by Stephanie

Finally!! I've been in the parking lot since April! I have ventured out a little bit, driving straight home from the parking lot (3 miles). Today, after a rough start, ( I live on a hill ) I ran a long route and actually got up to speed. Fifty at some times, which is awesome for me! I was usually doing 25 in a 45 so this is a major accomplishment for me. I was so confident I told my hubby to stop following me in the car and go get his bike and we just rode up and down the street until I felt comfortable and we went on "a ride". A real ride. Just the both of us on our bikes. I can't tell you how excited I was. I feel like something clicked today and I'm so confident and know I can do this. Aside from not getting off our street (he had to do that for me) I had one wide right turn ( a bug went up my nose!) and missed second and caught neutral. Wow, what a rush. Can't wait to do it again!!

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Nov 05, 2010
by: Ruth

That is it, just YAY!

Aug 31, 2010
by: Diane

Go for it. The line about getting out there and practice is perfect. The more confidence you get, the better you will feel. That is awesome. Just go out there and find your spot.

Aug 25, 2010
Finishing MSC
by: Kenisha

I will finish MSC this weekend and after reading this article. I don't feel bad about starting off practicing in a parking lot. I really like this site. It really encourages women to ride and to learn how to ride safely.

Aug 24, 2010
Way to go!
by: sassy2731

I'm so proud of you, so keep up the good work. Don't worry about those little things. Bugs will always be around, but a windshield does help some. Don't feel too bad about shifting into neutral as I've been riding about 5 years now and I still have that happen from time to time. I just blame it on the bike though. lol Wow, it is time for you to go venturing out now and really enjoy the open road. You will get excited on every trip you take from this point on.


Aug 24, 2010
by: Connie

Congratulations on your venture out of the parking lot! I'm about the same level you are - taking my time but enjoying it. Just do what you're comfortable with and practice, practice, practice! And if you haven't taken the MSF course, sign up now. You'll learn SO much!!

Aug 24, 2010
by: Davine

Congrats! Keep going at your own pace and ENJOY every minute of it!


Aug 23, 2010
by: David

You go! You'll be hitting the open road, putting hundreds of miles on your bike before you know it!


Aug 23, 2010
Finally did it!
by: Colleen

Congratulations! I was reading your story and thinking wow that's me. I've only had my bike about 2 weeks and know exactly what you're saying. Then the line about the bug about made me fall off my chair for laughing! I will be sure to watch out that doesn't happen to me. LOL Congrats!! you have reason to be proud and thanks for the inspiration. Just imagine where you'll go from here! Ride safe!

Aug 23, 2010
by: Sandra

I'm so proud of you! There is no race; no reason not to take each step at your own pace...who cares if others cannot wait to hit the open road??

You have taken the steps in the right order for YOU so that you can enjoy this new activity with your husband.

I'm sure there are many happy road trips in your future!!

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