Dropping Bike

by Peggy
(Hazelton, WV)

I'm a newbie seem to be making progress pull, into driveway and before I know it, I drop the bike.

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Apr 28, 2011
Oops Dropped the Bike
by: V-star Queen

Yep, it happens, so far twice, each time I dropped my bike, I was at a dead stop. Once when I got to top of the hill and had not used enough throttle I lost my balance, second time after riding on a long road at night for the first time at 65-70 miles an hour, when I stopped the bike, my legs were like rubber and the bike went down. I scratched my mirror can't see any other damage, otherwise the bike is fine.

Nov 05, 2010
by: Ruth

Yep, happens to everyone, even the guy in our group that proudly boasted over dinner one night..."there is no reason to drop your bike ever"....next day, my hubby had to help him right his bike after he leaned a little too far over to reach for something....lesson, never say never. : )

Oct 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yep, dropped by BRAND new 2011 Victory today. We were in a right hand turn waiting for traffic to clear and I was pulling up slow behind my husband and bam!! I'm on the ground with a line of traffic behind me! I was so PO'd.... Just a little damage on the pipes and I need a new brake lever but, I kept going....

Jul 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

I thank you very much for your experiences, they sound very similar to my situation, I have a storage problem also, I generally still have my husband back down our ramp at our storage to get my bike out I now try to keep it under our garage roof and turn it around and pull it out, I'm making small improvements, going slow is still a little rough for me to handle. But I'm not giving up. My kickstand is a little bit of hassle I think I'm looking for an extension

Jul 08, 2010
by: Aili

One day I come home from work, go to hop the curb to park in the back yard, and must have twisted the throttle on..... shoosh! Right into the pricker bushes and mud! My husband was sleeping, so I struggled for over an hour getting the bike upright, trying to pry the front tire out of the thick mud, and trimming back prickly branches. Finally, I had to go get him up.

Then, there was this other time, I pull up to a traffic light, put my foot down...into a dip in the road. Fell right over. Ladies in the car behind me freaked out, but I was alright. She helped me stand the bike back up & I was on my way...embarrassed, but at least no one I knew saw me.

I keep the bike in an enclosed trailer, and I've fallen over a few times backing it down the ramp. I always push it in backwards now, so I can pull out. I don't have balance issues that way.

See, you are definitely not alone!

Jul 01, 2010
It Happens
by: Janice

I used to drop mine in the parking lot every time I took it out to practice. (I was getting really tired of the bruises!) My turns were too slow and I wasn't used to the weight of the bike. Taking the initial course on much smaller bikes really helped to build my confidence and now I'm much more used to my own bike. The best was when my boyfriend (who has been riding for years) dropped my bike because he forgot to put down the kickstand. It happens to the best of 'em.

Jun 29, 2010
It Happens to Everyone!
by: Sassy2731

Don't feel bad about dropping your bike. It happens to everyone even the men! If someone tells you they have never dropped a bike they are lying to you. I have seen very experienced men drop bikes. I have a story about a friend of ours that when we started out the driveway here he had trouble with the kickstand and laid my husbands streetglide over and he couldn't get up. The other guys with us had to go help him get the bike off of him. It was sort of funny because he has been riding for a very long time. lol It has happened to the best, so don't worry about it so much, just keep practicing and don't give up. I have dropped mine also. I think that actually everyone has at some time or another.

Jun 28, 2010
dropped bike
by: robin

Hi...i was having trouble remembering everything so my friend suggested counting...like to start the bike 1.kickstand up, 2.gas on, 3.key on etc etc and that helped so much. When i stop i do the same counting thing and it really works I have like 5 things i count for before starting and stopping.... It seemed kind of silly but it once i started it i stopped forgetting...

Hang in there..i have dropped the bike too...was practicing stops from a standstill and totally for got to put my feet down!!!!

Just keep at it...

Jun 28, 2010
by: Peggy

I'm not able to practice in a parking lot, but live in the country and try to practice stops and left and right turns, I'm learning a little bit more each time, but sometimes I think I'm overly confident and don't think through each step, but I'm very lucky that I have found a sight that will help me slow down, and a very patient husband.

Jun 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Your not braking and trying to turn the bike at the same time are you ? Maybe go back to a parking lot and practice this skill

Jun 28, 2010
dropping bike
by: kenberlyc

It happens. To experienced riders as well as new ones. I have been riding for 3 years and have dropped my bike 4 times. One of those times I totally forgot to put the kickstand down. But i just recently met a woman who has been riding since 95' and she says she dropped her bike last week. Dont give up. Remember it does happen and get back on and try again.

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