dropped bike

by Shelly

I have only been riding for 4 years. This past weekend I dropped the bike at an intersection :(.
My reaction was, wow what just happened! Then I picked it up and rode on. Never checked my bike until after work! Of course when I got to work, I checked how my legs were, because I was in pain. I am fine and the bike is too-we are just both badly scratched with a bump on my knee and a dent on the tank. My question, I am curious what riders reactions were on their first bike drop!? I think I was in shock and didn't realize it, which scared when I thought about my reaction.

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May 31, 2016
oops dropped my HD NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had my Iron 883 for 8 months or so (first bike after a twenty year absence from riding). I dropped it whilst out for a ride, stopped to admire some view or other got on and let the clutch out to get going and fell off, forgot to unlock the steering lock! Luckily no one saw me and damage was a few dings and scratches to the exhaust. Live and learn.

Sep 17, 2013
Been down or going down?
by: Sandi Roush

My dad has been riding for over 40 years says there are two types of riders - those who have been down and those who are going down.

I started riding a dirt bike at 41 and was down plenty of times. A few street bikes and 10 years later and I'm now on a Harley and hope I fell enough as a dirt rider to last me awhile.

I can imagine dropping my beautiful bike and see myself crying on a corner. Someone would ask if I was OK and would say "I'm fine - but look at my bike!!"

Aug 26, 2013
so far so good
by: LMS

I've been riding 3½ years now, and so far, so good -- I've never dropped my bike. I ride nearly every single day, I commute to work on my V-star, and I've already got 16,000 miles. Personally, I think that mileage is a better measure of my experience than years riding. I'm constantly looking around for what might kill me in the next quarter mile or half mile. I try to have very high situational awareness, as they say, always looking at weather, road and traffic hazards. I've had a few moments when it's possible something might have happened if I hadn't been paying attention -- but I was. I guess it's just a matter of time, but my goal is to never go down. I mean, of course it is, no one wants to go down; but I refuse to take it for granted that one day it'll happen. I fight at all times against that presumed eventuality.

Aug 26, 2013
How to pick up a motorcyle
by: Anonymous

Aug 26, 2013
dropped bike
by: Rochelle

I dropped my bike in Florence, Kentucky on my way to myrtle beach for bike week from Chicago. I met with some gravel while getting off of the highway at a rest stop. I lost control and my bike dumped me and flipped twice. It seemed like everything happened in show motion, and I think I was in a state of shock but all I could think about was please let my bike be OK. It was, minus a few dings, dents and bent handlebars. I went to the nearest Harley shop, had them repair my handle bars and continued on with my trip to myrtle beach, which is when I realized that my toe was stumped but that was it because I was geared up properly!

Aug 26, 2013
by: Denice

My first bike drop was actually a fall from a stand still. I was standing flat footed with my bike upright when it just fell over to the right. That fall did a good amount of damage and cost me a couple hundred bucks to fix with a friend's help. Of course, it fell in front of a coffee shop next to both of my friend's bikes.

My first bike drop occurred as I was pulling out (to the right) of a business driveway. I hadn't even gotten going so it wasn't about speed. The smackdown I received was still violent. All I remember are the handlebars shaking back and forth and smacking me down on the pavement. The bike slide a bit and I slid on my left side. Fortunately, I was wearing full gear including full face helmet. If I wasn't let's just say the left side of my face/head would have needed reconstruction. I fell on my left hip and and my thigh was black and purple and my motion was impaired for weeks. I couldn't lift the bike on my own (I haven't learned how to do that yet) so a couple gentlemen who stopped helped lift the bike. I rode home then did what one of the guy's suggested. I had a glass of wine.

I need to practice picking up a bike that's down. I'm told it's simply about leverage and that is taught in classes.

It was also a good reminder early on how armored gear absorbs shock and abrasion in a fall. If I'd have been riding in a t-shirt and jeans and half or 3/4 helmet I'd have been a mess.

Aug 26, 2013
dropped bike
by: jp

My middle name was 'drop' when I first started riding, mostly because I had a bike that was affordable but too top heavy for me at the time.

Since then I drop a lot less, only on occasion and usually when a large crowd is watching. A good friend and mentor once said "If you ride you'll drop it once in awhile" and she was right. I've seen seasoned riders drop their's once in awhile.

I just try to learn from what led up to it...gravel that I slid on, wet/oily street, slanted street on the side my foot going down at a stop.

I'm glad you're not hurt, nor the bike. If you've been riding for 4 years I'm suprised you've not dropped before this. Most riders are sympathetic and drag out all their old 'dropped my bike' stories when I've dropped mine around them.

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