I got a Flattop haircut

by Jill

I had long hair and 3 years ago I went to the barber and got a flattop same as my hubby's I love it and so does my hubby 1/2 on top 1/16 sides and back. I'm 45 years old the best haircut I ever had no more long hair for me forever

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Jul 06, 2018
You lucky duck ! ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Anonymous, you lucked out it seems... Doin't hesitate, urge her to get the haitcut and to get her septum pierced ! Don't try to save moeny ! The sooner she has it done the better, so no second thoughts !
I imagine that to be extremely exciting for you, you lucky duck !
Yearsago, my first wife had a wonderful flattop cut. Very exciting ! I lovd it and we ebjoyed each other much more... I lived her to exhaustion...
Soon after we went to a tattoo parlor and she got a nice big tattoo, high up on her chest, so it showed fantastically !
I was very proud of her... Yet we got divorced...
The idea of her wearing a nice shiny septum ring is wonderful too ! I'd buy her a smooth shiny gold plated big ring !
I envy you ! Good luck, keep us posted !

Jul 05, 2018
winning NEW
by: Anonymous

Well I think I have had a win. After seeing a woman sporting a flat top the other day my wife is thinking of getting one herself. I hope she follows through, so now i am giving as much encouragement as i can. Then to totally blow me away she suggested a septum ring to compliment it. Where has this been for the past few years, perhaps a lengthy teasing i think. Will keep you all posted

Jul 05, 2018
winning NEW
by: Anonymous

Well I think I have had a win. After seeing a woman sporting a flat top the other day my wife is thinking of getting one herself. I hope she follows through, so now i am giving as much encouragement as i can. Then to totally blow me away she suggested a septum ring to compliment it. Where has this been for the past few years, perhaps a lengthy teasing i think. Will keep you all posted

Jun 22, 2018
envy NEW
by: Anonymous

I wish i could convince my wife to get a flat top. She is retired now so who ares what others think. I think it looks super sexy on a woman. I would be more than happy to pay for the cut and the maintenance to keep it that way. She got a number 1 once and it looked absolutely stunning. I keep asking her but no luck

Jun 22, 2018
envy NEW
by: Anonymous

I wish i could convince my wife to get a flat top. She is retired now so who ares what others think. I think it looks super sexy on a woman. I would be more than happy to pay for the cut and the maintenance to keep it that way. She got a number 1 once and it looked absolutely stunning. I keep asking her but no luck

Mar 07, 2018
Love it Flat NEW
by: Vince

Hi Jill, I can't believe it has been five years. I just happen to check on the site to see if any other ladies were getting flattops. My wife is still short and I still love cutting the flattop.
I have kept her clippered for years. She is not as crazy about it as I am, but I love the cut. If I leave the front about 3/4s it looks good, but every now and then, I love the 1/2 inch. That really shows off the landing strip. I have probably done 30 flattops over the years and now spring is here and I can't wait to clipper her.
I have found out if I don't cut the sides too close, she is ok with it. I did one and left the bangs about an inch so it could be brushed over to one side and the top was cut about 1/2 with a soft landing strip. So cute. Her favorite cut is still longer on top with clippered sides and back with a faded color. Glad you still have your cut. Don't you just love it.

Jan 30, 2018
Flat top sexy NEW
by: Anonymous

Lady with a flat top, both arms fully sleeved, stretched ears, a nose stud, and permanent applied makeup. WOW, SUPER SEXY!!!!

Feb 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

I think it's great that you got a flattop for your husband but it's your hair ! It's easy to take care of. I find it very relaxing every week getting it trimed who cares what people think! That's how I feel when I first got my flattop I felt naked but but the wind and air when riding on my head felt so good I've been taken it down shorter and shorter lil by lil and bleached white it looks great! People just look but the ones who do talk to me I always get a smile and where do you get that done at? But you need to do what makes you happy and if you want to please and make your husband happy!

