Does size matter?

by Brenda

I'm thinking about getting my cycle license, but I have some reservation about my size. I'm 5'2" and about 340#. Do you think I'd be able to handle a bike? Thanks!!!

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Nov 19, 2013
Bike size
by: Anonymous

You can also have a bike lowered...Makes a huge difference.

Oct 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you Ladies!
Lots to think about. Planning on taking the class next summer. That way I have time to save up some cash and get some strength training.
Please keep the comments coming. It's very much appreciated!

Oct 03, 2013
You can do it!
by: Leslia

I'm 5 ft tall, 105 lbs, my inseam is 27 inches. I got my motorcycle license last summer - I had a 250cc Yamaha Virago. It was a great bike to learn on. I could flat foot and it only weighed 350 lbs. Great for slow riding, turns, figure 8s...

I upgraded to a bigger bike at the end of July this summer. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find anything that I would feel comfortable on. I sat on it and knew it was for me. I now have a BMW F650GS and love it! The bike was already lowered. I got just over a 2 inch sole added to my motorcycle boots so that I am almost flat foot on my new bike.

Safe riding!

Oct 03, 2013
Inseam length and seat mods
by: Judy

Your inseam (leg) length, seat height and shape, and overall ergonomics will help determine your ability to be comfortable on a bike. I'm 5'6" and 300# with a 32" inseam length so I'm able to ride bikes with seat heights up to 33-33". One thing you'll find is an upright, standard type bike with a lower seat height and narrower seat may be helpful in fitting comfortably; a narrower seat may be able to help, assuming your thigh size is fairly large, likely with your dimensions.

One thing that may be beneficial to your strength in overal riding is to do some weightlifting with smaller weights and higher reps to keep your arms stronger...this can be done with simple things like larger can goods (40oz) such as family size soup or stew cans.

If you're able to find a bike that fits well, once you're comfortable with it and start to gain some expertise, gradually increase the length and type of rides very gradually. Because of my current size and overall lack of fitness I have stamina issues, so I take breaks every hour or so, depending on the intensity of the road.

Unless your inseam length is very, very short I wouldn't recommend starting out on a heavy "Cruiser" type (Harley or clone) bike...the reason is the heavier the bike, the more difficult it is to both manuever and lower speeds, but especially how much more physically fatiguing it is to ride a heavier bike. A lighter, more manueverable bike will be a lot less tiring for you. Also, don't be concerned that a smaller engine bike won't necessarily have enough power, depending on the model. For instance, I can relate from actual experience that a Honda Rebel or Nighthawk 250 will be too underpowered for your size, but a 2nd generation (up to model year '07) Ninja 250 won't, as long as you keep the engine in it's optimal power band of 5000rpm or higher.

What will be the most difficult will be to find gear that will fit. You will have to have off the shelf gear custom altered with more material to fit, that's what I had to do. Riding without proper gear is a BAD IDEA.

I wish you were closer, because I've helped and mentored several new riders, and being of similar size I think you could relate to my experience well. Good luck in your quest and I hope to hear back you've been able to find a bike that is comfortable and able to learn on and ride.

Oct 03, 2013
by: pink rose

Yes I think you will be fine.They make all kinds of bike just go out to different bike shop and pick out some you kike the most and then after you learn how to ride you will be able to deside which bike is right for you.You will not reget it I love my ride been riding for a year now.

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