First Ride of the Season!

by Sandra
(Sandwich, IL)

On the Dragon's Back

On the Dragon's Back

Saturday's weather was just TOO tempting! After I got the house cleaned, I geared up and went out to warm up my White Dragon! :) She started right up (I started her several times over the winter and let her warm up in the garage) and I backed her out into the sunshine. I was SO excited, but not nervous at all. I remember last year as I would gear up the anxiety level would rise to near panic some days. Not today; I wanted to ride almost as much as she wanted to RUN.

I turned her around and slowly let out the clutch. There was a moment where my right hand cranked on the throttle a bit and made her roar as I was seeking the friction zone. I had a flashback of our maiden voyage - this is just about the point where my mind went blank that day and my dragon took off out from under me, dumping me in my neighbor's front lawn - but today was not to be a repeat of such follies. I responded instantly to her roaring, backed off the throttle and eased her into a slow roll out the driveway. We headed south and ... it was pure JOY! I took her out in the country a bit, swung back toward town, then took a turn leading me north out of town completely. She kept wanting to RUN - 65 or 70 every time I took my eye off the speedometer! Come on, girl; slow down and enjoy the WIND! Just went a few miles out of town, and "around the country block". We were only gone about 30 minutes. By then my fingers (under 2 pair leather gloves) were frozen solid. We reluctantly headed back home.

I have a weight loss goal and I'm only 15 pounds away; I had set up a reward of a new pair of leather chaps to match my coat. After Saturday's ride, I KNOW it will be a good investment - my legs were COLD when I got back inside...wish I could go again today!! :) Come on SPRING!

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Mar 11, 2011
My First Ride (period)
by: Grace

Your story was so vivid, it made me think back to my first ride of the season. My boyfriend and I finally went to get the bike out of storage. This was my first time ever sitting on it. I remembered everything I learned on his Honda CBR 600. So he wanted to teach me how to balance that day. I finally got the hang of the balancing and then he taught me how to give it a little gas in first gear. I thought I was going sooooo fast. I felt the wind hitting my face. I laughed so hard, when I actually saw the video footage he shot. I think I saw a leaf float past the screen faster than I did. I was like" Is that how fast I was really going?". He laughed and said he thought the video actually made it look faster. Well I am in NW Indiana and the upcoming week is filled with some pretty warm days, I can't wait, practice and more practice. Happy riding ladies!!!!

Feb 25, 2011
Throttle Issues
by: Sandra

Ahhh...you should have seen it! If I had not been so terrified it would have been funny! If my husband hadn't been so frightened for me, well, he still is. He just cannot understand how I lost control before I even got moving. What can I say? It happened; I survived; the bike survived...but he may NEVER trust in my riding abilities...

You can read every gory detail on this web-site, it's titled Sandra and The White Dragon...for a laugh or two!

Feb 24, 2011
Good for u!

I'm in the Chicago area and I got excited when the weather warmed up a bit..and I just knew folks would venture out! I didn't but I look forward to to this season and like u I used to get bubble guts when I started my engine!!! But not this season, I can wait to hear my engine roar!! I've rolled on my throttle a couple times to..but thank God I had my clutch closed and I didn't panic...so I just let the engine rev down, then opened the clutch to get going..happy riding this new season coming!

Feb 24, 2011
Wonderful Letter
by: Alabamavettelady

I really enjoyed reading your letter, it really does feel as you described. I took a quick ride around the block on New Years Eve. I could not stand the wait any longer to just feel that roar under you and know that you are in total control! It was wonderful, I am going today to pick my bike up from the shop, it has just completed its Spring tuneup. I learned from my husband better do that early or your bike will get have to sit on a waiting list at the shop. Oh anyway, Miss Pinky Leigh is ready to go and so am I, going to take a ride today. It is 75 degrees today in Alabama and I am going to hit the streets!

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