by A.D
(United States)

Hello Ladies,

I am writing because a few moths ago I posted about taking the Basic Riders Course well I finally took it and I failed the road test by 1 point. I am so hurt and devastated right now. I can't stop crying. I feel like a complete failure. I have 180 days to retest but now I'm scared to because I don't want to fail again. Has anyone ever failed the road test. I'm just so upset and don't know what to do.

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Jul 17, 2012
by: Katie

That is awesome you passed. I to failed my first course by 1 point. I know exactly how you felt. I took another 7 hour course and got my M2. It is a great feeling. This all happened last year for me. Now I am riding a lot and very happy.



Jul 15, 2012
You go girl!
by: mimirunzz

That is awesome news!

Jul 15, 2012
I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: A.D

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update you all, I took the re-test today and I PASSED!!!!!! Thank you all so much for your support and words of encouragment. Now to go bike shopping!!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Jul 12, 2012
just do it
by: Jeanette

I have my two day course this weekend. The course runs from 8am to 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the class on Sunday they test you and if you pass the test you get what we call your m2. I am really nervous but excited too.
I bought my bike just over a week ago so have had some time to get used to the throttle. clutch, and brake (parking lots only).. did have a bad spill my first day out.. cut up my shin a bit.. learned fast that the front brake is a no no if the front tire isn't straight...
Hang in there... the more you push to get good the safer you will be. That's at least how i see it..
Don't give up, go for it and have a blast...

Jul 11, 2012
Remember - relax!
by: dvorah70

I took the course last year. I struggled, but managed to pass. My friend did not. She did great in class, but totally psyched herself out and ended up failing the test. I reminded her that she needed to relax and put it out of her mind. She had to wait several weeks, but she finally passed the test and I was there with her.

Good luck! You can do it!

Jul 09, 2012
stay positive.
by: Jana

Don't give up. You will get it.

Jul 08, 2012
Don't Give Up
by: Joan

I also failed on the first attempt. In Iowa, we had a refresher course we could take on a Sunday afternoon for 4 hours and then retest. It was the best thing I ever did. The refresher course was 5 women and 1 guy and our instructor was awesome and we all passed with flying colors. Don't give up - you are not a failure. Keep trying.

Jul 08, 2012
They failed me also
by: donna1200

They failed me too but with a lot more than 1 point so you did good! I took the course last October (2011) after buying my Harley Sportster in September. I used their bike for the course and I had never ridden before. My Sporty sat in the garage waiting for me...
I was very disappointed that I did not pass but also determined to get my license. I went to the DMV and got my permit so I got the written test out of the way and would be able to ride with my step-brother. I trailered my bike to a nearby parking lot nearly every Sunday for the next 6 months and practiced. At first I just rode around, getting a feel of things. Did a lot of stopping and turning left and right. Once I was comfortable, I set up "cones" (half-filled water bottles) and practiced the off set cone weave. Our DMV no longer did the motorcycle test but the test course is still at the fairgrounds so around March I started going there and practicing on the real course. I could never do the cone weave perfectly and consistently so I focused on doing everything else. I took the test in April on my Sportster and passed with a 97. Yep, I hit one cone in the cone weave but that was ok by me! I no longer need the parking lot but am still learning by just riding the 5 miles to work and back. The longest ride I've taken is 26 miles round trip. :-) So DON'T GIVE UP!

Jul 07, 2012
by: D-Lo

Keep trying I sure you'll get it next time. The basic riders course is designed to give you the tools to keep you safe and sound get back on your horse and ride, You'll only get better with time. Dont feel bad about the last test, you know now what you need to pass now. GOOD LUCK!

Jul 07, 2012
You didnt't fail...
by: Anonymous

...you just needed more than 2days.

Most people ( not all, by any means) can learn to ride a motorcycle, given enough time and adequate instruction.
It's not uncommon to need more than a couple of days though, and everyone needs continual practice.

Bur when you triumph and pass...


Jul 07, 2012
by: SHI


Jul 05, 2012
I have that to look forward to.
by: mimirunzz

I take the safety course in August. I am still in parking lots, improving but slowly. Very slowly. I haven't tried to learn anything this frustrating in awhile. It is not something that comes natural to me, for some reason. I almost gave up the last time I dropped the bike too. After crying, and telling myself I did NOT want to do this anymore, I went back out there and got back on the bike. I know I will be frustrated if I fail the road test, but I also know I don't have those turns and figure eights down yet. So I am bracing myself...

