Don't run out of gas

by Ruth
(Rochester, MN)

I had just got my permit and took the bike I share with my boyfriend out for my first ride in real traffic instead of a parking lot. Exciting and terrifying! He was a newbie too but got his permit and was riding a week or two already. A little shaky at first but then it was great. Intersections were intimidating but I didn't kill it!

Then, I started sputtering on a busy road at rush hour and thought to myself "I really need to get that checked out when I get home!" Then it DIED while driving! I was in the left lane, thankfully just pulling up to a red light, and traffic was all around me. I attempted to start several times with no luck. Ended up having to walk the heavy bike across two lanes of traffic to the right, one of which was filled with cars speeding up to merge on the intersecting road. I pulled it as far to the shoulder as I could but was worried any further and I'd drop it into the deep ditch.

So, I finally got 'er started and was able to pull it up into a parking lot. I called my boyfriend and he informed me that he had just been testing our new bike's fuel capacity! See, we don't have a fuel gauge and we didn't know how many miles we could go before running out of gas! He forgot to tell me he was running it out of gas purposefully and that it might actually die on me in the middle of the road!

My tip is to keep the bike filled up, especially when sharing a bike, and to remember that you have a gas reservoir switch!

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Aug 13, 2011
running out of gas
by: Cindy

Good points to remember. With a 4 gal tank, I know I can get around 200 miles, so I always look for a gas station at around 150 trip miles and reset the odometer at each fill. I'm sure most of us do that. Sharing a bike and not sharing important information like that is not a great idea, and can be downright dangerous. Take care.

Aug 08, 2011
by: Lynn - Florida

Luckily both my bikes have reserve and one of the first things I did was learn where it was while riding. I can reach down w/o looking to move it to reserve. I have also purposely run my bike out of gas to check capacity. Not the thing to do if you're a beginner, especially unaware it was happening. Now you know - unfortunately it had to be the hard way. Thanks for sharing as it may help someone else along the way.

Aug 06, 2011
by: MiniMom

Jeez anon how rude was that! I actually found the post helpful as its something Ive been learning about today too as my bike doesnt have a fuel gauge and does have a reserve. I dont remember being told this on training last week, it was my OH that told me so there may be people out there new to bikes who dont know about this either. I think your comment was completely uncalled for, you were new once so try showing some tolerance :/

Aug 05, 2011
by: mel

That first comment was unnecessary! Thanks for sharing your story Ruth :)

Aug 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

you don't have a reserve switch if the bike is fuel injected. DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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