I Am Concerned

by Tina
(Raritan, NJ)

I just got my motorcycle license this past Sunday 5/15/2011...I went to a rider education course offered my NJMVD. I learned so much, recommend to any new rider..anyway, i come from a long line of Harley owners and it has always been my dream to get a Harley, the one i was looking into is the Iron 883. The bike weighs about 583lbs. Now, I am 5'2 and 120Lbs. I am concerned that if I dumped the bike I will not be able to lift it. It pains me to think about NOT getting a Harley. I am looking for the opinion of an experienced female rider...PLEASE help.

Thank you and happy riding!!!


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May 27, 2011
Add the Crash Bars
by: Dawn

I have a Honda Shadow 600cc. Slightly lighter (#450) but still a beast to pick up from the ground.

When I first got the bike, I couldn't corner to save my life. Seemed like I spent more time on the ground than upright. My concerned hubby put crash bars on the bike as a "surprise" after the first couple dumps and it really made the difference. That little bit of space gave me just the right amount of lift so I could get a good grip without having to stoop all the way to the ground. Not to mention saving my legs and engine.

Here we are 6 years later and it's been 5 summers since I've dropped her, but those bars were my saving grace that first year. Now they just add a little chromey bling. :)

May 23, 2011
Picking Up the Bike
by: jp

Plenty of good advice here. Nothing to add except that asking somebody to help you pick it up is a way to make new friends.

I ride solo a lot and I know there's some nice big strapping fellows who got a good laugh telling their friends about helping this short grandma pick up her 'big ass harley'.

The embarrassment factor was a big one for me and I had to get over it and laugh at myself and look around for help when the hog gets away from me.

May 23, 2011
Picking Up Bike
by: Lynn - FL

Like the others suggested, that video is very helpful. Just to reassure yourself when you get a bike, have someone help you gently lay it down on a padded surface in the garage and practice the technique. You should be able to lift that bike even at your height. Both times I laid mine down, I wasn't given the chance to lift it myself. Others ran over to help me. I got to ride the 1200 Nightster for a whole week and had fun. I plan on testing the 883 Low when I get a chance. I own a Yama & Kawa now, but wouldn't mind adding a HD if I could afford one. Have fun & congrats!!

May 22, 2011
My Bike Weighs Almost the Same
by: Michelle


I'm not an experienced rider, but the bike I have weighs almost exactly the same as the one you are talking about. I watched the youtube video and read the "how to pick up a dropped bike" articles and I got a friend of mine to help me put it down really gently. I then proceeded to pick it up like in the video no problem. I actually had to double check once I got it up that he hadn't been helping (he was standing close just in case) it went up so easily.

I know you are not really supposed to put them down on purpose but I really needed the confidence of knowing I could pick it up by myself. And since I have dropped it (not on purpose) twice already, I think that was a smart move.

PS: The times I have dropped it by accident there was always someone there (strangers) helping me pick it up before I even had to try to do it by myself. People are really helpful.

May 21, 2011
Iron 883
by: Anonymous

My first bike is a 2010 Iron 883. I love this bike. It has just enough power to make me feel safe on the highways and to keep up with traffic, but is light enough to handle easily. I did drop mine a few weeks ago, in heavy traffic. I was able to pick it up following the method I learned at a Harley Davidson garage party sponsored by a local dealership. They teach you how to pick up your bike, and it works. I am not a big girl either and I think this bike is just the right size. I had a lot of people suggest I start smaller, but I am comfortable with my Harley and glad I did not listen. I like that it is loud enough that the cars around me know I am there and I love the way it looks. Good luck.

May 21, 2011
You can do it!
by: Linda

Hi Tina, congrats on your motorcycle license! Don't you feel proud? :-) Looks like you and I went through the course at the same time. Don't be afraid of lifting your bike if you lay it down. It's totally possible to lift it with ease. Here is a video that will show you how. And whatever you do... don't get in a panic, turn of your engine, put the transmission in gear and put your side stand out as soon as you can. Just like they show in this video.

If you want to, you can practice this at home or in an empty parking lot, just to get the confidence that you can do it if you have to. Anything that helps to build confidence makes you feel better when you ride, even just knowing that you can pick up your bike. And like the previous writer said, try sitting on and 'feeling' other bikes before you decide what kind to get. I also was stuck on the idea of getting a Harley, being that hubby has one and that I had no idea there were other gorgeous bikes out there that might fit me better. Just like you I really liked the Iron 883, but then I when sat I on other bikes like the Kawasaki Vulcan and the Suzuki C50SE, I noticed they felt way better for me. I decided for the Suzuki C50SE, which is 611 lbs. I can put my feet on the ground better, sit on it better with my legs hugged against the tank, etc etc. Plus I didn't want to fork out HD dollars for my first bike, and I did want a new one instead of used. You can read my entries about my bike on this website here if you'd like https://www.her-motorcycle.com/yayyy-im-gonna-ride-too.html and https://www.her-motorcycle.com/got-it-all-under-control.html I hope my advice helps. Do extensive research before you make a decision. This is a cool website to see what's out there and compare looks, prices, displacement, horsepower, and engine type http://motorcycles.findthebest.com Alright, I'll quit rambling now. Remember "Shiny Side Up, Rubber Side Down". Enjoy and have fun!


May 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Have you ever tried sitting on anything but a Harley? Look around there are all kinds of bikes to try out maybe something will fit you better. There is a YouTube video that shows you how to pick up a dropped bike, watch it.

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