I did it, now I want to know the consequences to what I have done!

by Kim

Hi ladies,

I have learned if you want to know what ladies think, ask them.

I have been here before from the beginning of my newbie miles back in April to now, some 9,000 km later.

What started out as a wish to accomplish in 2010 from my bucket list, has turned into a change of life. Since I started with riding schools and licensing back in April, I have added more than 30 friends to my personal life style as well as miles over sweeping long ocean side roads, to boarding a ferry to cross the ocean to ride in Vancouver, to back road uneven paved back countries, to everything in between.

I come from a competitive horse background and am relatively brave and fearless. Maybe not overly motivated to step out and take more on to my already busy life, but when I do, watch out...heart and soul get thrown in and it takes on a life force of its own.

I have been riding a Yamaha 650 V-Star for about 8,000 km and I changed its pipes and its look to make it look like a Harley Davidson. Well, it don't look like one and it sure as heck don't sound like one. Still, I enjoyed the bike. But as I began traveling further and further out on longer trips off the Island, I found the 650 V-Star just didn't want to cruise past 110 km/hour.

In my recent Advanced Motorcycle Course trained by Policeman, I did begin to understand that safety sometimes include riding ahead of the flow of traffic. As I got more comfortable with speed, I could see that cruising ahead of the flow of traffic was very smart and I became comfortable.

However, when the posted speed limit is 80km/hour on highways, but the traffic flow is doing 110 or even 120, my poor engine is screaming. Thus, time to upgrade.

My partner and I have been looking at bikes and he wants us to have similar bikes. He vowed never to own a Harley Davidson, and it is true, that Japanese bikes are better made and are more problem free than a Harley and cost 1/2 of what a HD does.

Taking some months to explore various Honda's and Yamaha's and BMW, and Kawasaki's etc, there might have been a model here and there that my partner and I both liked, but not enough to say..."yeah"... mostly, we didn't like the same bikes, or they didn't do much for each or the other.

We walked in to a huge Harley Davidson Dealer on the mainland, where I had been before, and a particular salesman is very knowledgeable about the bikes from years and years of riding HD and working in dealerships, and i like him and trust him. So, while I was talking to the salesman again about the HD Softail Deluxe and the new colors, my partner was wondering about, from bike to bike... When it was time to leave the shop, I found my partner standing by the exit door staring into space. I thought I am gonna hear about how he hates HD and would never own one.

When I approached my partner, he was actually staring at a vivid blue bike and without looking at me, he grabbed my arm, nodded towards the bike and said quietly, "I really like that bike".

I looked at the bike and thought, ooh, that is a cool looking bike....I'd never noticed that model before, as I had eyes only for the Softail Deluxe in my past. But this bike model was very retro, had a brilliant color, fluffy seat and looked "cool".

Hence, I was introduced to the "HD Softail Custom".

I said, "wow, that is a cool bike..." and I was deep in thought...

My partner said, "there are two of them, same bike, and one of them is purple" (my color for bikes)

Purple? I looked and there sat a beautiful same bike as the blue, but in purple...

My partner said, "go sit on it"...and I did.

I was a bit startled to be sitting on a HD model other than the deluxe and liking it.

Mostly, I liked the fact that it was a bit rebellious of a bike, as I had been thinking that a big cruiser is much of what I have now and now quite what I want in the future.

I want something different, with a roar of power, not noise, and something with attitude that I can be proud of and can keep ahead of the flow of traffic and is even a bit naughty, but safe, fun and can give me years and years of pleasure rolling through Canada and the US.

We left the shop and went across the street to Honda to sit on the bikes we had thought were in our potentials, and we sat on the V-strom also...

Suddenly, the HD Softail Custom, just became "the bike".

Amazingly, both bikes were on sale as they were 2009 models and there were two 2010 models, side by side, but the colors of red and the other black, did nothing for us.

The bright sky pearl blue and pewter and the deep purple with pewter just seemed to have our names on them. The fact they were also on sale and by adding bags and windshields and engine guards to them made it more affordable and more...possible.

We took some time off to talk and dream, but we did go back to the shop. We sat on the bikes again and there was no real question, we would get them!

We bought extended warranties to cover any breakdowns while traveling and my salesman highly recommended lowering kit for my bike.

A bit of a concern is I was wearing flip flops....how far was the extension of my leg to reach the gears?

What will the skinny tire feel like?

Really, a chopper? I liked the bike and remembered the ooz of "oooh..do I dare...I like it..a lot"...

the attitude I could feel when I saw it, sat on it, dreamed of it.

