Helmet Confusion

I need a helmet for rider and I am so confused on what type is the best. I wear glasses and get migraines sometimes when we ride from the wind. Am considering a full face to help with wind issue but am worried that tight fit might trigger a migraine from the pressure on my head. Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

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Jun 04, 2013
Different Shaped Helmets
by: Lisa

I have encountered the same problem and the solution for me is the Arai Astral-X helmet. Arai has helmets for different shapes of skulls. As some are somewhat longer from forehead to back of the head or front-to-back and a little narrow from ear to ear or side to side) because most heads tend to be oblong as opposed to round.
I can wear it for hours with comfort and my other round ones are too much pressure on my forehead.
I hope this helps!!


Also, I use www.skulair.com for the hair protection with or without all helmets!

May 31, 2013
by: Susanne

A couple things I might suggest. Most full face and modular helmets have different thickness cheek pads that you can buy. So look into and try on a helmet and buy a thicker/thinner cheek pads as needed. It will help with wind noise and you can customize your helmet to your face. The other thing I did was buy RX safety glasses to ride with. They snug up to my face(not tight) and yet protect my eyes. I use them even though I wear a full face helmet.

May 28, 2013
by: Gypsy Spirit

I only wear sunglasses in my helmet ... but I find that wire frames are the way to go! They end up all bent and crooked on my face ... but they are my "helmet glasses".

I went down on my face once too ... wearing a 3/4 helmet with flat sheild. The sheild saved my face, fortunately it didn't break! My chin on the other hand ... looked like hamburger! Fortunately, scars fade to almost nothing on me after a few years.

There are pros & cons to everything. Find what you are comfortable with!

May 27, 2013
by: chiefgopher

I have tried many helmets myself because i have the sameproblem with pressure from my glasses. I have found Hawk modular helmets have mor wiggle room around the temples and also some come with a tinted inner visor besides the outside clear visor. My husband has a a scorpion modular and likes it really well.

May 27, 2013
Full face
by: Anonymous

From a "protection" point of view, go full face. I've seen someone take a fall face-first. If she didn't have a full face helmet, guess what the outcome would have been. The "chin" area of the helmet was cracked. Your best bet would be to try on as many helmets as you can to see what fits best. Sizes may vary, between different manufacturers as well as different styles from the same manufacturer. I have a Shoei mondular, and it seems to be a bit more forgiving around the temples.

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