How new riders should begin there search for their first bike.

by Stephanie Reese
(Franklin, Tennessee,U.S)

I find this topic important because like I've read on the site,lots of women who have a man in their life would tend to listen to his advice on what he thinks or even their friends would try and sway them into selecting a bike that may be to much for them to handle. With some helpful guidelines or conversation with people who have been there before, we can make a more educated choice. Since usually we are taught in the safety class on a 250 its quite intimidating to then sit on a 700 and figure out how thats going to work.

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Jul 05, 2008
Starter bikes for gals
by: Kirsten

I also did lots of research, the internet is great for articles and blogs. Post questions, listen to the answers and filter for your own needs. I bought a 2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750 and have been very happy with it. I picked it because I'm tall and strong and knew I could handle the bike - would have made a different choice if I were shorter.

Just keep asking questions, gathering information, lots of test rides, and you'll find the right bike for you.

Jun 24, 2008
New Bike search
by: Michelle

When it came time for me to purchase my first bike I did lots of research on different style bikes. Street, sport, cruiser or on/off road. Decided on what I realy wanted. (Since I can remember I've wanted a Ninja.) Then decided on what would be best for me as far as weight of the bike, hight of the bike, seating position on the bike and motor size. I started off with a Ninja 250. I think a 250 is a good starting point for learning. Not alot of power, but you learn the road, the shift, the stearing and turning on something that doesn't have to much power. I also think purchasing used for start out is the best way to go. If you drop it or wreck it, it's easier to replace then a brand new one. And you don't have to worry about being the one to "brake in" a new bike.

Jun 12, 2008
New Rider's 1st Bike
by: Diane

I am one of the lucky ones who has a male (GoldWing) rider in my family (hubby) and knew what to look for when researching for my first bike. My MRC was in November (I was 54) and was also on a Rebel 250. It showed me the basics but was not enough to give me the confidence to go out on my own. So, we looked at our local dealers for used ones (they are usually the ones to do the big stuff on our bikes - the rest we do ourselves). We found a used '04 Yamaha VStar 650 custom for less than $4K with a warranty. We purchased it before the end of November and my hubby drove it home. It took 5 days in empty parking lots for me to feel confident enough to travel on the roads with real traffic but we have gone out often and I've been getting more confident ever since. It didn't hurt that we trailered them to Florida on spring break for me to get more experience. We did several all day rides which helped alot. I suggest that you practice, practice, practice. Experience is the best way to feel comfortable on any bike. Good luck with your decision.


Jun 12, 2008
What size bike to start with
by: Kathy

My MSF course was taught with Honda CL125's, which were street legal. I bought one (used for $100, not running) and quickly discovered it was wasted money. I then bought a used Kawasaki 440 LTD. This was also for $100. Mistake made again, the carborator was held together with bailing wire.

I have not ben able to ride for a while due to back surgery and ankle reconstruction.

I bought a Honda Rebel 250cc and have been riding it all over the place. It is not very good on the highway (or over 55mph), but it will go.

I have decided that in a year, I will trade my $300 used bike for a larger one. I don't seen any reason to get anything bigger than a 700cc, and prefer sit-up bikes.

I will be 50 this year and am really enjoying life!!

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