by Dottie

I want to take an informal poll and just get some information. Now I know this is a deeply personal and somewhat controversial subject but I just want some insight. I was a fender lizard for a couple years behind hubby and didn't wear a helmet, he never does, even now. When I got my own bike this summer and took the MSF course it was hard for me to ignore the statistics and I started wearing a half helmet that was a hand me down. I still was not comfortable and decided to get a helmet of my own that fit correctly, hubby said that if I was going to get a helmet that I should get a full face helmet. With the statistics and the ever present possibility of an accident I was inclined to agree and got a full face Bell helmet. Today will be my first day wearing a full face helmet and I am anxious and a bit nervous to try it out. There has already been an issue with my glasses. Silhouette glasses simply do not work with a full face helmet. I had to dig out an old pair of more rigid frame glasses. But I almost always wear sunglasses when riding so my prescription sunglasses will work fine I think.
I was just wondering what you guys opinions are on helmets, half, versus full face vs none. What you wear, what works, what doesn't..........
There is not a helmet law here so a lot of the riders do not wear helmets but I am just not comfortable with that. I am even thinking of getting a mesh jacket for warmer weather riding, I already have a leather coat and a white riding coat both with armor.

Not trying to start a controversy or anything like that. I respect everyone's right to decide for themselves, just wanting opinions as to what everyone else does.


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May 01, 2012
by: Yvonne - NC

I have several helmets, it depends on the weather to which one I wear and sometimes none at all. When it's cooler the full face is great, my full has a double visor, which I love no need for sunglasses. I, too, wear glasses and wear the glasses that fit over my glasses, work great.

I have ridden in SC & FL, no helmet laws. If it's real hot, I'll go helmetless, it's a chance I'm willing to take, much more comfortable that's for sure. Even when it's hot, if the traffic is heavy the helmet is on. I've been in a wreck where the helmet saved my face and head. Like everything else, it's a personal decision.

Whatever you choose always drive defensively. Keep the shiny side up. And ENJOY!!!

May 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Just think of it this way: If you have no head your not gonna need your bike anyway!

Feb 21, 2012
I Love helmets!
by: Karen

The last time I crashed I remember hitting my head and thinking "this isn't so bad" and I slid and rolled to a stop. There were bad gouges on the helmet over my temple and back but it didn't break. I got 4 broken ribs but my head was good. :-)

I also crashed my mountain bicycle and broke my helmet into 3 pieces. I didn't notice the broken helmet, just the big scrapes on my back when I went over the handlebars crossing a nearly dry but rocky creek. We rode home and then I noticed the destroyed helmet. I bet I would have been much more unhappy if I hadn't been wearing a helmet.

Dec 28, 2011
The choices you make...
by: Anonymous

...define you as a rider and a person. Lots of people live in la la land and indulge in fairy tale thinking. That doesn't make you a bad person, just someone to avoid.

Dec 27, 2011
No helmet
by: Anonymous


Dec 27, 2011
Fender lizard...
by: Anonymous

...that's funny.
Never been without a helmet, never will.
You have to find the right fit and style, but once you do, you will be much more comfortable IN ALL TYPES OF WEATHER.
Negative myths about helmets are for the uninformed...

Oct 30, 2011
Off road helmets worth a try?
by: robin_uganda

I used to wear a full helmet, but when my friend left the country, he had a good brand off road helmet he offered to me, since he wasn't going to ride.
I couldn't believe the difference it made in visibility and breathability. Ha! Is that a word? Tis now! To me I loved the fact that I could see on such a broad spectrum--so much better visibility than my previous full-face. I wear good goggles, & with that strong jaw-line protector, a visor which effectively cuts out the sun, I find it to be ideal for my needs.

Oct 21, 2011
by: Mustang

I wear a full face helmet when I ride my bike. However, when I'm a passenger with hubby it depends on the weather and where we are going. If it's sunny - no helmet. Going to a state that requires them - half helmet. Cold New Years Day ride - full face helmet so I stay warm.

Hope that helps!

Sep 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I will probably take a beating for this but.... I do not wear a helmet, unless I am in a state that requires it. It is my choice and I choose not to wear one. I get very annoyed by people commenting that I must have super powers or be a perfect rider. We all know that accidents happen, that's why they call them "accidents" not "on purposes". I choose not to wear a helmet, just as others choose to wear one.

