How to convice a man to ride?

by Jackie

I see a lot of posts about a man convincing a woman to ride, but how do you convince a man?

I have my own bike and love it! But the guy I'm dating seams to have no interest what so ever, which is fine. But I would love to go on cruises with him so we could spend more time together. Honestly, come summer, I basically work, ride, and sleep.

But I am wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and actually successfully convinced their man to ride ?

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Aug 15, 2013
Have you tried?
by: Atl

Have you tried giving him a "ticket" for the beginner safety class? Maybe if you could get him to go to the class then he would make the decision that he really liked the class and is interested in riding his own or he'll come out of the class saying I never want to get on one of those things again! Maybe if you could get him this far then it could be settled ya/nay and you go ride and enjoy and let him watch TV or play golf or whatever.

Jun 26, 2013
@Bikeless Hubby & Mine Won't either
by: Jackie

Its slightly entertaining being on the opposite side of the fence. I guess what really gets to me is to go anywhere together on a nice day it has to be in a car!

Mind you - I wouldn't want him on the back of mine either ! Lol almost 300 pounds might kill my suspension!

He never limits me in the where and what I do or how much time I spend with my baby. But combining the two would be great.

I've also recruited two of his best friends into helping me convince him. You would think if majority of his friends and his girlfriend are all out it might spark an interest ??

Guess its out with the girls or alone for this gal! :D

Jun 26, 2013
My bike-less hubby...
by: Anonymous

I'm 52 and have been riding on and off since I was a kid. I have become quite accustomed to riding solo, (and love it) but there are those times I would like to share the joys with my hubby. The last few years have seen a dramatic ratcheting up of my badgering him to get a bike. (I also recruited a cpl of other people as accomplices) He spends plenty of time looking at what is for sale, but has yet to actually go look at one.

He admitted that he's a bit nervous and has told me many times I will need to be patient as my riding skills are a bit more honed than his are at this point. So, I do think a lack of confidence is a factor in his sluggish approach to motorcycle ownership.

Meanwhile, I will continue to point out, "Too bad WE can't go ride TOGETHER on such a beautiful day!" Along with the rest of the conversation that tends to follow, something about him not riding on the back of my bike, to which I respond "me either" while I continue proclaiming the benefits of him having his own.

I already know I will need to accept the fact that while I ride for the love of riding, he will be a ride-to-eat rider. (argh!) I will start to try and take better note of all the wonderful eateries I pass while riding, maybe that will finally be the tipping point for my bikeless hubby. He better hurry though, I have a gf who will be riding very soon... lol

Is there a support group for gals like us?! :D

Jun 18, 2013
Mine won't either!
by: Linda Kay

I've been riding for 33 years. Tried to convince my husband to ride for at least 15 of those years. He just wasn't in to it. He used to ride quite a bit with me, but now he doesn't even ride with me much. Oh well! He doesn't try to restrict when, who with, or how much I ride....and that's the most important issue to me! Good luck with your man!

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