Cold Weather Riding

by Jane

I hate Michigan weather! It's been cold (in the 40's) and rainy all spring so far, and this being only my second riding season I'm absolutely going nuts wanting to ride! So, my question is for all you fellow northerners out there; how warm does it have to be before you ride? And what kind of gear do you wear for cold weather riding? I've only been out a few times this season when the temps got over 55 degrees, because besides my leather jacket I don't really have any gear for cold rides. What are the must-haves for riding in the cold windy north? I gotta get out there! :)

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Apr 27, 2011
Cold Weather Riding
by: Sandy

This year I rode all winter. I bought Dickies bibs and coat at Walmart and ski gloves and silk long underwear. That was good into the teens as long as there was no snow it seemed to be enough.

Apr 26, 2011
Cold Weather Riding
by: Anonymous

I live in the Pacific Northwest. It is cold, damp and rainy and it snows.

Heated grips and or gloves are a very important if u ride in the cold. You can wear a good pair of long underwear or can get some very good cold weather riding gear. I have a leather jacket and also a jacket for cold weather riding. I have my lined motorcycle pants and the liner is removable.

You can get a buff (google buffs) to wear under your helmet for x-tra warmth. I knit wool sweaters and wear them under my jacket and a nice wool scarf. Very toasty. Almost too warm when I have to go to the store.

If you go to motorcycle shows there are alot of vendors and you can find some clothing at decent prices. We have many motorcycle stores that sell gear for both men and women .

I also wear a pair of Uggs (boots) that are good to minus temperatures and you don't even need socks. Plus they are comfortable to walk in after you ride.

I think keeping your core warm is very important so a heated vest or a good cold weather riding jacket is very important.

I also have hand guards to protect my hands and they help.

Tourtech sells them on line. It takes a while to accumulate and to afford all this gear but once you have it you will be riding more in the cold weather. When it is clear and dry but cold it is very nice to ride. Just be warm and you can stay alert on the roads very important.

Keep on riding!

Apr 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the advice! I must sound kind of whimpy, to all of you who ride in 15 to 35 degree weather! :) The amount of snow we get up here, there's NO way I could ride all winter even if I wanted to! Snow, salt, slush...you name it, the streets are full of it! I am going to take your advice and layer up and get out there though...as soon as it stops raining! I'm also investing in some chaps and warmer gloves. I only have half- and 3/4 helmets though, so I'll need to get something for my face and neck. Hopefully the weather will break soon. I don't relish riding in the rain, that's for sure! Thanks again!

Apr 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

We are in central Illinois and we ride to work everyday, even in the winter. The coldest that I've gone to work is 15 degrees. I go about 10 miles. My husband rides 25 miles to work. He has heated clothes and wears two neckies and bid snowsuits. A face shield is a must or full face helmet. A windshield on your bike makes a big difference, too. I just wear my chaps. I don't fool with my heated clothes for 10 miles too much work hooking them up. Just wear a thin cheap pair cotton gloves under my gauntlet gloves.

Apr 26, 2011
Cold Weather Clothing
by: Leg Over Outfitters

Leather, layers, chaps and layers! Heated gloves.

We are from Florida and even when it drops to 35 degrees in North Central Florida, we still think it's warm as we are in Florida! Since then, My friend and I created, designed and came up with a material to keep you warm when you need it and cool when it's hot! Bamboo and organic cotton. Took two years to get it right. Our shirts help insulate the cold under your leathers with natural warmth and softness. They help in hot weather when you sweat wicking all the moisture away and are Natural antibacterial! We have tested these to the max. At Daytona Bike fest they were selling like crazy and even the guys wanted them. Start with our over sized scarf that wraps around your head, neck, or just leave loose inside your jacket. We are getting orders from all over the world!~ Check us out and these products will help with the cold for sure!


Lynn & Pat designers and owners. Clothing for women lady riders.

Apr 25, 2011
GoGo Gear All the Way
by: Madeline

I am from Massachusetts and now able to ride in weather as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I used to wear leather and it never worked, I was always cold even with tons of layers. Last year I learned about GoGoGearLa.com and bought the military jacket for cold weather. This weekend I rode 650 miles in cold weather and rain. The material on this jacket is amazing. I also got the neck warmer and gloves.

For my hands, I have my Bonnie with heated grips and if you can add them to your bike, it is will be the best purchase you can invest on your bike. My Ducati does not have heated grips but I use surgical gloves under my cold weather riding gloves and as weird as it may sound, it helps keep my hands a little warmer.

Apr 25, 2011
From Chicago!
by: veronica

In Chicago, I think we are suffering from the same syndrome of cold weather. I have ridden in 50 degrees and I paid for it with a sinus headache and congestion. Now, I ride in 60 degrees or above but not in the rain. (I also had an accident on slick roads while it was drizzling) I heard carrying newspaper with you will help in insulating your body if you are caught off guard. I too layer my clothes no matter the weather. I always wear a scarf even in 80 degrees. My advice? Just put on as much as possible, carry a backpack and you can always 'strip' if it gets warmer.

Can't wait till the weather stabilizes either!

This sucks!


Apr 25, 2011
Cold Weather
by: Michelle

I am in Illinois and have gotten out there in 40 degrees earlier this year (clear day) - don't like riding in cold and rainy much.

I have collected some base layer cold weather gear over the past year from Eddie Bauer that has kept me very toasty. Layer a sweat shirt over that, then leather jacket and pants. Thick winter specific gloves (the ones I have seem to make my hands sweat if it is above 50) and thick winter hiking socks. I also have two different pairs of boots (one which are clunkier but warmer for winter and one pair that are ventilated for those hot days).

Hope that helps!

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