Sep 15, 2011
All the gear....all the time
by: Shannon

That's my motto! I wear a Scorpion modular full face helmet. I wear contacts so I don't have to worry about glasses and the helmet has a tinted flip down sunshade built in. It is a white helmet that I have put bright colored retro-reflective stickers all over. I also wear my "hello yellow" armored jacket, gloves, boots over my ankles and at least jeans every time I ride - no exceptions.

I have several professional knee-dragger friends that have told me over and over again....all the gear, all the time. They test their gear to the fullest extent...my opinion is if a professional tells you to do something you should take their advice but this is a free country, so there still is a choice. I personally have never so much have sat on a running bike without a helmet. I like my head to much.

I have tested gear, including a helmet that was retired directly after. Granted this was a dirt bike helmet, but after my head slammed into the ground and I watched a quad tire ride over my head, I thought it was best to let that one rest. It now hangs on my garage wall (quad track intact) as a reminder to everyone why we wear our helmets all of the time. I won't ride dirt or street with anyone that won't wear a helmet... this is how I roll.... if you don't like it, go ride with someone else.

Sep 15, 2011
by: Bonnie

Hi everyone! Great question and I think the helmet debate will continue for as long as there are different laws, different helmets, etc.

I wear a full face helmet (Scorpion 700) and I also wear prescription glasses. I have no problem putting my glasses on (even my sunglasses). I also sometimes ride with my iPod and use ear buds. I am a full gear girl. Jacket with armour, riding pants with armour, and riding boots, and gloves, even if I am just making a trip to the store.

I keep the visor down on highway rides, but when in the city and going at a slower speed, I pull the visor up. For fogging, this helmet has an option to lock the visor so that it is just open a crack to allow air in but your face is still protected from the wind. Wearing glasses is a double whammy when it comes to fogging up ;)

While helmets are law in Newfoundland, there are no laws as to what you wear neck down. So I never understand why someone will protect their head but then wear undershirt, shorts and flip flops while riding? I just cringe.

Go to a store and try some on and see what you like.

Safe riding everyone!

Sep 14, 2011
I love my Head so I love my Helmet
by: Sherri

I am a new rider and I take all my queues from my best friend and long time "knee-dragger".
His motto is all the gear all the time.I cringe when I see folks riding in flipflops or t-shirts. I
I really do love my skin and , like you , I took the Motorcycle Safety course and they scared me just enough that I almost qui, but I definitely left with a .
decision to be safe.
My friend says 'if you have a 10dollar head , wear a 10 dollar helmet.While I cannot afford a helmet woirth as much as my head, I do ride with a full face helmet. SOmetimes I come home and , when I take off my helmet and see all the Bugs on it, I wonder who in the world would want that to be on their FACE???
I had to replace a face shield where a rock hit it and where I scratched it when I dropped my bike. What would I be replacing if I had not been wearing it? I don't like the possibilities.
I know what you mean about your glasses though. Fortunately- I onlt wear readers , but I have inadvertently left them on and there's no way to wear them with my helmet. I am sure there's an answer though.
I have gotten used to feeling like a chipmuck in my helmet, and the "smothery" feeling I once had is gone too. I wear ear plugs too for the wind noise.
I hope you spend many many years riding safely!

Sep 13, 2011
Hate the things
by: Different Dawn

I do wear a helmet most of the time. We do a lot of riding and some states we go through have helmet laws.

Started out with a full face but felt like my head was in a barrel, couldn't hear, fogged up with my breath, sunglasses didn't fit under it and it was so heavy I got a sore neck. YUCK. Hit a state without a helmet law and decided to go without for a while, just because I could. Couldn't believe he differnce. But safety (sort of) won out, so I moved on to a shorty without a face shield and it's a tolerable compromise. I know it's not much protection, but better than nothing, and I do wear ANSI certified safety sunglasses or goggles with the padding, and I have a windshield so my eyes should be semi protected from road debris.

But there are some days, I just need to feel the wind through my hair.

