fear when learning to ride

by Lucinda
(Stone Mountain, GA)

Hi there. I LOVE bikes and am attempting to learn how to ride my Fat Boy ( I know it's a big bike, but I love it ). I have ridden in the past and have taken the MSF course. HOWEVER, I'm terrified of my new bike. I don't know why, but I get the jitters every time I try to go out and practice. Ugh.. any gems of wisdom would be appreciated.

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Feb 13, 2012
have fun!!!
by: Anonymous

I've been riding about 2 1/2 years. I think most of us agree that we get butterflies of excitment every time we get ready to ride!

When I got my first bike, a Sporty 1200, I was so intimidated and I went to the parking lot probably three nights in a row and practiced my turns and swerving and goofing off and getting comfortable. Then, like someone lese mentioned, you'll go a little further, and a little further, and a little further. In the beginning, keep to roads you know - that'll help with any surprises. Before you know it, you'll be riding anywhere you wand to go!!! I now have a Dyna Low Rider and love it!!

Hey, when I haven't been on my bike for a while, I still go for a few minutes of parking lot practice before I head out. Helps tremendously with the confidence.

Have fun!!!! Be safe and ride your own ride.

Feb 05, 2012
Fat Boy
by: Lucinda

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for responding. I guess I'm just afraid I'm going to hurt my bike ( it's so so so pretty ). Not scared at all that I'm going to hurt myself which I suppose sounds utterly mad. I just have to get over that and know that I have insurance for a reason. It's kinda rainy out this morning. If it lets up, I'll take her out to my parking lot and see how it goes. NOT giving up:)

Also- I do plan to get the clutch handle adjusted for my hands- I have to reach way to far to pull the clutch. AND, my seat probably needs to be changed out - will work on that when I have more spare change;)

Feb 05, 2012
Fear of riding
by: ChadeofLV

I rode my 99 Heritage home from the dealer two weeks after completing my classes. I was terrified. However, there are things you can do to help. Make sure the bike is set up for you. First, does it need to be lowered or raised? Next, do you need to sit farther forward or farther back? Third, are the handle bars correct for your comfort? Are all the foot controls within a comfortable reach for you? All these things can be changed for your comfort. I changed all these on my bike over time as I figured out why I was so uncomfortable. The next thing is ride. Every chance you get, go for a ride and only with people you trust. I'll bet you find the longer you ride the better you feel about it and more comfortable you will be. I have only been riding for a few years now, and got my license over the age of 50. But nothing beats getting out in the open air. I just have to wait a bit now for a durn broken toe to hurry up and heal so I can get my boots back on!!! Ugh.

Feb 04, 2012
Fat Boy
by: mel

Don't let anyone tell you the bike is too big for you...as long as your feet are flat on the ground when you stop, it's not!! If you love your Fat Boy then keeping practicing more and more each day...it will come. I took the riding course, passed, bought the bike I wanted, then 2 weeks later got into an accident when turning. I was scared ever time I got back on. I posted a comment in this forum on any ideas to get over this and about 90 some percent of the women said the bike was too big for me and to sell it and buy something smaller. I ended up retaking the MSF course to rebuild my confidence, started practicing everyday, ventured out farther and farther each day.....and I love it, I love my HD V-Rod (Night Rod Special) and am soooo glad I did not listen and sell my bike for something smaller!! :)

Feb 04, 2012
Getting used to a big bike...
by: Lois

I am 5'3" and have a bike that is a bit bigger than I'd like. I let my husband pick it out for me as it's my first -- Honda Shadow Spirit 750). I started out riding in the school parking lot to build my confidence until I got endorsed. Then I rode in my subdivision (25 mph), then I graduated to the main streets (35-45 mph) and rode them until finally I got on the freeway (55-70 mph). I don't like to ride the freeway at 70 mph as much as just around town.

Hope that helps. Enjoy!

Feb 04, 2012
Practice !!!!
by: Kawi Pink 250

The best advice I can give you is Ride,Ride Ride...When I first starting riding I found a empty parking lot that didnt get used very much. I would go on the weekends and just practice. Slow turns, tight turns,the emergency stopping. I would lay the bike down and practice how to pick it up also. Some people might of thought it was silly but all that practice gave me more confidence with my riding ability. Now when I go on group rides I feel Im ready for any situation that comes along. Weather you own a big or small bike practice is the key. Good Luck! and RIDE ON!

Feb 04, 2012
How long have you been riding?
by: Anonymous

How long have you been riding? I have a friend her and i got our license and she just bought a fatboy as well. I think it is really to big of a bike for someone without a lot of road experience.They are a beautiful bike no doubt. I think until a person is really confident in riding a bike and only until then should they be jumping on bike of that size and power.I am assuming you haven't been riding long if you are terrified. What are you afraid of? That because of the weight maybe dumping it? Or you inability to ride and handle it>? I would suggest riding something smaller until you are more confident.

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