The bikes are on the mainland getting dressed up and in about 1 week, I will get my butt over there and place it on my new extension...

But, what can I expect from this bike? As a lady....what will it feel like, perform like? Ride like?

I hope I love it. They don't let you try them before you buy them.....I am excited, but a bit worried. However, I finally do get the HD and my partner whom said he would never be "one of them"....is now a proud owner...and he is totally excited!

Whom knew after circling around all the bikes, my partner and I would meet back where it all started at a HD Shop and find the perfect duo bike that calls both our names, that were side by side?

Meant to be? Sure seems like that.

Always thought it would be the softail deluxe, but none ever made me actually sign on the dotted line on the first day I crossed paths with it...until the day, I sat on the softail custom, in my color, in my price range with my smiling excited partner sitting on his match....

a match made in Heaven.... seems meant to be.

I would love to hear from ladies riding HD softail Customs or know who is that might be able to educate me on the consequences of my desire!

Warm regards,


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Aug 20, 2010
Me Again: Clarity
by: Kim


I was particularly interested in comments from those riding a particular bike and not to offend or be scrutinized.

To be clear, I have looked, sat on and some trials on various Honda's even the grand gold wing, looked at boulevard's, various Yamaha's, BMW gs 650, Kawasaki vstrom, Suzuki verys, victory and matter of fact, the trike: can am sprint.

The only bike I signed for was in fact the Harley softail custom, that is even after I took an advanced riding training taught by 2 policeman that spoke of merits of Honda's & BMW's and did mention Harley's have old technology, less than ideal breaking system, hard to stop, reputation of falling apart as you leave the dealership.....ultimately, it is clear, Harley's r more money than most but not twice a better bike, fact...they r close to bottom unless you look at Harley's V-Rod which has a Porsche engine and sounds like an airplane: Which is as high of technology as you will get....in any bike manufacturer.

The only bike that turned my crank enough to buy is the Harley softail custom and I would very much like to hear from riders of that bike of "their experience"

I would also buy a BMW gs and the v strom and the new models of gold wing....but I didn't. On a day, when my eyes set upon "the bike" it was the one.

And I was sure to buy a 7 year extended warranty which includes pick up! Hotels & meals if the metal starts flying off or even tires get punctured...

In horses what we say is a great rider can ride many many horses and get the same results.

I am not limited or limiting myself.

Warm regards.

Aug 20, 2010
Bikes and More Bikes
by: Anonymous

I just think there are many other bikes on the market that look cool and they don't have to be Harley's. Choosing a bike is so very personal. It depends how you ride. Will you just be riding the streets or will you be going off road, or long distances or commuting. It just needs to be a good safe fit.

There are other "cool looking "bikes such as Victory's, Ural's, Triumph's, Honda's, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW's and other bikes that I haven't even learned about. Heck there are even automatic Ridley's out there and Can Am's.

I have nothing against Harley's. I would like to give the other bikes out there some validation that would be good for us ladies to ride.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

Aug 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Amazing how your world can open up if you just open your mind. I am amazed at the preconceived ideas people get, without actually trying it out before making assumptions. Enjoy your Harley!

Aug 19, 2010
by: Sandra

I'm on a Suzuki Boulevard C50 and in no hurry to change that up. I just started riding this summer, too, but have not had the ability to put down the miles you have...in a different life, it's all I would drive most days, but I'm still chipping off my corporate, conservative shell...

Anyway, on vacation this month DH and I spent some time in a Harley dealership. I sat on the 2011 of the bike you just chose - I lamented to the salesman that it was just too much bike for me - of course, his job is to prove me wrong. I stood it up under me...and there was no doubt in my mind that I could easily handle such a beast as this, and look damn good doing it!

The only consequences I see are pure JOY and ELATION as you guys break those iron horses in. Enjoy the lifestyle!

Aug 18, 2010
If it feels good go for it!
by: Sassy2731

Hey I don't have a softail custom, but I always say if it feels good to you go for it. I have my preferences and so does everyone else you will talk to in life. If it fits you that it all that matters. Oh and I love the color purple also as 2 of my bikes are purple! Post a pic up soon to show it off. Sounds like a fun bike to ride, so just go for it and make it yours. It is almost riding season here in Texas so I can hardly wait to get on the road. Sounds like you have been riding all summer. Lucky you, but I will be thinking about you all winter while I'm riding down here. Enjoy that new ride!

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