was afraid at 1st. My motto for the summer was "Baby Steps"!!! Some ppl get their license and just go....I wanted to do it at my own comfort and it really worked for me :) I started in the parking lot by my house, then i would ride down the to church parking lot 6 blocks away, then I would cross the busy street, then I would ride on the busy street, then i would ride to work, a 70mile ride, 170mile ride....ALL IN BABY STEPS !!!! I did each one of these as my confidence grew and my skills sharpened.
It took me awhile to realize that "cars DON'T want to hit me" but never forget that realization...Accidents can happen, you just have to make your rides as safe as you can by not exceeding your skill level, wearing Hi-Vis clothing, leaving enuff space to react...etc...It becomes more fun and enjoyable each time I go out.
I also told myself that this season was going to be my "learning season" with no expectations and no "pitty parties"...Sure I wish I could ride with friends long road trips, am I ready??? No, so I will wait til next season....That's kinda the joy of riding for me....There's no "time limit" no sense of "hurry" !!!
So don't you dare give up...take Baby Steps and enjoy "your journey" !!!

Oct 17, 2012
You'll get it!
by: Anonymous

I got my license at age 58. This year was my 3rd summer of riding, and I can go anywhere now - but it took me a while. I practiced up and down on my own road, then ventured around the block, then kept going farther and farther! Each time I went farther, I went because I was ready. Stay in your comfort zone - you'll know when it's time to do more! I have a '12 Honda Rebel and I love her!

Oct 17, 2012
by: Robin

You never said what older meant but I started when I was 48, sure which I had enjoyed this a lot sooner, but keep at it. It will get more comforatable as you practice more. But the best suggestion is to take a MSF course. They teach you all you need to know and to stay safe. They keep you from forming bad habits early when you are learning. After one year I took the advanced class too. I logged 64K miles in 3 1/2 years now without any accident or drop.

Oct 16, 2012
im a real older rider

honey dont give up im going on 72 i purchased my first trike a spyder because my knees are so bad because of arthur we all know him after 4 months i traded it in for spyder rt and got it all tricked out. ifeel safe on this bike and free as the wind it isnt what bike u ride it is pure enjoyment i live in central fl so i try to ride every day as long as the love bugs arny out. im goung to keep riding ubtik i need a sseing eye dog and someone keep me tied on with bungee cord ithink u have the grit to keep and i bet next time we hear from u u will be taking across the country ride. press on

Oct 16, 2012
Don't give up..
by: Anonymous

don't give up, do what you are most comfortable with, thats what my instructors told me. Ride in your comfort zone.. It will get easier then you will find yourself wanting to go further..
I have a a 03 rebel and love the bike.. I took my first long trip, which was 74 miles, I know that is not long for the more seasoned rider but hey I have to start somewhere..
But I rode my bike up and down the highway in front of my house for over a month and half before I became braver to take and go into Dyersburg... Now I am thinking of riding further next spring.
I even practiced laying my bike down and picking it up from either side so I would know what to do.

Enjoy riding and do it safely..

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