Equipment & Accessories for First Bike

by Steph
(East Coast)

Hi gals!

My first bike is arriving any day now and I'm looking for a "must have" additional equipment/accessories list. For instance, I originally thought my car tire pressure gauge would work but after reading more realize that a digital one is the way to go.

What other equipment should no biker (even short traveling beginners) go without? Also, what tools/equipment do you always keep on your bike versus the ones you leave in your garage?

I don't have saddlebags so I'm looking to start with just the necessary items for my short trips while learning.


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Jun 01, 2011
Tire Repair Kits
by: Lois

There are different kits for different types of tires tube or tubeless. My husband always says that's why you carry a charged cell phone and have auto club, even if you can fix it it may not be in a place you want to be if your alone, sorry call me chicken I don't want to be sitting on the side of a busy highway or some deserted back road trying to fix my bike, let them tow it to someplace safe and then work on it if you can.

Remember be safe on and off the bike always.

Jun 01, 2011
Tire repair kit?
by: Sandra

I've heard of it, but have not investigated yet...but if it's like the aerosol spray Flat Fix or something of the sort, it could come in handy to limp to the next service station...

You've got all your riding gear: biker boots, leather or kevlar jacket & jeans, gloves, helmet, etc.

Jun 01, 2011
What to add??
by: Donna

A friend of mine has a lock she attaches her helmet to the bike with when she is going in for lunch or shopping. I thought that was very handy!

Jun 01, 2011
What You Need
by: assy2731

Well with no saddlebags you will be very limited to what you can carry with you, so I would suggest making sure you have a cell phone and the number of a few good friends with a truck. But you did say you are getting a new bike, so you should not need very much. My hubby found an all in one tool at the tractor supply store in one of the small towns we rode through one time. We were having trouble with my headlights and he had taken his tools out of his bags for some unknown reason and I had decided to ride my fatboy which didn't have the saddlebags on at the time, so we found this store in a small town. This tool was so great that he went back into the store and bought one for each of our riding friends for Christmas. It had so many different lil' tools on it and very compact as well. That should be all you need to pack with you at least untl you do get saddlebags. Maybe a small towel too. You will learn to pack light. If you take longer road trips you might consider packing more just in case items but even then just remember to keep it small and light. Keep your cell phone charged or pack a phone charger.

Jun 01, 2011
by: Tara

You should use a mechanical tire pressure reader, they are far more accurate, and easier to carry. You need to have some basic tools, spanners, shifters, that kind of stuff. Wash your bike often, you will discover any oil leaks, or loose parts that shouldn't be loose during this, and it makes your bike nice and shiny. You should get a Xena wheel lock, they have a 110 decibel alarm if someone even moves your bike, and you can't drive off with it still attached - the alarm goes off. If you're getting a chain driven bike, you will need chain oil, and also find out how to clean the chain. Keep some Mentholated Spirits on hand - a small amount can be useful in your fuel tank if you get water in it, it will dissipate the water. Some basic degreaser, chrome polish, car wash, WD40 (that's what it's called here in Aus).
There's probably heaps I've left out, but there will be others to tell you what!

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