Getting My Groove Back

by Fran
(Long Island, NY)

I've lost my interest in riding....probably because my bike it too heavy for me. I'm putting it up for sale and maybe looking into getting a smaller one next season... I want to get on it, but have not desire...has anyone felt this way? I've been riding for 5 yrs. I bought a larger bike, Yamaha V Star last year...had a problem trying to handle it. Last time I rode it was in June....after riding for a couple of hours, I'm exhausted and I feel stressful. I did learn on a Honda Rebel 250...loved that bike, but needed something larger to keep up with my friend who owns a Yamaha....thought that would be a good second bike for me. So, anyone out there been in the same rut??

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Aug 30, 2010
Sometimes I Feel That Way
by: Sassy2731

Yes, after I got my roadking I sometimes feel it is a bit big for me, but I still ride her especially if my hubby is riding with me. I am much more comfortable on my fatboy when I ride by myself. I ride the roadking to be able to keep up with all the guys we ride with as I'm the only woman riding my own. They all ride baggers which when riding my fatboy would wear me out trying to keep up with them. So I ride my roadking when riding with them. I prefer my fatboy for just me. I enjoy riding it and I'm much more comfortable on her and can handle her much easier. The more I do ride my roadking the more comfortable I am on her too. I would give it a little more seat time on the larger bike as it took me some time just to get used to mine. Now when I ride my fatboy after riding the roadking it seems so small and it takes me a little while riding her to get used to her again. I'm sure you would feel the same way downsizing too. If you can afford to keep both I would and ride the larger one when riding with your friends and the smaller one when riding alone. That is what I do! I just learn on the roadking that I have to be careful of where I park her and such so I can be able to raise her off her kickstand. I have been in situations where I needed help to raise her up because I parked on a slope etc. so now I am just more careful of how I park and where. I do love to ride though! My wind therapy!

Aug 30, 2010
by: Sandra

Sounds like you have already diagnosed...and pretty much solved...your own problem! If you loved to ride at first, and have enjoyed it for years, then lost the thrill w/this newer bike that wears you out and stresses you out, it's most likely just a bad match. Since you are considering downsizing, you may be able to work out a great deal through a dealership as opposed to selling the Yamaha now and shopping for something different next season.

Many people look for the bigger bike, meaning dealers may have a stock of smaller bikes that don't move as quickly for them - worth checking out! Also, you have the advantage and opportunity to make a few dealership contacts and wait for the perfect smaller size to roll in for you.

I'm sure once you are back on a bike that feels more a part of you - an extension of you - rather than a machine you are trying to manhandle, the joy of riding will return for you!!

Be patient; ask questions; let dealers know exactly what you need (like to keep up w/a bigger bike); let them make recommendations; and purchasing a used bike you have a better opportunity to work in a test drive for that perfect fit.

Good luck!

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