Bring on the Harley Glasses

Gift Ideas for the New Biker

HArley Glasses You ever notice that when you have a hobby or a new possession that the people in your life will seize on that whenever a gift giving event rolls up? Like when you started playing golf with the boss at work- your husband and your sister bought you golf related gear and goods for your birthday, Christmas and every holiday in between. Now that you have bought your new motorcycle, you can bet that the cycle related gear will be on the way.

Alright, some of it is really great, but not everyone is going to want to re-outfit their entire kitchen in early Harley Davidson. Not everyone is a black leather and crank case grease all of the time, after all. It makes you wonder if they are mocking you in some way when they buy you things that you could never possibly want. Which brings us to this- the handy guide to what to buy for the motorcycle riding woman so that you do not make her feel bad or mad in any way:

1. Consider whether or not you want to buy her motorcycle related gear for this particular event or if something a little more personal is not more appropriate. If she specifically says that she would like an item, then you are golden. If she has dropped hints for a number of other items instead though, you might want to listen up.

2. Do not buy her something that she would not buy for herself. Take a look around the house- if you are buying a black motorcycle clock that revs and roars on the hour (yes, they do have those!) is there any place that it would not look completely out of place? If you have a game room or something similar, then it's a good choice- if the majority of the house is decorated in let's just say "other" styles, then not so much.

3. Just adding her name to an item does not make it "personal". Doesn't matter how glittery or big, or whatever the name is- if you bought her crap and put her name on it, it is still just personalized crap.

4. Seriously consider Harley wear- for fit, style and comfort. (Hers, not yours) Buying a spaghetti strap tank top is nice if it fits her- as in the right size and the right style. If she prefers something a little more modest and in the correct size for her body, then buy that, even if you would like to see her in something a little more sexy. A gift is about her, not what you would like. Of course, if you would like to buy both- then do so, just don't be upset if she doesn't wear it at all.

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