Feb 23, 2015
admiring you !
by: Anonymous

WOW, that took nerve !! I congatulate you for freeing yourself from our demanding society's ideosycracies !
I think it is really cool to see a lady like you.
Spectacular !!
Getting tattooed is the real commitment, isn't it ? That is forever !
I want my girl to get two full sleeves, but so far she is quite reluctant.
One of my neighbors had his wife tattoed. In a year's time she changed from an office girl to a heavily tattooed cutie. I love to watch her working in the yard. I told her that I admire her and what I want my girl to get. She taalked to my girl about her experiences and the adventure of getting tattooed. It doe not have to be painful at all and I see not why it has to be. That is all macho nensense. It is the art that counts !
Again congrats !!

Oct 20, 2014
Women's freedom.
by: Anonymous

I have been following this blog for some time now.
I was a secetary and kept my hair long and shiny. Once a week to the beauty salon.
I met this biker and it surprised me how I fell for him.
In about a month I got fired ! The boss did not appreciate my new looks...
I had first cut my hair short and got tattooed !
Both my upper arms from my shoulders to my elbows.
As these peeked out from my short sleeves, my boss wanted to know what I was going to do next.
I told him I was planning to get my hair cut in a flat top, just like him and get my nose pierced.
He told me to get the hell out...
Well, that gave us the freedom I needed.
Dave, my boyfriend, is taking care of me,under condition that I got my hair cut in a flattop, as I had been telling my boss and that I would start stretching my ears.
It is now five years after I lost that job and I still go the the barber every two weeks to get my flattop shaped up nice and sharp again. I have two fully tattooed arms now. A big dragon on my back and earslobes of one and a half inches long !
I wear a thick ring through my septum and will soon get all my make-up permanently applied...
Maybe I am crazy, but I have never felt so free and enjoyed life as I do now.
No more slave to ociety...!

Oct 19, 2013
I got a flattop
by: Anonymous

Hi Jill I live up north but I ride all year long and I found the shorter the better! I have went from 1inch with gel to keep it stiff to now Bleaching it white. And I been taken it down a LIL at a time my center is about 1/8 and I want to go closer but the girl who cuts it won't try it? But I really want to try it! It just looks good and feels great when you ride and with the white bleach I stand out in a crowd !

Oct 08, 2013
Summer's over
by: VInce

Hi Jill,
The flattop didn't happen. We still have the back buzzed with the sides longer barely covering the ears. The top is about four inches with the front going to one side and is really cute with her color blending from light blonde to a darker blonde. The flattops we saw during the summer were out of shape and that didn't help any. I hope you still have your flat and I still am not giving up. So I am happy to have the buzzed cut in the back that she does.

Apr 22, 2013
nice and cool
by: vince

Vince, I wear it longer on top, but in the summertime I have had the top cut shorter with a small landing strip on top. It is the best cut for under a helmet. Thanks Jill

I love love to see pictures of your wife's cut.

Apr 14, 2013
Jill's Flattop
by: Vince

Hi Jill, Thanks for the infomation. How close do you wear your flattop? Also, do you have a landing strip or is longer? Glad you love your Flat.

Apr 08, 2013
flat top
by: Jill

Vince, I still wear my flat top and love it. I is a great cut for thck hair. I hope your wife likes hers, it's perfect for ride in the summer.

Apr 03, 2013
To Robby
by: Vince

Thanks Robby for your time and advice. As I said, she has worn her hair very short for years and she has a beautiful napeline. In fact, we cut the nape in a natural W and when it is clippered so short it actually softens the cut and makes it more feminine. That is why I like to do a #3 tapered on the sides and back. You are right about her front hair being no longer than an inch at the front and I think that would give her a soft landing strip which I really want. Anytime in the past when the top was cut about two inches, she wanted it permed because her hair is so thick it was not manageable. But that was when she wore in a mushroom with the sides and back clippered. Lately we have it in a wedge cut where the top is slightly longer with the sides and back stacked and a clippered napeline still cut in the W at the widows peak but tapered close.
If she would let me go do the flattop now I think I would run the #8 over her top hair to get the bulk off and then square the sides. Brush it back until it stands up and then freehand the top to about 3/4's at the front. I am pretty good with the clippers and I use a regular flattop comb I only use the big one for bulk. I don't want the landings strip too butch, but I do want a soft one. Her hair grows fast and you are so right, if it is over an inch, it just doesn't stand up unless you put a lot of product in it. Thanks again for your advice. She knows I love it super short and I hope a flattop haircut is in the near future. I am glad your wife loves hers.

