Group Riding Question

by Jeanne

I have the silliest question. If I am riding with a group of four people and we come to a stop sign, how do I proceed. Since I am typically pulled up next to someone, do two bikes go at once? I have never ridden somewhere where there was an actually stop sign with a group. I forget to ask, then spend my riding hoping I don't come across a stop sign, because I won' know what to do.


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Apr 15, 2011
by: Sandra

each vehicle that approaches a stop sign is to stop and take his/her turn. Motorcycles are generally "allowed" to pull off, two at a time, as a "unit" without too much complaint and it is usually expected by other motorists...they don't want to be around cycles at all, and certainly don't want one in front and one in back of them...as to who goes first of the to bikers, I try to keep my inside or outside line and although I hate to ride directly side by side, I try to keep the distance tight so we both clear the intersection quickly. Decide that before you leave your driveway.

However, what is IL-legal, and inappropriate is for 4 (or more) bikes to take off as a unit to avoid being separated by other traffic. Big no-no, even if someone is "designated" to direct traffic. This can be a common practice with some riding groups, but is not legal, or safe. A "pack" should try to pull itself back together further on down the road when it is safe to pass, or by having the lead bikes pull off and wait for stragglers.

So I have been told by some of the more experienced riders I have talked to, who also happen to be police officers. However, I don't do a LOT of stuff that some of those same riders do, because I KNOW if an on-duty officer pulled me over I wouldn't have a leg to stand on! :)

Apr 15, 2011
by: Helen Wheels

Each motorcycle must come to a full stop and proceed when safe to do so. The one on the left should go first then the one on the right. The next two motorcycles pull up and when it is safe the one on the right goes first and then when safe, the one on the left. You have to ride for your own safety not for the convenience of the group.

Apr 15, 2011
What to After Stops
by: Anonymous

Your group should be riding in a staggered formation, which means if the lead rider is riding to the inside to the lane, the next rider will be just behind and to the outside of the lane and so forth. This allows everyone arrives at the stop sign just behind the rider in front. As you leave the stop sign you will leave in the same staggered formation with a second to 2 second space.

Apr 15, 2011
Response to Group Riding Question
by: Anonymous

In addition to what was posted by Kim, when I have to talk with someone on a stop sign or red light, we stop next to each other and after we're done talking, we signal each other of who can go first. Usually a simple head nod or a wave works. There are times that you have to pull next to each other to talk very, very fast, especially when you are lost. You should pull over but sometimes when there is no traffic we do talk to each other at an intersection.

Apr 15, 2011
Group Riding
by: Anonymous

Here's what we do. When your normally riding down the road, you are staggered. When you pull up to a stop sign or light, pull up one by one, and two abreast. When you leave the intersection, stop sign, you leave as you pulled up, and again are in staggered formation. Hope this helps. Don't forget your hand signals. Have a great riding season.


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