Has anyone experienced this!?

by Shredie79
(Bend, OR)

I have completed the MSF course with flying colors. I purchased a wonderful brand new motorcycle to ride. I have been so excited to get the ball rolling.

I find myself getting totally stressed out going over 35 mph...even when I am on a remote road with no traffic. Ivy muscles tense up and I absolutely cannot relax. I so want to enjoy the open road but I feel terrified of falling. I can't change the thoughts that keep reoccurring that I could fall or hurt myself. Going down a steep incline with a curve at the bottom makes me super nervous and I feel nauseous with panic.

Help! Is this normal or am I doomed--- or not the right personality to ride my own motorcycle? Can I learn to enjoy speed??? Will I be able to stop overthinking? I am exhausted physically and mentally traveling 10 miles today with my husband. I feel defeated. Any encouragement welcomed!

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Nov 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

My hubby is a truck driver. I wanted to learn to ride. He bought me a bike. So I went to class. I flunked first class passed second with a private teacher. Talk about fright. Oh yeah! Hubby is not home enough for us to ride together so I wanted to practice. I found someone to ride with and got out of the house. Still frightens me to leave due to driveway, but I found if I move the car out of the garage I can turn the bike around and face it out and come down the driveway slowly and position it on the kickstand in street. piece of cake. First solo drive at a four way stop I was directing traffic telling everyone to go ahead of me. lol finally they all left and I went on. hey whatever it takes... I got to my cousins house and got home, even dodged a car coming over into my lane. I know someday I will laugh at this, heck I am smiling now, cant laugh yet. chew gum...think I will try that.

Oct 27, 2015
anyone experienced this
by: BarbieButzer

I agree with all the comments. I remember my first ride on the asphalt. I was stopping traffic I was going to slow. But my hubby just kept getting me out and ride, ride, ride. Best advice I ever got. OWN YOUR SPACE. Would you drive your car like that? No - you'd own your space. Also, repeat some of the things you heard in the course. Look where you want to go. Another important thought. Do not look at traffic or worry about it. Ride the bike with confidence and soon enough it will come, but keep getting back on the bike and ride.

Jul 25, 2015
by: Shredie79

Wow! Great ideas and suggestions from everyone! I feel better knowing my thoughts aren't unfounded...

Jul 25, 2015
You've got this!
by: MoxieWench

I freak out ALL. THE. TIME. Music does really help me, but so does this frequent reminder from my amazing husband: YOU CONTROL YOUR BIKE, YOUR BIKE DOES NOT CONTROL YOU. Think it... Feel it... Live it. You've got this, girl! Go get it!!

Jul 19, 2015
Did you ever spin a hula hoop
by: Anonymous

You worry about falling over. Do you remember as a child spinning your hula hoop on your waist, your arms, your knees? As long as the hula hoop was in motion it went round and round. It is the same thing with your motorcycle. As long as your wheels are moving you will not fall over. Keep that in mind and remember your bike wheels are like the hula hoop. They are in motion and you will not fall over.

When going downhill, you can control your speed by shifting down to engine brake. You can also gently apply your back brake to reduce your speed. If there is a curve at the bottom you will be fine. You are already slowed due to shifting down. Look through the curve. If it is a right curve, try to stay to the left in the lane to lengthen the curve. If it is a left curve stay in the right side. As you leave the curve you give it more throttle and you can shift the gear up as needed when you leave the curve.

You ca also practice weaving in your lane to get used to the lean without actually doing the curve. An empty parking lot or a large paved cemetery can be good places to practice.

Speed will become easier once you learn to trust your bike which means practice, practice.

Hope this helps.

Jul 16, 2015
Going fast
by: Anonymous

Hi! I had the same issue when I started. Actually I still prefer 50 to 60 mph. Haha. Seriously it feels fast because you are not used to it, Are there any fairly straight with light traffic roads near you that you can practice on? You are comfortable at 35. Get on that straight road and bump it up to 40. Do that a few times until it feels good. Then bump to 45 and repeat adding more speed. The reason I say straight is so you do not have to worry about curves while working on getting comfortable with speed. This exercise can be done over several days or weeks. Just keep bumping it up a little at a time. Eventually you will feel good and comfortable.

Also like the others said, chewing gum can help. Also the bike can make a difference. Smaller bikes feel faster than a larger bike at the same speed.

Keep practicing and soon you will be comfortable.

Jul 14, 2015
nerves can be normal
by: Shelly Fowler

Nerves are normal at first. I found that if I chew gum and listen to music I completely relax and am more able to enjoy the ride. Many of the ladies use the music with their i-phones and ear buds. Good luck!

Jul 14, 2015
has anyone experienced this
by: hippie granola chick

i am wondering if maybe you are not comfortable on the bike maybe it is too high, handlebars are not comfortable. I know that after my accident on a dirt road it freaks me out to be on them especially if there is traffic and corners. might just need to ride some more in a parking lot til you get comfortable with the bike. it is normal to be afraid. good luck and give it a little more time before you throw in the towel

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