Apr 02, 2013
To Vince
by: Anonymous

Hi Vince, you asked Jill, but I'll give you my opinion, if you don't mind.
I have cut my wife's flat top many times now.
So I do have some experience. It is not half as difficult as they want you to believe. Use a flat comb (or broad comb) that is important for a really flat flattop.
The sides at about 3/8 is fine but the top I advise to cut at her forehead no shorter than one inch. Depending on the shape of her head the shortest hair will not yet be a landing strip (Which I don't like on a woman).
After you are done, you can always cut it shorter yet.
Remember hair grows at about a half inch per month!
So a one inch cut will soon be an inch and a quarter long, which makes the flat top unmanagable. To keep it nice and sharp looking that needs a going over about once a week. I keep my wife's hair at 3/4 at the front so she can go for two weeks without any truouble.
Good, luck and enjoy your wife !

Apr 01, 2013
How short should it be?
by: Vince

Jill, I am so glad you like your flattop. My wife is a few years older than you and years ago, I cut my her sides and back with clippers and left the top longer. We permed it and she wore a mushroom cut and put hi and low lights in it. I have cut her top short and spikey, but I haven't flattopped her. Her hair is very thick and I know it will be awesome. With summer coming I know we will clipper the sides and back close, but I really want to flattop her. I just don't know how close I want to take her and if I want to cut in a landing strip. I think the sides with a #3 tapered will not be too severe but I do want them short enough to make the top really stand out. If I leave her top 3/4 will it will be too long or should I take her down to 1/2 on top and do a closer landing strip? I don't want to clipper it too close that she will not let me flattop her again.

Feb 19, 2013
I gave up the argument...
by: Flatheaded girl

My husband has been after me to get all my hair cut off and have it cut in a very short male flat top.
Last year I submitted to have the top of my hair cut perfectly short and flat, but the rest long.
Well, that was not enough for him and now, just last week, He took me to his barber and instructed him to give me a short flattop...
I'll never get used to it, but next week I'll be in the chair again to have it touched up to my husband's liking.
Is it sexy, to have a flattop for a woman??? I am in my late twenties and I am facing a life long of rediculous short haircuts.
I would like to hear what other people think of this.
Who thinks itis ugly, who thinks it is beautiful, who thinks it is sexy? Help me!
Flatheaded girl.

Dec 10, 2012
A month later...
by: Otto

Well, I promised to tell you how my lovely would react after she came down from her hi....
It was hell !!!
She breathed fire !!!
She was totally out of it whe she discovered her new look....
I love it! It is the sexiest thing I could have done.
I can't keep my hands off her head.
It took two whole weeks before she got high again. I let her enjoy it and took advantage of the situation by running the clippers once more.
This time her reaction was not very friendly, but much milder.
We even discussed the advantages (sex, sex and more sex) and disadvantages of her flattop.
She is extremely embarrassed and does not want to be seen on the street.(Fine by me)
She will allow regular shaves, but then I will have to support her totally. (Wonderful!!)
I insisted that if she is going to be all mine, I want her to get tattooed too. (Hoping...)
First she outright nixed that idea, but is now reconsidering.
Anyway she is now getting used to her flattop, I'm sure that eventually she'll go out the door too.
A beautifull woman needs not a lot of hair. A nice buzzcut and she is still a gorgeous woman, only more spectacular!
I like to hear some reaction, both pro and con.
Any more people out there with a similar situation?

Oct 30, 2012
I did it or she did it!!?
by: Otto

I got her so far that she had her hair cut !!
She did get a bit high before agreeing. I managed to get Jim the barber to come to our house and she sat down for him...
Jim went to work right away, so she would have no time to change her mind.
In no time he cut all her hair of around her head and on top. All about a finger thickness....
It was am extremely exciting show !!
I enjoyed it tremendously.
Next he got the clippers and shaved all the hair around her head off, down to just a stubble.
The change was already great! She looked like s different woman already !
She was a bit too much under the weather to sit still when he was ready to do the top.
He used, what is known as a flatcomb.
I had to hold her head while he pushed the comb in place and ran the clippers over it.
In a few runs all the hair was perfectly even.
He rubbed some goo in it and it was standing straight up !!
My wish had come true !!
My beatiful love has a neatly even flattop haircut now !!
Neat like a freshly mowed lawn !!
It is spectacular !
She'll get a lot of attention in public now !
Oh, wow, she'll be fantastic showing her big colorfull tattoos and her new haircut !!
I am crazy about it !!
She hasn't come down yet..., I'll let you know how her reaction will be !!
Call me nuts, call me crazy, but I just love the hell out of her new looks !!

