Choosing the Bike

by Emma
(Texas Hill Country)

I am a new rider, I took the Motorcycle Safety Class beginning of this year, got my license and bought my first bike a Yamaha Virago 250. I have put 3,000 miles on it with the longest ride a little over 200 miles in a day. I plan to make several long weekend rides with approx 500 mile distance: What was the deciding factor for you ladies in going to a bigger bike and what can I expect from a bigger bike is it more speed, more options, more comfort, more weight, what??? I would love to know how and why you decided on the bike you now have.

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Jul 01, 2010
My bike found ME!
by: Sandra

I bought my bike - then took the MSF course; husband had his HD Heritage (1100cc) all picked out and waiting for him (a friend was selling it); I thought I'd get one, too! $$$ Always loved the cruiser style, so I started researching and found there are MANY options out there - it's a very personal decision.

I absolutely LOVE Suzuki - fuel injection so I don't have to mess w/fuel toggle & reserve. I took MSF on a Suzuki TU250; my ride is Suzuki Boulevard C50T (800 cc) weighing in at about 600 pounds. I'm a farm girl, and although I don't see myself as huge, I'm also not petite - I'm built low and solid. LOL

I've been told by some that I have too much power (I can take the Harley's from a dead stop - but don't - or so the HD boys tell me); I dumped her on our maiden voyage - afraid to turn out of driveway; panicked and gunned the throttle; shot across the street and laid down in neighbor's yard!! THEN went to MSF courses...

But I have not had a bad ride since then. A heavier bike will deliver a steadier ride on the highway; but backing into a parking space at the restaurant may be a work-out for the little ladies. I'm still afraid to lean her properly (I've got about 300 miles saddle time in), but that's what I work on during my rides now.

Sit on it; flat feet is a good thing! Back it up; it won't get much harder than that for you (the big Honda's have a reverse gear - just FYI!) Do your homework - when the right bike comes along at the right price, you'll know it.

Keep the shiny side up!

Jun 06, 2010
Upgrading to a 650 Soon
by: Anonymous

I too have been riding a 250 Virago since March and did take a couple courses and passed my skills test and road test on the Virago.

I practiced a lot in parking lots and did my skills over and over until I was super comfortable with the virago before each ride out on the road.

The only real reason for me to move up in size is that on the highway, doing highway speeds, the bike really seems like it isn't too steady, and it is terrible in a big wind on the highway.

The other reason is that the Virago takes up such little space in a lane, and the car drivers just don't give respect and try to push you over. I think it is harder for motor vehicles to see motorcyclists on small bikes and that is really a serious enough reason for me to move up.

I am not overly enjoying moving up to my 650 V Star, which is the next size up. I find the weight a bit more of a struggle but I am very very new rookie, so I am taking my time.

Keep riding..and smiling!


Jun 04, 2010
Choice of Bike
by: Judith

I originally thought I would get a 250 as well. As luck would have it, I found a 650cc Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe. Most of the people I talked to said riding the 250 helps you get comfortable riding and some people prefer that size. Now that I am getting comfortable on my bike a little each day, I am happy with the size. Maybe in a few years I may trade up but right now I am doing fine on what I have. You have done much more than I have on your bike. I took the MSP in 9/09. Just bought my bike in March. I took a few individual lessons with a guy who gives lessons after dumping the bike when I was with my husband and son in a parking lot. His teaching bike was a 250 and we basically went over what we did in the MSP class. I just think it is your preference in what you ride. Most of the people I know who ride said I would get tired of a 250 once I really felt comfortable on the bike, usually within a few months. Like I said, I have just enough power to get up and go and not enough to get myself in trouble.

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