Forward controls or highway pegs?

by Sharon

My 2011 Harley 883 came with mid-controls. Since I'm only 5'2" that's comfortable for short trips, but I've been noticing that on longer rides I feel caged in. I've switched out the pegs and it helps some, but on an hour long highway commute my feet feel like they are being pummeled. My husband thinks I should just go for it and modify the bike with forward controls but I'm not so sure.

Has anyone ever faced this before? Even if you haven't modified your bike do you prefer forward controls over the stock mid controls? Do you use highway pegs, and if so, do you feel comfortable and laid back or like you're sitting in a pike position?

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Aug 12, 2012
forward controls
by: Lynn - FL

I am just under 5'2" and my suggestion is leave the pegs and just add highway pegs to stretch. I like standards pegs because you can stand up if you are going over a bump/obstacle in the road. With forward controls you lose that ability.

Aug 11, 2012
forward controls
by: Anonymous

I have a 2011 sportster superlow. I love it. I put the forward controls on it and they are great. I don't need highway pegs with the forward controls. I've had highway pegs on other bikes and didn't use them. When I put my feet up on the highway pegs, I didn't feel safe like I could get my feet back to where they needed to be for a quick stop. Thats just my feeling and I'm sure othere have no problem with them. I also got the extra wide foot peg so my feet feel more supported. I kind of wanted floorboards, but they are hard to find for this bike and kind of expensive.

Aug 11, 2012
Highway Pegs
by: Gypsy Spirit

Hi Sharon ...

I have highway pegs on my '95 883 (standard). "Rosie" and I have gone all over the country, and I like having the option of changing positions on long rides; from the highway pegs, to the mid-controls, and sometimes even laying forward with my feet back on the passenger pegs. Mostly, I keep my feet up on the highway pegs.

Adjusting to moving your legs when needing to shift/brake doesn't take long ... kind of like your feet knowing where to go for the controls when driving a car.

I generally tell people to look at how they sit comfortably when relaxing at home and use that as a template when setting a bike up for long distances. I find my back takes the bumps better with my feet up. It's a very personal thing.

You could always experiment by simulating road bars using a 1" dowel and see how it feels.

Enjoy and safe riding!

Aug 11, 2012
Forward Controls
by: tyim2ride

I ride a 2008 883low, I did have the forward controls installed on my bike. I'm 5'3 and I have no problems with mine, all though there is a year difference in the bike your asking about. I love mine it is much more comfortable, to tell you the truth i wish they could extend fordward more but i see no room for them to. I also would like to have highway pegs as well as the forward controls. That part I can't say if you can have them both on or not. I'm thinking not.I would opt for the forward before the highway pegs myself if that is the only option. Hope this helped.

"Keep the shiny side up"
"Rubber side down"

"Ride Safe"

Aug 10, 2012
Forward controls
by: Joan

Hi Sharon. I'm assuming that you have a Superlow 883 since that's what my 2011 883 Sportster is. I don't have forward controls, but a friend of mine who also rides an 883 Superlow put them on hers and she loves them. She bought the regular forward control kit but also put on the Reduced Reach Forward Control Conversion Kit - as her legs are too short for the regular kit. You might want to check these out on the HD website. Another good place to get feedback is from this forum: http://www.hdforums.com/forum/the-queens-of-the-road-for-women-bikers-only-139/ If you haven't been on it yet, I would highly recommend it. You will find a lot of information and some really great ladies to answer your questions. There is also a Superlow forum that you might want to check out: http://www.hdforums.com/forum/sportster-models/724097-superlow-owners-meeting-place.html You could probably find answers there too. Good luck and hope you enjoy your sportster as much as I do! Joan

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