Oct 16, 2012
Fashion ??
by: Otto

I don't think it will ever be the fashion for women to have a flattop haircut.
It is too drastic for most of them. That scares them, but I beleive that that is one of the attractions of that cut! It is unusual and very eye-catching.
Personally I like it very much on a lady or girl. I find it very attractive and definately very sexy!
My gf is now twenty five and claims to have a mind of her own, yet I keep pushing her to go to my barber for a flsttop!!
She is dark featured and has shoulder long black hair. I want it cut off and standing straight up!!
The last time she answered me with: "I'll have to be a bit drunk to do that!"
So I have high hopes.
She wanted to get tattoos on both arms for the longest time and one day she made an appointment, got a bit under the weather and had it done !!
It looks gorgeous !!
I keep hoping for the flattop, it will look soooo good on her.
It is certainly not for older women only!
Young women and girls look fantasticly sexy with it too!

Sep 11, 2012
Long hair with a flat top !
by: Anonymous

I have always been a fan of ladies with very short hair. I think it is extremely attractive and definetely very sexy.
In my life I have had the opportunity to cut some ladies hair. That was very exciting !

First I was the one that was shy, so I didn't make it very short. Later I discovered that for many women it is sensual to have their hair cut by a man.
I got bolder and cut it down to just a few millimeters. Both of us were very turned on by it !!

I would like to think that Charlotte and Jeanne started a new trend.
I remember about fifty years ago a young lady with a haircut like that! Long on the sides and and back and very short and flat on top. I never forgot her. Even though I never got to know her name, I can still see her in my mind's eye !!

So ladies listen to the wishes of your lovers! Get your hair cut !
Long hair is beauriful, but short is sexy, baby !!

Sep 10, 2012
A Charlot haircut
by: Jeanne

I had long black straight hair all my life.
My husband insisted that I cut it off and have a flat top.
I hated the idea, so now I have my long hair in a blunt cut on my shoulders and... a flat top !
It was Charlotte who gave my husband the idea...
I am not yet totally comfortable with it.
Next Wednesday I have to go for the second time to have it made short and flat again...
Nervous like hell !!

Aug 30, 2012
Another kind of flattop.
by: Charlotte

I had an accident in the kitchen.
My hair was on fire! Luckily, it was dosed with water in a second.
Yet the front of my hair on top was severly damaged.

My boyfriend said it should be cut evenlt, rather than leave the mess as it was.
So now I have a neat perfectlu flat top and the sides we left as the were, down to my shoulders!
I get a lot of compliments. I love it and may keep it like that!

Jun 30, 2012
Changed my mind
by: Anonymous

At my twenty fifth birthday party, I got pretty sauced up.
Somehow I agreed to get all my hair cut off and get a flattop!
I was outraged when I got up the next day, I didn't recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. The sides were no more than a quarter inch and the top not much more!
It was e few days later that I got a call from a girl friend, she told me that she too had woken up with a flattop!
She told me that she had brazenly put on loads of make-up and had gone out to a mall.
She was surprised at the attention she got and now wanted to keep the hair cut!
So I decided to try that too!
I loved it ! So now I keep it short and flat!

Jun 30, 2012
To cut or not to cut ?
by: Anonymous

I have long black hair. My husband wants me to get a short flattop.
I am scared. It will change my looks drastically.
I have never had short hair in my life.
Any advise?

Jun 23, 2012
would love to see pictures
by: Anonymous

Hi Kay and Tony, Glad you two love your flat tops as do I. I would love to see some picutes of them with your bikes.

