by Catho

I heard about the Airhead Helmet liner on this forum and decided to give it a try. The order was placed on 3/4 and payment was made and accepted.

As of TODAY, April 11, there is STILL no sign of the Airhead, and the company rep said it is LOST SOMEWHERE in Taiwan. That was the sum total of their response... No replacement, no credit, nothing. So, take my advice and DON'T PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. Your $25 will just go away with nothing to show for it...

I normally take my hair and put it on the top of my head with a "Buff" that holds it in place. It's still a little flat when I take off my helmet, but having it 'up' in the helmet gives it some volume when I take off thE helmet and it falls around my shoulders. I have shoulder length, curly hair.

Comments for DON'T USE AIRHEAD

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Nov 05, 2013
I will definitely use my Airhead
by: Annabella

I didn't know what to think about this review based on the delivery woes, but as they are old concerns I decided to take a risk. Seems like the company has sorted that problem out and my delivery only took a few days to arrive, I've been desperate for a solution to my flat hair problem as I have really thick hair. So far it's working well, definitely better in a non-tight helmet and don't put it too forward near your forehead. I will definitely use my airhead liner.

Apr 09, 2013
by: David

Hey guys,

So I read this forum before ordering my airhead way back in September 2012. Unlike many of you, I had zero problems with my order, and I shipped it to Seoul, South Korea - total time for it to arrive was about 10 days? Regardless, I ordered two - one for my full face helmet, and one for my jet helmet.

I like this product - it definitely works better than NOT using it. I have straight hair (Korean) that is slightly long - to about my eyebrows. Wearing my helmet in the sweltering summer humidity in Seoul, my hair gets pressed something sever in my helmet. This definitely did help some, though it doesn't completely avoid helmet hair. I think it's worth the money and I'm glad I bought them.

However, there are a couple things I want to share with people:

1. If you want to use this, you should probably buy a helmet 1 size larger. As you can imagine, it fits in the helmet and obviously takes up room - if you try and jam this into a helmet that fits perfect WITHOUT anything inside, than this will obviously cramp things (duh). I did this on my old jet helmet, which fits perfect, and like others, it squeezed the crap out of my head and gave me headaches. I bought a new helmet, one size larger than usual, and it fits perfect and is quite comfortable.

2. I wish they made different sizes. I have a size large head, and as stated above, my hair is longer - this gadget fits in the very top of the helmet covering maybe half the inside of the helmet. This results in protecting the top of my head from helmet hair, but not the bottom! The current "one size fits all" size is probably good for people with small-medium sized heads. Airhead - make one for big headed people please!

3. This REDUCES helmet hair - not eliminates it. However, I think it does a good job of reducing it - people don't instantly ask if I rode my bike when they see me.

Jan 13, 2013
Requesting more Info. on the Airhead from users PLEASE!!
by: cowgirl

I personally would like to hear if any of the users on here have previously delt with heat-related migraines due to their helmets, and whether or not the airhead had any effect on their presence/absence of migraines.

I am not a motorcyclist, but instead I race and ride horses. For many years, since I was a youngster, I have gotten away with doing many of my activites without a helmet because they gave me migraines to the extent of which I became violently sick. A hat was bearable, but not helmets whatsoever.

Two and a half years ago I got in a bad horse accident and sustained a brain injury. After beating a 10% chance of survival with 99.9% likely hood of full left-side paralysis or vegetative state...I have now regained much of my abilities.

Much to my doctors' demise I am also back to riding horses and doing other things they don't want me to do. I am wearing a helmet every time now though.

I know I'm being cheap...but I have TONS of medical bills. I really would like to know how much this reduces the heat in the helmets of those who use this, before I possibly waste money on a product that won't work for me.

Please let me know if it helps the heat in your helmet! Especially would be helpful to know from those who've experienced heat migraines, but anyone's respons would be wonderful!!

Nov 28, 2012
Is it misleading?
by: her-motorcycle.com Webmaster

So we have documented the full experiance from bad to good with Airhead Helmet Liner and we still get accused of being misleading and now negative and hateful too!

A 6 month old negative review, sure but nobody complains about the 6 month old ( and older ) positive reviews.

I'm pretty liberal with what I will allow on this site. The bad as well as the good is allowed as long as they are genuine and truthfully written. It doesn't take long to spot the difference, and a quick google reveals the a likely reason for the sudden interest in this thread.

I have thought all day about what to do with this thread. Should I change the title or should I pull the entire thread.