Sep 13, 2011
Good Question!
by: Sandra

My first was a black helmet w/pink flames, a "Shorty" by Bell...I thought it would make me more visible. It has a visor and shield which attaches directly to the visor; all of which slides up when you want to talk or get some fresh air at a stop. REALLY like the shield attaching to the visor! But after wearing it just a handful of times, I realized it was not what I wanted. It kept slipping back on my head and just did not feel secure!! Plus the short style does not really protect much; I live in a state without helmet laws, so I choose to wear one for safety - the Shorty did not make me feel safe and protected...

I resisted the full face helmets with the jaw bars, but did upgrade to an HJC 3/4 helmet, the FS-3, this time in pearl white to match my bike. I hope to add reflective tape in the form of dragons someday, but don't ride at night just yet, so that can wait. This helmet (SNELL approved, which is rare in a 3/4 style) has breathing vents (which I really don't feel any effect) and I can change out either a visor or a shield...I have seriously considered how I could modify it to attach that shield to the visor. I miss the visor when driving directly into the sun!! But I prefer the added protection of a shield from bugs, dirt, rocks, wind, etc. even though I have a windshield on the bike and Rx glasses. Cannot imagine how I would handle getting a bug or piece of grit in my eye that would distract me from the task of driving.

Still searching for the "perfect" helmet that does everything I want/need...but it gets expensive to keep buying more! Good luck shopping for the features YOU find most necessary.

I DO find the HJC much more comfortable than the Shorty; but can understand how some would feel "claustrophobic" with it's cheek hugging features...

Sep 13, 2011
by: Lynn - Florida

I own several helmets but my favorite is my HJC 3/4 helmet with full flip down face shield and inner flip-down sun shade (just bought it).

I also own & wear a Shoei full face helmet that has a light strip on back that connects to my brake light. When I press my brake, the light on the back of the helmet lights.

I also tried wearing a 1/2 helmet last summer but felt naked and unprotected. I will be selling it at my yard sale next week.

Give yourself time to assimilate to the full face. If you've never worn one, it takes time but is worth it.

Florida is a non-helmet State too. I respect that freedom, but it's just not for me.

Sep 13, 2011
by: Cathy

Sorry, everyone, I need to correct my previous comment - I meant I'm collecting a new helmet with a PEAK! I always wear a full-face helmet with visor, but the peak will make all the difference in early morning/late afternoon conditions.

Sep 13, 2011
Full face - always
by: Anonymous

I have a lady friend who was riding, went down at 60mph, had on her Shoei helmet and landed on her face. That full face helmet saved her life, and she still has a face.

I wear a scorpion EX0-400 helmet which is DOT and Snell approved. They make different styles for different face shapes, and the helmet has a groove in the padding on either side, on the inside, to slide your glasses into.

I usually wear sunglasses, with the visor down. Works fine. that way, if it clouds up or is getting dark, I can just take the sunglasses off and continue on. Although, if I'm just cruising slowly around the neighborhood, I'll wear the visor up.

Also, many full-face helmets are vented, which allows nice airflow while you are riding. You'll get used to wearing them if you do. I totally forget I have a helmet on when I'm riding. Its become natural.

Sep 13, 2011
by: Cathy

Here in South Africa, the law requires you to wear a helmet at all times, and I?m really glad it does ? takes away the ?should I/ shouldn?t I? question, even on really hot days. Pretty much everyone rides with a full face helmet. I?ve ridden without a helmet on our little scrambler on the farm, but when I encounter technical stuff, I feel very vulnerable! I?m collecting a new helmet with visor tomorrow, and I can?t wait ? I?ve had to ride into the sun a few times now, and I find it challenging even with sunglasses on. An experienced friend had an accident two weeks ago because a car had stopped in the lane ahead of him, and with the sun in his eyes, he just didn?t see it. Luckily no-one badly hurt.
I also always wear my jacket with the armour, and this year summer will be great as I finally found a mesh jacket that fits ? I?m just not comfortable riding without all the kit. Car drivers do strange things sometimes!!