Jul 04, 2012
I had to take it 3 times!
by: ReneL

Don't give up. As you see from all of the responses, you are in old company. I had to take the course not one, not two, but 3 times before I passed. As a matter of fact, the first time around on the second day of class, after only the first hour on the bike, the instructor asked me to leave because I was doing so miserably. I cried like a baby and felt like a failure. However, after I cried my eyes out I decided that since I could re-take the course as many times as I needed without an extra charge, that I would view it as an extended course and count myself lucky for the extra time and practice. After he second time around I improved considerably but missed passing by a few points. The third time just on the daynof the test, it started to rain. We were given the option to come back another day but I decided to stick it out. I took the test and passed! I was so excited. It just so happened that the instructor who tested me that day was the same one who kicked me out the first time around. We were both smiling and happy the day I passed. So get out there and get back on the horse. You can do it. Just be patient with yourself and the process. Update us after you pass!

Jul 04, 2012
Keep trying
by: Sportbikerlady

Go out to an empty parking lot..school parking lots are usually great places this time of the year.
Practice everything you did on the road course. This is also a great place to practice stopping & starting, too.
Remember...every biker, trucker, driver had to start at the beginning. We've all dumped our bikes (more than once) and we've all had our little biking problems to overcome.
You will overcome & pass your next roadtest.
We've all been there...even the guys.
Now..git off the computer and go ride!!!!

Jul 04, 2012
Mee too!
by: Vicky

I not only failed the road test in my course, but also the first time I took the road test for my drivers license. Don't let it stop you. I just kept practicing and finally got over my fear and passed. Now I have over 11,000 miles under my belt and can look back and laugh. Yeah I a little embarrassed, but I didn't stop - don't you stop either!

Jul 04, 2012
Been There!
by: Candy

I took the Basic Rider Course at our local College. I could not get the clutch control and kept stalling the bike. I made it through the first day of class but ended up walking off on the 2nd day. Crying like crazy. I was so mad!
I did re-take the class and received my license. If I had to do it all over again I would have gone to a Harley Dealership and taken the Riders Edge Class. The classes are longer. The 1st class I took was a weekend class and way to fast paced for me.

Jul 04, 2012
try it again...
by: Dee

Okay...here goes...maybe the "third" time is a charm. I enrolled in the Abate class..on my way to the class which was a Friday night, all book class..I learned my sister was in intensive care in Alabama and obviously my heart wasn't in learning how to ride..so I decided not to continue on. I headed to Alabama the next day. Later, I was able to take the class again. Believe me, I was a new rider..I never had put a key in a bike, much less know how to ride. I failed the test. Like you, I was so upset. to make matters worse, I was the only one in the class to fail. At the time, the instructors said they were going to enroll me in the all ladies class..they knew I just needed to get my confidence built up. I had my permit out of the way..so I thought "maybe I can do it this time". Well, when the instuctor saw me on the bike the next time around..he said it was like a 180 degree turn. I took the class that weekend, in rainy, cold weather. After, I took my test..I knew I passed when the lady instructor came running across the parking lot to let me know. Everybody hugged me and cheered. Right after the class I injured my hand, so I didn't get to practice. well, it's been a year later, I have my own bike and I am "back at it!". don't give up!!... I took the class at 62 years old. I tell my kids..if I can learn to ride a motorcycle at my age..they can do anything!

Jul 04, 2012
Not a failure
by: Bandit Bob

When I took the road test (after riding without a license for decades) there were several guys (no women on that day), all of whom were bragging about their riding experience, they ALL failed because they hadn't practiced their basic skills. Go out, do your circles and figure eights, look at it as showing you where your skills are lacking and fix those.

Jul 03, 2012
you did not fail , they are just testing your will to ride
by: roadstar girl

i've been a licensed motorcycle rider since 1974/ high school, but never took any motorcycle safety classes until the mid 1990s because they just didn't have them back in the 70s and 80s. at age 16 in illinois, i dropped my 125cc honda right on the test course because i got confused on where to go on the course and made a sudden turn. i took the test again a few weeks later and passed. in my first attempt to turn in my illinois mc license for a mn license in 1981, they failed me, but i took the test again and passed as i already had a motorcycle and was riding it every day in mpls to and from work and the first attempt i took as a way to see the very confusion course and tester's options to require me to turn or stop on a dime, etc
in the mid 90s--at the motorcycle safety class the male instructors tried to make a lot of comments about my riding and gave me the minimum score required to get my completion card...told them i didn't care if they passed or failed me because i've been licensed and riding very often since 1974. don't give up...keep you permit valid and practice riding on your own, in parking lots, on sunday mornings, with other riders, etc as much as you can. if there is a will, there's a way.

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