Since there is a request to change the title perhaps I should change it to something like "I hate Airhead Helmet Hair Liner because I now hate TwoWheelCool" ( which is true now ) or maybe I should ascede to the wishes of one and remove this thread entirely - which is easily done. But I figure if I remove the negative, but truthful reviews ( and there is more than this thread ), then it all goes including the positive reviews and there will be no reference to Airhead Helmet Hair Liner anywhere on this site because I figure if you can't have one, you can't have the others either.

But none of these choices seem fair because my visitors will always pay it forward no matter what their personal experiances are.

So I have decided that for the rest of this year, 2012, and all of 2013 I will no longer accept any new submissions about Airhead Helmet Liner to her-motorcycle.com, or on our facebook page. You may comment in this, or the other threads if you like but those comments will appear, as they do now, at my sole discretion.

Thank you

Nov 27, 2012
by: Bethany

I got my Airhead Helmet Liner about a week ago and it ROCKS.
The poster below who says this forum is misleading, is right. Because when I searched for it, this forum came up saying not to buy it. There has been other posts about it being a very helpful product to people with a hair problem after riding, so why have a headline like that? Complaining about customer service from 6 months ago is an old issue that the people have obviously dealt with by now.

Be fair, not misleading. People on this site genuinely want to know about good products, not about people's rantings like 'Catho' who wrote the first post. I won't visit this site anymore if it's just all about hating and negativity. There's enough of that in the real world and the Webmaster could change this headline if they wanted to be more positive.

Sep 12, 2012
There is nothing misleading with this thread.
by: her-motorcycle.com Webmaster

There is nothing misleading in this forum, or on this site, about Airhead by TwoWheelCool.

What is here are experiences of my visitors and they are facts. Because someone had a good experience dealing with TwoWheelCool and the Airhead Helmet liner does not in any way indicate that someone who had the opposite experience is wrong or wrote misleading information on this site.

We are not against Airhead Helmet liners. Far from it. If its a good product we want to hear about it. But at the same time I take full responsibility for what is presented on this site. If there are problems, and there were, we will also present that information as well. I hate the fact that some people had a bad experience as a result of reading something written here. That is why this information about Airhead Helmet liner continues to remain on her-motorcycle.com.

That being said we also know that there are new developments with Airhead Helmet liner and TwoWheelCool. We have learned that Airhead Helmet liner is also available through Ahead Solutions (UK) which is the manufacturer of Menthogen which is available through her-motorcycle.com at the top of the page. We have also been offered the ability to have the Airhead Helmet liner included on the page that has been created for us to display Menthogen and other Ahead Solutions (UK) products.

If we see more favorable reviews for the Airhead Helmet liner we might just make it available for purchase on this site.

Sep 12, 2012
by: Cathy

I was one of the first people to air my complaints about not receiving the Airhead product. As I stated in a later comment, I did finally receive the product. The issue was more of a customer service problem - the complete lack of communication when the product hadn't arrived in a month after the charge had gone through, and no explanation given by the company either to me individually or on their web page. It appears they have resolved their shipping issues :) I have now used the airhead on 3 different occassions, and sadly for me because I had GREAT hopes that this was the perfect solution for helmet hair, I cannot wear the airhead. I have tried it in multiple configurations inside my head and the end result is always the same: intense pressure headaches. I have moved it forward, backward, even sideways, with always the same headache result... So, my conclusion: the idea is great, the application for me just doesn't work. I have to stick with the ole scarf around the head technique.

Sep 12, 2012
Airhead is great
by: Astrid

This forum is a bit misleading - I ordered Airhead, it arrived in 10 days like the site said. It is a great product! It's about the product peoples!!!

Sep 10, 2012
Solution for problems with Airhead orders!
by: David

Dear all,
We just found out about your blog and the comments. I just wanted you all to know that AIRHEAD will be available in EUROPE directly through our company. And we're happy to clarify every single case here together with "Bruce". You will see that in future a professional supply will be guarantied out of the EU distribution center. For further information please visit us at www.helmet-hair-memorial-day.com and register at Facebook. One note from my side. I want to make clear that our company is not in charge of recent deliveries but as the new EU Distributor we are happy to make customers happy!
Many Thanks

Jul 09, 2012
No problems for me
by: Ginger

I ordered two airheads and had no problems with payment or receiving my order. I've been using them for a few weeks now and am not disappointed.I have long, thick hair and it looks so much better when I take off my helmet when I use an airhead.

