garage parking

by Chris

Help I have just got my licence, and I'm Petrified about dropping my bike when taking her up the drive into the garage, it's steep and a small space I have tried it once and stalled, pulled the front brake and down she went :( please any comments will be great as I can't leave her on the road so I don't take her out to often

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Jun 01, 2012
parking in garage
by: Turtle

What I would suggest is that you 1st buy the New Ride Like a Pro video at www.ridelikeapro.com This is what I did years ago. It was a great video that explains slow speed manuvers. Next I would suggest practicing this. Go to a parking lot once stopped, put your foot gently on the rear break, ease out on the clutch, giving the motor a little throttle. Keep both feet up dragging the rear break and get the motorcycle up to a good walking pace. When you can do this you can park anywhere. NEVER touch the front break while the handle bars are turned. Keeping power to the rear wheel will keep the motorcycle upright and with your foot on the rear break you now are controlling the motorcycle instead the motorcycle controlling you. Always look where you want to go!

May 30, 2012
Garage Parking it
by: Char

I know the trepidation you have being a new rider. I have dropped my bike parking it within the first day of getting mine. Situation is a little different I didn't have it on right angle and the stand was not locked. It fell and I picked it up myself, Heritage Softail is heavier but balance better than my Sportster was.
But back to taking it up steeper than comfortable incline. My suggestion is try to get as straight as possible (not turning handlebars) and feather the clutch, ride the back brake and give it a little throttle, it's amazing how staying on the back brake KEEPS one upright ( throttle needed with clutch finesse). It's easier to do than if you agonize thinking about it. Clear any obstacles from your path into garage and give it a whirl. As you get to even surface apply some front brake and your in like Flint! Let us know how ya do. I'm trying to overcome my left turn dilemma...... Making 3 rights to left left the rest of my life is NOT doable....
If possible have someone there the next few times your parking, moral support....
Ride safe and go for it....

May 30, 2012
by: Shelly

I think I'd have to park on the street while the garage door opens and then line up the bike with the garage. Once the door is open, have the bike in 1st gear and give her some gas while letting out slowly on the clutch (get the rpms up). Cruise up into the garage and park the bike. If you get stuck on the driveway, do use the back brake and balance the bike with your free left leg. Again, give the bike gas while slowly letting out on the clutch to get the rpms up. We all drop the bike once in awhile, it happens to the best of us. Hang in there and try to hook up with a club to boost your confidence and ride with like minded folks!

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