Cutting Riding Season Short ;-(

by Bridgett
(Rsvl, CA)

Betty & I

Betty & I

Well, I started riding my own bike this year. I took the MSF class and bought my Sporster 883 in Feb. I have not put on as many miles as I would have liked to, summer just flew by! But I did put 2,000 miles on her. I would be expecting to put in some more beautiful miles in Sept & Oct, as things are cooling down and it is really the primo time of year. But unfortunatley I have to have surgery (hysterectomy) on the 28th of this month. When the Doc and I decided on this course of treatment, I said I wouldn't do it till Nov so I could ride, but the surgery room availability is dictating a different song, plus I just want to get it over with. 6-8 weeks recovery so there goes my fall. But I will be ready to jump back in the saddle in the spring! Yahoo!


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Sep 10, 2009
Cutting Riding Season Short ;-(
by: Sue A

No, I am in the Phx area, Mesa actually. Heck it's hard to repo a bike that I only paid a grand for lol.

And yeah we have a monsoon season here, this year has been very mild, usually it starts raining at least a little each day in July and goes until September, this year we have only had maybe 4 really rainy days.

I don't like the rain for sure, and when it rains heavy I will find an underpass or parking lot to wait it out. Nice thing is like last week one night it started pouring around 7 and by 8 it was done, by 8:30 the streets were already dried up.

Anyway good luck and ride safe no matter when you get back on the sled.

Sue A

Sep 10, 2009
by: Bridgett

Yes, it could always be worse! I will recover and Yes, my health is the most important thing.

I love riding, but I'm chicken in the rain! I guess I need to learn to conquer riding i different weather conditions to really learn to be safe...Heck, I didn't know AZ got cold and rainy! LOL, i know there are some areas that even get snow. Are you in the Prescott area? I would love to visit there, I have heard it is beautiful.
Quicklimegirl-I hope all is in tip top shape soon.

Sue-Hang in there girl! The economy has got to get better soon! And yes at least they didn't reposess your bike :-)

Sep 09, 2009
It Could be Worse...
by: Quicklimegirl

My riding season got cut short at the end of May...I had developed a severe case of basel arthritis on my R thumb in the last 4+ years and finally the pain was too much to ride. I'd just finished rebuilding one of my vintage bikes (I have 1 modern bike and 6 running vintage bikes) and only had a chance to break it in 40 miles. I had total reconstructive surgery including trapezium removal and tendon grafts on July 15th and started Physical Therapy five days after my cast and pin removal August 20th. If I'm lucky I may be physically able to ride by the middle of October or so...just in time for the cold, rainy season :(

Good luck on your surgery...jump right back into it when you're feeling up to it!

Sep 09, 2009
Cutting Riding Season Short ;-(
by: Sue A

Girl that sucks but your health is far more important. Heck in Arizona, (Phx metro area) I ride year round even in the rain. It's a bit chilly lol - downright cold at times but not much choice with having no car thanks to good old repo man and no job for a year now. But hey I got my bike, and that's all that I need right? :)

Heal up fast so you can get back on Betty.

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