Jun 16, 2012
paypal workr
by: djk

hi my name is darryl and I use paypal to buy everything around the world.Several times nothing showed up.I went to resolution section,filed a complaint,and within a reasonable time my money was refunded.I also ordered some thing from a canadian suppliers.I filed a complaint with paypal,within 5 minites the supplier phoned me and offered to bring item personably.He says paypal is rueless and will cancel his use in no time.Hopefully this helps somebody

May 17, 2012
This is comical
by: Angie

I too finally received ONE of the TWO airheads I ordered and paid for, (are you kidding me?) after countless emails back and forth with "Bruce." And just like Catho in the prior post, I also suffered an excruitiating (sp?) headache and had to remove it before the ride was over. What a frustrating disappointment all the way around!

May 17, 2012
Airhead update
by: Catho

Ok, the company has partially redeemed themselves!!! While their communication skills remain abysmal, I have now received not 1 but 2 Airhead helmet inserts. Almost didn't get the 2nd one as they sent it using USPS for the final leg of delivery, and it was "certified", so someone had to be home to sign for it. Of course, no one was, so after the 3rd delivery attempt by USPS, NOT KNOWING what the mysterious "certified" package was, we had to take time off from work to get to the post office during working hours to retrieve the package. So on to the product. I am so sad to report, after all this hoopla, that the darn thing gave me the WORST HEADACHE.... after about 2 hours of riding with it, I had to pull over and remove it, which fortunately is very easy to do. I am going to give it another try during our next ride and reconfigure how I seated it in the helmet. I will post an update. But again, I DID receive the product!!!

Apr 12, 2012
by: Deb P

I do not trust Paypal as I have so many issues that I will not use it. I have also tried to sell my bike on Craigs list and lots of people hit me up with stories and that they will use paypal to pay and I dont have it sign up for it.. I dont think so. So done with that. Just beware as there are soooo many scammers out there. Hard to believe but there is.

Apr 12, 2012
by: Catho

Well after pestering them with endless emails, here is the latest update. I don't believe for a second that they will "express post" one from Australia to little ole me in Georgia, but will let you know if they actually do... but hey, at least I got a response finally.

HI Cathy,

I can assure you, you are not being ignored. We have had a huge number of parcels get stuck in Singapore and we're investigating this with the shipping company now. It is very frustrating for us too and we do understand that customers feel this is unacceptable. We can express post you another airhead and will do so.

Sincere apologies once again.

Kind regards,

Louise Kiddell
Sydney, Australia

Apr 12, 2012
I had the exact same experience!
by: Angie

Oh my gosh, the story I could tell about my airhead order. Won't go into the gory, frustrating details, but do validate this poster's comments: STAY AWAY FROM AIRHEAD. Don't even think that what she and I experienced were just bad luck experiences and you'll be ok.

Apr 12, 2012
contact payment source
by: Kat from Krome Cosmetics

If it was paypal definitely talk to them. So.eone got a hold of my information and attempted to take two grand out of my a count. Paypal had said they would still have taken care of it even if i hadnt caught it before it processed.

Apr 12, 2012
M-GEN still best choice
by: Tessa (Moline, IL)

I'm sticking with Menthogen to keep my hair and scalp cool and itch free whilst on the move (I love the cool experience it gives) and I use a nice buff or liner to try to keep it looking good.

I am definately NOT buying Airhead though I almost did. Thank the Lord I saw the posts left by unhappy customers on the Airhead facebook page after seeing another message on this forum. They have not received their airhead products and had no refund? It's terrible.

See also this other forum on the Her Motorcycle website where people have had problems with Airhead... https://www.her-motorcycle.com/there-is-this-new-product-airhead-.html

Apr 11, 2012
by: Dawn

I don't know of any other way other than possibly paypal to purchase something online other than by credit card. If you purchased by credit card, dispute the charges. Until they give you the product, they can't bill you the money. If you paid by paypal, I am unsure of your options.

Thank you for the heads up, and I am very sorry you did not get better service. I hope the above info will help you.

Keep the shiny side up!

Apr 11, 2012
by: Deb P

Yes that sounded tempting to me also. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up. I wear my hair up too and with a bandana.. It doesnt get all sweaty either. its actually not bad at all.

Apr 11, 2012
by: Connie

Good to know... I was seriously looking at purchasing one for my husband! Sorry you didn't have better luck with getting your money back.

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