by Anne

So.. I'm a relatively new rider. I've been around bikes forever, but I just got my own, have taken the courses for an endorsement, etc. I've got my jacket, helmet, and gloves, but now I'm not sure what to do as far as boots go. I want protection, but also something that is cute. Not to sound too girly, but most of the boots out there don't seem very flattering. Does it really matter which type of boots I get? Any suggestions on websites to visit/things to look out for?

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Oct 08, 2010
Right Boot
by: Emma

I have found one of the most important things for me in a boot is a slip resistant sole. If you are putting your foot down where the oil on the road has come to the surface or if the road is slick from rain you are most apt to not get the stable footing you need. There are some really get looking boots out there but many of them are not slip resistant. Just say'n....:)

Sep 20, 2010
Bombshell Boots
by: Kenia

I loooove love love Icon's Bombshell Boots. They're very sexy, and very functional & protective all at once.

I also love that I can wear them under my jeans when I ride into work, and I don't have to worry about bringing an extra pair of shoes to slip into. Most other boots are ugly to stomp around an office in, but these work on or off the bike!

Sep 20, 2010
by: Sandra

I, too, wanted a flashy pair of boots. I bought a pair of "leather" boots w/a "fairly" low heel and laces up the back...and I have actually worn them while riding and been "okay"...but it wasn't a month of riding before I realized they don't have the protection a rider needs, they aren't sturdy enough to withstand oil and road grime, they don't have the tread to help me keep the bike upright if my foot slips in oil or loose gravel or wet surfaces when I'm stopping...they are fashion boots, NOT riding boots.

Once I accepted this fact, I again started searching for a "cute" pair of FUNCTIONAL boots...Harley had a pair or 2 that I thought fit the bill, but the price was over $100. You do get what you pay for in some cases, but I'm a bargain shopper! LOL I finally found Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company leathers...I settled on a pair of Ladies Renegades because I liked the silver studding on the toe and heel...they are comfortable for walking in when the bike is parked; they are made for the job long story short. And they look great with jeans! Some other styles are pull on, or zip up the sides, which have definite advantages if you are in a hurry...but I felt the Captain's boot and the Renegade had the style AND function I was looking for. I ordered them on-line, caught a close-out sale for less than $80 and am VERY happy w/my first REAL pair of biker boots. I even got a good fit the first time (very lucky??)!!!

Go ahead; treat yourself to a REAL pair of biker boots. It's a good, SMART investment!

Sep 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I found a really nice looking lace up black boots at the local Harley Davidson store. I do not ride a Harley. However, they were on sale, good sturdy leather & support, made well, fit well, a good heel on them and they are not too uncomfortable to walk in when I get off the bike to go to the store etc. They are about 80% waterproof as they lace up and some water can get into the boot. Even my doctor commented on how nice my boots look when I go for a doctors appointment. I don't think we have to sacrifice looks, safety and comfort as there are so many motorcycle boots out there. It does take time to find a good fitting boot that we are happy with. Harley even let me sit on one of the bikes to see how I liked the feel of the boots on the bike. That was a plus.

Our motorcycle instructor said to get a inexpensive pair @ Target etc until we found the right pair of boots.

Happy Boot Hunting

Sep 19, 2010
Save the fashion show for a night on the town...
by: Quicklimegirl

..and be more concerned with safety.
Get a good pair of boots that offers substantially protection. Riding isn't a fashion show; it's a great way to have fun and relieve stress, and being properly prepared for a crash is 10X more important than worrying about being fashionable.

Your feet won't look good later in those strapless stilettos for wearing on a night on the town if they end up all mangled when from being more concerned with fashion over safety.

Get your priorities straight!!

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