Jun 19, 2012
For My Husband
by: Kay

I am near 60, and I wear a short flat top. I never thought I would (or even could) cut my below-the-ear hair, but I did, when my husband asked me to wear my hair in a flat top style. I shed my insecurities, and drove to the barber shop on a hot afternoo, and 30 minutes later emerged with a very short, and perfectly cut flat top. My husband loves it. That was over three years ago, and I still visit that barber shop every 3 weeks to get a fresh flat top. At first, I was very self conscious, but no more. kinda like it: care-free and edgy in style. And when I put on my long ear rings or stud ear rings and apply a bit of make-up, I get many compliments, from both men and women. The best of all, my husband loves my flat top.

Jun 17, 2012
Clippered and tattedhiccup
by: Flattop Tony

You gals have had your hair cut off voluntarily.
In my case it was not! No, no cancer or such. Just a jealous bf...
He forced me down and cut off all my long hair, buzzed me and I ended up with a (rather neat, I admit) flattop !
I was pissed and left him, madder than a wet hen!
Yet I was stuck with my shorn head.

One day on a motor show, I saw to my surprise three different ith freshly cut flattops. They looked great. One was epecially cute wwith her perfectly flat brushcut and long earhangers, weel made up and she got a lot of looks...

That got me to think about my own looks. Maybe my bf was not so crazy after all. And i missed him now...
So i made a bold plan, all or nothing.
That same day I had my hairnewly sshaped in a perfecy flattop again. Went to a beautyshop and had them fix my face.
I felt better.

I went top the bikers bar, where he was known to hang out.
To mu chagrin I saw my ex bf with a long haired bleached bitch. She was attractive and had tattoos on her arms, i could see. You know the type...

I wormed myself between her and my ex bf, and asked him, "So you like tattooed bitches now, huh?"
He smiled and said simply: "Yup..."
The bitch tried to elbow me away, but I stood my ground: "you take me back if I get tattooed too?"

Well, you guessed it !!
I have two tattooed arms now and we are planning to get some more.
Yes after two years now, I am still back in the barbers chair every second Friday to get clippered again...

Oct 15, 2011
Back in style
by: Shannon- south fl

I guess the flattop haircut for women is coming back in style now. I was on the beach last week and a lady with her husband with a flattop cut shaved to the skin sides and back and about 1/2 on top with a landing strip. Same as my ex-boyfriend had.She looked about 50ish it lokked good on her. Still not a haircut for me I'm only 29 maybe when I'm 50, Ponytail for me.

Oct 08, 2011
by: Dee

I'm tuning 50 in two weeks and i'm a stay at home wife. I showed my husband the forum I have been telling him how I hate helmet hair, so he said cut. I think I may go to the barber and for it. I will keep you posted. good for you girls (Arizona)

Oct 08, 2011
by: Linda

I hate helmet hair. I'm so glad you found a way to avoid it. Due to my job I keep my hair long.
I live in Michiganc so i'm putting the bike away until next year

Oct 05, 2011
Flattop hair
by: Annette

It must feel so good in the summer under your helmet. I wouldn't mind getting a flattop but I would need to lose 20lbs before i got it. good luck to you

Oct 04, 2011
by: Melissa

Long hair for me. U Rock it girl.

Oct 04, 2011
by: Molly

I don't think I could ever cut my long hair that short but my mom has had a flattop for over 25 years.(she thinks she the coolest thing with her top down at a red light) she does not ride but her baby is her convertible car. I'm only 22 and just started to ride so for now long hair for me. I am happy that older women wear short. I think we sould be able wear our hair any way we want. good for you

Oct 04, 2011
by: Kim

Good for you. I thought I was the only female out here with a flattop. I am 52 with grey hair and I ride each day it fits my style and no helmet hair for me. All I know is that guy's seem to love it on me.

Oct 04, 2011
by: Susan

very cool! I think you have the right idea during the heat wave this summer I seen a few females in their 40's and 5o's at bike events with flattop haircuts. I have been thinking about getting one myself right now I have a short crop cut.

Oct 04, 2011
Long hair
by: Susanne

Gotta say I love my long braided tail flying in the wind. I just can't imagine cutting it. Good for you

Oct 04, 2011
Hair Cut
by: Anonymous

WOW good for you. I am also 45 and am growing my hair which is very gray and I love it.


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