Classy make-over...and no bags!

by Kim

Hi Ladies,

I completed what I set out to do. Took several courses, got my license, practiced for couple months on a 250 virago and worked my way up to my lilac colored Yamaha 650 V Star.

I made the pretty bike into what I wanted.. more a "me" bike...

I changed out the pipes for a deeper throatier rumble and better performance,  added chrome, removed passenger seat & added back rack, added forward tilt risers and clock, lowered windshield.


•Looks darn sexy....
•Lighter weight
•Personalized to me.....


•Cost quite a bit more than expected (installation-tech time)
•No where to put toothbrush (didn't know saddlebags wouldn't stay)
•Throaty sound can have loud bark

I went on a ride with a couple ladies and they said the bike was too loud. The pipes are Vance & Hines made for the model bike. I took it back to the shop and the folks in the shop said the bike had a real nice sound and my "friends" were being woosey....??

My question to you ladies:

What about carrying bags for stuff, road trip? Water? What can I do to make my classy bike still look as she does, when carrying stuff? It seems crazy to buy another set of bags that will fit this bike, as it is.

I am wondering what ladies use if they do not have saddle bags? It didn't really occur to me that the saddlebags that were on the passenger seat rack would be removed and unusable due to the sissy bar back rest being removed. The model is a Silverado.

And...what of the "throaty" sound of my new pipes and my ladies complaints? I feel a bit embarrassed, but I wanted more sound than the stock pipes. What I loved in other bikes seems disgraceful in mine??

Looking forward to hearing your replies.

Warm regards,


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Aug 01, 2010
Saddlebags and Pipes
by: Robin C


I ride a V Star 650 Classic and have also made her over into MY bike. I do have saddlebags, but modified them so I could bolt on a set that were supposed to be throwovers. They are worth their weight in gold on all day rides, and there are some very classy, stylish and flat out HOT bags out there that will not detract from your bikes look. Get the supports and mount them, you will not be sorry when you leave the house at 50 degrees with your leathers on and it warms up to 85 midday! Or stopping at a store and having somewhere to put that cool new whatever you just bought...and rain gear..I don't leave home without it. In the meantime, look at windshield bags. Perfect spot for that toothbrush, chapstick, a small tube of sunscreen etc. I run with Bub Big Willys on my bike, love the sound, love the look, and to me that's what counts. If you like your pipes and the sound it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Bottom line is it is YOUR bike, and YOUR ride. Have fun, the V* 650 is an awesome bike!

Jun 28, 2010
Classy Bike
by: Lynn - SW Florida

What about some classy looking hard bags painted to match your bike? They can look sleek and sexy if you buy the right kind. My used bike (VStar 1100) came with Cobra pipes. They are also barky and loud and I plan on trying to wrap the baffles before I spend the money changing them. Check as you may be able to baffle your V&H pipes a bit more.

Jun 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Kim, if you like the pipes you got on now, don't change them for no one. Build your bike the way you like it.

Jun 27, 2010
Classy Make-Over
by: Rocco

I put a soft cloth to protect the paint on the fender, a piece of leather, then the flat part of the saddle bags, and then the fender rack. It looked really good! I had Vance and Hines on that same bike, a V-Star 650, and they were awesome! Those girls are being woosey for sure.....sorry girls...Sometimes girls can be a little jealous too you know...

Jun 27, 2010
Hines Pipes???
by: Anonymous

Hi girl, my girlfriend and I both own and ride our own VStar 650 Classics. Hers has the Vance & Hines pipes, mine does not (mine is stock). I dislike riding behind her because of the "Barky" high pitched loud sound her pipes make.

Our Simple cure: I always lead the way - that way I don't have to hear her pipes... and she does not mind following me because she is not as familiar with the roads around town as I am. It works out fine for us.

Bottom line is - If you like the sound, KEEP 'EM. If not, consider putting some stock pipes on your bike and removing or modifying the baffles. A good motorcycle mechanic may have some suggestions on how to do that. Happy Riding, and enjoy your sweet ride!!!

Jun 27, 2010
Tank bag?
by: Linda in OZ

Looks sweet. What about a tank bag? can get good magnetic ones now that are non-scratch. What about throw over soft style saddle bags, the ones that don't need a frame. Back Pack?

I love the rumble note on my own bike. If you like the note and loudness that's what you should stay with.

Have fun.

Jun 27, 2010
Bike Makeover
by: Anonymous

I personally love the louder pipes. Wouldn't change them. Maybe a fork bag or windshield bag would help a little.

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