Sep 13, 2011
by: Yvonne - NC

Sunscreen is a must. I put it on before I go on a ride and every time we stop. Always have some in my bike bag. I, too, was in an accident a couple of years ago, helmet & shield saved me. My leg was another story, it got crushed, but, am walking fine now, though the leg is a bit on the crooked side. Some people just don't realize that stop means until all traffic is cleared.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Susanne

HJC full face helmet with the sun visor. I too had problems with my glasses in the helmet so I just got contacts for riding. The to wear one or not whole thing is a personal choice. I will never ride without a full face helmet. For years I kept a helmet in my closet and when I got stupid or thought I didn't need one I would look at it. My older brother encountered a sudden storm and pulled over to put his helmet on. Not long later he downshifted and down he went. The elderly woman behind him ran him over. After several tense days in the hospital he recovered. The deep long groove from rocks is a constant reminder that it could of been his head not a helmet. I want to live another day so it's helmet and body armor. I love to ride and I love to live.

Sep 12, 2011
full face
by: Lois WNC

I wear a modular helmet with flip down sunshade my glasses fit fine with it. I also have a regular full face it's a bit lighter wieght. I also wear jacket gloves and boots. I went down at 40 mph helmet cracked but saved my head, armor in the jacket saved my shoulder, the mesh fabric shredded down to the armor. I'll ask one question to everyone reading this do you wear sunscreen if your out in the sun all day? I love myself enough to protect myself, on my bike in my car out in the sun.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Dawn

My full face is a modular helmet that also has the sun visor... little more pricey than a cheap model, but I love it. My husband and I use intercoms to communicate while riding. I ride with a leather jacket, jeans, gloves and my helmet... last year, a lady just felt the need to move into my lane, even though I was already there. My leather jacket and helmet took most of the damage. I would not have made it without them! Only damage to me was minor rash from the jacket rubbing on my skin and a broken leg... and the bike had a bent back left tail light and a couple of scratches on the crash bar (best investment to my bike!). By the time I landed, I was only going about 5 miles an hour!

Sep 12, 2011
by: Yvonne - NC

I just got a new dual-visor helmet this weekend. Love it. I was wearing a half w/o a visor, this one is a full(not totally enclosed). I wear glasses so the visor helps a lot. I used to have to wear the sunglasses that fit over my glasses or get prescription sunglasses. The dual visor solves the extra glasses problem and is very easy to use. When the sun goes down, all I have to do is flip the little knob on top and voila clear vision.

Sep 12, 2011
just a full
by: SueZ

....but after the grasshopper flew up my nose today, perhaps I'll be shopping for a full FACE!

Sep 12, 2011
by: Stephanie P

Full face in the brightest color I could find. I like my face. A half helmet would not protect my face from bugs, being pelted by raindrops or road pebbles kicked up by trucks or road rash on my chin should I land face first in a fall. Full riding jacket to match, gloves, boots and either leathers, chaps or armored riding pants. I don't give a rats u know what about looking "cool" , sexy or "bad". I want my body protected from th consequences of the risk I take each time I throw my leg over my Sporty.

Sep 12, 2011
Helmet type?
by: Melissa J

I just got my own bike last year. I rode on the back for years and never wore a helmet. When I got my own bike I made a promise to my kids that I would always wear a helmet until I am 'good' at it. I wear a half helmet and I love it unless it is 90+ degrees out. I do not think full face helmets are comfortable at all. I think the helmet question is more of a personal preference to each person.

I bought a mesh jacket this year to ride in for protection. I do not wear the armor though. The mesh is great. The airflow through the jacket is amazing.

I was hit a month ago by a driver who "didn't see me". It totaled my bike. Other than not being able to move for several days and a really large bruise that finally appeared on the 4th day, I walked away injury free and I would like to think it was because of the way I was dressed.

Sep 12, 2011
Helmet prefernces
by: Anonymous

Dotty, I have ONE head, and I plan to keep it. I wear an Arai Corsair, very expensive and top of the line. There isn't much sense in not wearing a helmet considering that without one's head, one is pretty much a useless pile of bones and skin. Quite messy. If your husband plans to continue riding with the wind in his hair, I would consider a giant insurance policy on his life. He may be the best rider on the planet, but Mabel in her Suburu might not see him. Just saying...
The Corsair fits perfectly as they come in head shapes along with sizes.

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