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I have to agree: If you're worried about how you look, you're into the wrong sport. My husband sure doesn't worry about how his hair looks and neither do I. Get on it and go.

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May 05, 2011
Hair, to Care or Not to Care
by: Anonymous

Very well put. I totally agree with you after reading some of the comments. My two cents...

I love riding my bike and I also love being a woman. I have always been a girly girl. I don't mean all my gear is pink with some kind of custom ruffle thingy. Actually none of my gear is pink and I'm not that crazy about ruffle. I just mean that I'm the kind that loves great hairstyling, make-up and nice shoes and bags along with jewelry and fashion so yeah, I'm a girl or to some maybe a girly girl. I would never think riding a bike means I have to give up that part of who I am. I don't want to be one of the guys. To comment on another's comment. Just because your husband does not care how he looks, does not mean he wants a woman who does not care how she looks. Most men do hold women to a different standard...be superwoman, wife, mother, cook, cleaner and still be sexy. Crazy but true. And I would suggest that the women, who don't care how they look start caring before they become their mates buddies and the mates look for a woman who does care about her public appearance to keep on the side.

Apr 01, 2011
Critical Comments
by: Harleymood

Well put Rene L. ....Thank You!

Dec 27, 2010
Can't Agree
by: Anonymous

Not everyone rides a bike just for sport; some of us use it to get to work and need to look presentable. I can carry my clothes with me but washing my hair again isn't an option. I find this thread very useful.

Mar 26, 2010
Helmet Hair Advice
by: Bobbi Jo

If you don't want to keep a trusty old baseball cap with you try using mousse, especially if it's a rainy day or if you have straight hair.

Once you're at your destination use a little bit of water from a spray bottle to get the kinks out and some volume back into your hair. The water will also add some moisture back into your hair to help control the static.

Mar 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

There are different ways of thinking . Some care about hair and others don't. I personally like to let my hair grow and wear braids. I cut my hair short a year ago for locks for love. I wear a hat under my bucket to keep it flat. Other times I let it get messed. I personally don't care most of the time, as I'm not going anywhere in particular. But when I am I try to wear a knit hat, I can take it off and my hair is straight, or I let it be wild. It's your choice on what matters to you. As long as your riding, that's what matters. Cheers

Mar 25, 2010
by: Lynn - SW FL

I have to say I really don't care if my hair is bad or not. I usually make a joke out of it and my friends love me anyway - bad hair or not.

Mar 25, 2010
Well Said
by: Linda in OZ

Well said!

Mar 24, 2010
I Can Both Ride and Consider My Appearance
by: Rene L.

One of the things that initially attracted me to this site was the messages that seemed so supportive of women riding.

I'm a new rider and I am loving it. When I get dressed to do anything else, I decide how much attention I want to pay to it - I decide if I care how my hair looks or not, I decide if I want to pay attention to what I wear or not.

Clearly, when it comes to riding, there are some women who want to pay attention to hair and some who don't - some who want to have a certain kind of look and some who don't. My first bike was pink. I wanted pink gear to match. My boyfriend could care less what color his gear is or whether or not they match his bike. I'm not setting a standard for myself that is modeled on his way of being or thinking about riding, or anyone elses - man or woman.

So, here on this site that was created by a woman who rides for other women who ride, why must there be any judgment or critical comments about either the women who care about their hair, or gear or anything else, vs. those who don't? Why don't we all live and let live - just ride and let ride? If some of us march to the beat of a different drum, so what. If you don't care about your hair, just disregard the messages from those who do.

As for me, I pay attention to my hair when I ride. I don't "worry" about it, but if I do pay attention it is my business - and no one get's to tell me that because I do, I should do something else besides ride. Who cares what the men do and don't do. Are there those of you who ride because you are trying to do what the men do, or are you riding because you choose to?

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