Horror Stories....What Can You Say?

by Stephanie

I am 47 years old and I just finished my MSF class (in the pouring rain, both days, ugghh!). I passed but I am still in the "parking lot". I still feel like a I have a lot to learn and just don't want to get out on the road until I am TOTALLY comfortable. The problem is....when people find out you're riding, the feel compelled to tell you every horror story of someone that was in a crash...I mean, what is the point of that? How do you respond to people when they do this to you? "Okay, thanks for telling me that!" It makes me crazy!

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Jul 08, 2010
by: Aili

I've been around riders my whole life, so believe me, I know plenty of horror stories of my own...and yet, there I go, riding off into the sunset.

When people want to tell me a horror story, I (depending on what kind of person it is) will either tell them some back, or assure them that I am a very alert and defensive rider and I know and accept the risks. I prefer to live life outside of my kitchen, thanks.

Jul 01, 2010
Me, too!
by: Sandra

I have one friend in particular who has absolutely nothing good to say about cycling and I eat lunch w/her almost every day. I just let her talk; she's relating HER fears - not mine. I feel like I grew up on the back of a bike (my much older brother used to take me everywhere and my 1st husband had a tour bike), and I do not share her phobia of motorcycles...I have my own phobias - that I'm sure she would think are just as silly.

It may be a female thing; having had 3 babies, I've had my share of terrifying pregnancy and delivery stories - and even find myself sharing my less than favorable memories w/"new mommies" - and then I catch myself and STOP! LOL

Just smile and nod, but instead of tuning in, just picture your next ride while she talks! ;-)

Jun 17, 2010
Me too...
by: Fellow Female Rider

This seems to be a great forum for talking amongst other female riders without feeling inadequate...whew, finally.

Here goes....I am constantly teased about having only 800 miles on my 2007 Harley Street Bob. As a new rider, I bought the bike of my dreams and now I have to gradually get better at handling it. I'm in the military so I had to take the MSF class plus I'm required to wear protective gear at all times, so I feel safe in that respect. I am gradually venturing out more and more but I wish that I had some fellow female riders in my area that were willing to patiently help me along the way. Some guys are very helpful but many are impatient and insensitive.

Stephanie, here's my 2 cents...hang in there, take your time, know your limits and practice...you will get better and more comfortable!

Jun 04, 2010
Horror Stories
by: Anonymous


Been riding for 39 yrs!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 04, 2010
by: Robin

You want horror stories that'll give you cold chills, go to this website Horror Stories.

It'll make you ALWAYS want to wear your gear.

Jun 04, 2010
Horror Stories
by: Stephanie

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm am torn about this too. There is a lesson in each of these accidents but on the other hand they put fear into you. I know fear and being cautious is a good thing but, wow, some of these stories! Whew! They're intense. In one story, someone saw two girls, one on a scooter, one on a bike. The girl on the scooter made a quick left turn and the girl in the bike obviously wasn't expecting it and she made a hard left turn on the handlebars and just flipped over. I know I can use that story if I'm riding with someone and they make an unexpected turn, I'll remember this and just go straight and catch up later. I'm trying to use this as a part of my lesson!

Jun 04, 2010
Horror Stories
by: robin

Same thing happens to me and I felt like you as I am a new rider too but reading Robin's comment was so helpful..thank you Robin!

Jun 04, 2010
by: Lynn - SW FL

The same thing happened when I was PG many years ago. All the old ladies at work would tell me their horror stories about their delivery. Scared me for no reason, because I had an easy (if there is one) delivery.

You are scared enough when you first start riding. You don't need that extra stress. You will calm down with experience.

Jun 04, 2010
by: Robin

I don't mind the stories. In fact, I want to hear them. I feel you can LEARN from someone else's mistake. Don't close your ears. Listen, take it in and remember what could happen out there, but use that info to change the way you ride. Someone's else's mistake and lesson could save you from an accident yourself.

Jun 03, 2010
Welcome to the Club
by: Toolie

Congrats on passing the MSF course - and in the rain, that's awesome!

I don't know why people feel compelled to tell about their or their friend's horror stories, but whenever I think someone is going to tell me one I politely ask (sometimes tell) them that I'd rather not hear about any crash stories. And if they proceed to tell me, I either firmly tell them again to stop or just walk away. It's no use trying to reason or argue with them. Just remember why you like to ride, wear all of the necessary gear, practice and ride every chance you get and you'll do fine.

Jun 03, 2010
I Know What You Mean :(
by: Julie

I am too a beginner and I have the same things happen to me. I take the course this weekend. I am just starting to venture on the road and it is scary. You tell them that you can not live your life in fear. You are being patient and you are in control. If we never step out of our comfort zone , what would our lives be like? I am proud of you and when you are ready , you will know. Julie

PS. you have done all the necessary tasks to make yourself a safe rider. Practice, practice, believe me it will get better :)

Jun 03, 2010
Horror Stories
by: Anonymous

I usually tell them that I could die in a car accident as easily as I could in a bike accident. Seriously, I let them know that I took a safety course and that I always wear my helmet and thanks for the concern.

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