Do they make REAL WOMEN apparel?

by Mslolo
(Chino, Ca)

I know I cannot be the only woman that has this problem. I am curvy and trying to find a textile jacket that fits me properly. If it fits in the upper body (i.e. shoulders, waist) it will not zip because I have hips! If I try on a mens jacket it is huge on top and is still very tight and uncomfortable to zip up. I am ready to start my own line of 'Real Women's" apparel that will be designed to fit all the different true shapes out there, not just the man shape. Has anyone found a jacket that fits?

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Jul 24, 2013
riding boots size 11 extra wide girly
by: Anonymous

does anyone know where I can buy sexy riding boots for large sized woman? 11 extra wide?

Jun 10, 2012
This may work
by: Mslolo

Thanks so much for the tip. I am checking out the sizes now. I typically wear an XL jacket, but according to all my measurements I'm smaller then that. I am very curvy/busty so to be safe think I will stick with the XL.

Jun 10, 2012
web address for gear
by: Anonymous

I just checked and the website for the jackets from Girl Gear is www.girlgearapparel.com, I hope it's okay to put the URL on this forum.

Jun 10, 2012
great textile jackets in larger sizes
by: Anonymous

Try Girl Gear. I got a GREAT textile jacket from them, fully removable armor and everything. This jacket is the bomb, baby. They are on clearance now, so make sure the measurements are right before you buy because they are not returnable. They have zips over the hips which would allow you the extra room you need in the hips. The GG2 jacket they make is true to the measurements, the GG1 runs small. I got a 1x and it fits over my 44 inch tatas and I have plenty of adjustability to accomodate my thick waist. Pretty colors too.

May 24, 2012
found another
by: pad-a-wak

jamin leather has plus sizes, and of corse the price goes up along with the size, that's because we are worth it ,lol

May 24, 2012
real women apparel
by: pad-a-wak

leather up could have a few more choices

May 23, 2012
curves and short
by: chiefgopher

When altering your pants to make the knee pads fit where they are supposed to have your alteration done above the top of the zipper. This will take out the length and pull the "shin" guards back up to knee pads. it doesnt ruin the zipper either. and is much easier to take out the length there than cutting and hemming from the bottom that doesnt fix the knee pad situation anyway.

May 22, 2012
Curves and short don't mix if you want real riding gear
by: Anonymous

NO, they DON'T - and forget it if you are a full figured SHORT woman! There is not a pair of riding pants out there that will fit me (I have spent hours online and in shops...) Yes, of course they all have adjustable hemlines and pads, but for a 5'2" woman with a 28 inch inseam, NOBODY makes anything that I can shorten and not have the knee pads around my shins! I do have an Olympia jacket that fits my topside well, but the pants to match will not fit me. The one manufacturer I found that made pants that could adjust to my small stature did not come in a size large enough for my waistline...and we are not talking high double digits here!!!!

Anybody got design skills? Wanna go into business? We could make a KILLING serving this market!!!

While we are at it, why don't the bike manufacturers come up with a way to make a sport touring bike that people (men or women) of shorter stature can get a leg over so we aren't relegated to cruisers as our only option?!?!? Don't get me wrong, me and my Sporty go everywhere we can together, and I love her, but I would like to have OPTIONS!

May 22, 2012
by: GoGo

I have a question? I am new to wearing eye glasses. I am looking for a cool pair of goggles that fit over my eye glasses, and small enough to fit comfortable with a 1/2 helmet. Most goggles hit the helmet at the forehead?...any suggestion sure would help?

May 22, 2012
Yes hard to find
by: Anonymous

Try scorpion or Joe rocket as well. Icon too

May 22, 2012
Real women motor cothes
by: Anonymous

I am a "real woman" in San Diego and I have curves. I wear several jackets, all of which sit right at my waist. They fit well. I got them at El Cajon Harley Davidson. My issue is not being ablt to find small sizes. I have curves, but medium shirts are too big and so are jeans above a size 5/6. Most jeans I buy, when I can find a small enough size are too long, but they can be hemmed.

Not all of us who ride are tall or have a high body mass index, can we please get some size variations?

May 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

girls try first classic.. firstmfg.com
i am small but busty.. they are tapered and fit so well.. instant 10 lbs off.. plus longer in the back for the low rise jeans.. i love them.. all i wear

May 22, 2012
REAL Women!
by: Kelly C.

Yeah baby! I have been saying this for years. Try to fit a leather bike coat to this fluffy body of mine is next to impossible. And if you do find one, it costs too dang much! Also, I would like biker shirts in women's sizes that don't look sleezy or my cleavege isn't showing all the time! And why do they make shirts so tissue-thin! C'mon clothing manufacturers... get it together and do this for the REAL WOMEN!!!

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