First ride

by Tina

Hello again. I am new to riding and have posted here before and received wonderful advise. I had asked about when to start riding as I am new to this and got some great answers, so I thought I would update you as I have now taken the bike out of storage and spent about 3 hours practicing on it. I have tried to do figure 8's, they are a little difficult, but I am getting there. I am really enjoying myself. I was able to take it for a ride and had a great feeling when I was able to take a sweeping corner without any challenges. This is a wonderful way to travel. Any advise of any kind you have for me, I will gladly accept. I am having a challenge with the figure 8's when I am going to my right. The left seems to be ok, but the right is a little difficult. Also, what is everyone's opinion on leather jackets in the middle of the summer. Are you able to remain cool or are they too heavy. Thanks again for the wonderful advise, I look forward to hearing more from everyone.

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Mar 15, 2012
by: Tina

Thanks for all the great advice.

Mar 15, 2012
Look where you want to go
by: Ree

Looking through the turn is very important for all turns. If you remember that and use it wisley, you can make turns that will blow your mind. Also, to make tighter/ smaller turns instead of looking through the turn look across.

example: doing a circle if you are at 3 o clock look across to 9 and you will naturally make smaller circles. Great for learning tight u turns also. Don't forget to counter balance and make sure you feel loose and comfortable. Being to tight or tense is bad for turns and riding in general.

Mar 14, 2012
by: lois

I have a couple of mesh jackets for summer wear they are so much lighter to wear. I also think it's normal to feel more comfortable with turns going one way vs the other. Most people I talk to seem to have a turn direction they like better, it just seems easier.

Mar 14, 2012
by: Katie

I am a relatively new rider as well. I got my license in the fall. I have been out twice this season as it is unseasonably warm. I was out today and it was awesome. All I can say is you need to get out and put the miles or km under your belt. Practicing figure 8's is such a good exercise.

OH my leather coat which I love as I live in Ontario Canada is great in the fall and winter but wayyyyyyyyyyyy too hot in the summer. I have a mesh jacket with the armour it is much cooler.

Good luck and enjoy


Mar 14, 2012
by: Jo-Anne

Most leather jackets you take the linning out and open the vents, I wear a denim jacket in the warmer months with padding and keep the vents open.

Turning the most important lesson I learned in class is to turn your head where you want to go and look in that direction, I practice this always.

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