Checking Off My Bucket List!

by Debby
(Louisiana, USA)

Never to Late to Learn to Ride!

Never to Late to Learn to Ride!

At this mid-point in my life I felt it was time to begin checking off items in my "bucket list". Even though I feel 25 at heart, the reality is that I am not. I have always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. Funny thing...no one wants to loan you theirs to learn! Now I've ridden horses, ATV's and I love fast sports cars! But this is a whole new arena! So...for my recent 48th birthday, my sweet hubby bought me a 2008 Johnny Pag Spyder. This is a light bike (only 360lbs.) with a water-cooled 300cc engine. Just enough speed to keep me in check! Ahhh, the perfect girl bike!

I am scheduled to take the Rider's Edge class in a couple of weeks at our local Harley shop. I believe you're never too old to learn!

Yes, my hubby is sweet, thoughtful and generous. But there is always a method to a man's madness. He is currently looking for the perfect Harley for himself!

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Jan 21, 2018
never too old NEW
by: Festus

Yes its my bucket lists. Something to share pictures of me to my future grandchildren. My niece's and nephew think they have a cool old Aunt. Yes at 52 bought my first bike. Honda Aero 750. Much heavier than I thought but I'm determined to concur the weight. My 12 yr old daughter thinks I'm nuts. I've had class learned alot just chicken to go to DMV till Im more secure with weight.

Feb 25, 2016
Bucket Lists ..Never Too Late NEW
by: Fl. Windsister

Ladies... If you have always wanted to ride and you think you might be a bit too old to start don't let that stop you. There is a woman in my town that was 79 when she took her course and past. She is still riding. What an inspiration she is. She got a letter from the state of Fl. Stating she was the oldest female to take , pass and be issued a license. She could be an inspiration to us all. I was in my 60's when t got my license. So ,if you have the desire to ride, just get get out there and do it. If you don't you will miss out on a lot of fun and always regret it. I am 75 yrs. young now and still riding and enjoying life. If you are a late bloomer, come join us on the road. We will welcome you there..

Jan 28, 2016
I Learned To Ride at Age 59! NEW
by: Fleda

I learned to ride after a lifetime of saying I hated motorcycles! My husband finally bought his first Harley when I was 59 and it was beautiful. Before we even got it home, I wanted to ride on it. I went for rides as a passenger and, because of some physical conditions my husband had, I knew I needed to ride my own. I took the local class here in Idaho, got my first bike - a Burgman 400 - rode that for 3 months and got my first Harley for my 60th birthday. I put thousands of miles on it and traded for a Softail Slim which I love.

I would bet that, after taking the course - you took OFF! You look like a lady who is ready to ride and never be held back again! Congratulations, stay safe, ride for the joy that it brings.

May 11, 2009
by: Djsmith

I appreciate most of what you said, and also checked learning to ride off my list, but "just enough speed to keep me in check" sounds like your still stifling yourself. Let go! It's a neat looking bike, but girls don't need to be kept in check....hopefully I'm just reading too much into it.

Apr 18, 2009
by: KMac

Amazing story and that bike is so hot!!! I'm 45 and this time last year was tallying my own bucket list. Learning to ride is of course at the top of my list. This year I finally got up the nerve to sign up for the ABATE (MSF) class---lots of folks want to learn to ride so I can't attend until mid-June. I like sport bikes, so purchased a nice older model Suzuki Katana that has been lowered and stretched. My cousin (a Harley man) is painting it for me to spruce it up (it already runs GREAT...). Yesterday I took my first ride on my cousin's bike (Harley softail) for a private preview of riding. What an experience!!! I can't wait until my bike is put back together and I can attend my class and get all endorsed up! I hate that I waited so late in life to muster the courage to get started, but glad I finally am on my way.

Mar 06, 2009
Yamaha 650
by: Anonymous

Well, ladies, I have you all beat...in age that is. After a very long dry spell of not riding, I started riding again about 5 years ago, I am now 59 years old. It is great...I just love it. My husband and I and another couple are planning a rode trip this summer to Yellowstone (from Memphis, TN). I ride a Yamaha Vstar 650 Custom.
Keep safe.

Feb 05, 2009
Thanks Debby!
by: Bridgett

I love your honesty! I too took the class last weekend (not the riders edge but the local safety class, and the test will take the place of the DMV class).

I was a nervous wreck! It was harder than I thought it would be. I thought I maybe should not be riding, but in reading about others experiences, I realize the class was a start for me, I had no experience and now, I can go and really learn to ride!

I am glad you didn't hurt yourself! That is what is great about the classes, that is where you want to take your first tumble or make the mistakes we all can make when learning. Please keep us posted on your future experiences!


Feb 04, 2009
Got my endorsement today! :)
by: Debby

I completed the Rider's Edge class at our local Harley Davidson over the weekend. I only crashed their bike twice!:) Better theirs than mine! It was great fun and VERY informative. I would advise ANYONE to take this class or something similar before beginning to ride!

Here in Louisiana if you take the course and get your MSF card, you are not required by DMV to do the riding portion of the test to get your endorsement. I am now able to ride on side streets around my neighborhood until I am comfortable in my abilities and my bike! The open road will come soon enough. After all, I need to let my current bruises heal a bit!

Thank you all for your encouragement! It's not easy to learn something like this at middle-age, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE! And oh the fun we will have!

After all..."Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming----WHEW---WHAT A RIDE!

Until then...ride safely all my fellow motorcycle mamas!

Jan 25, 2009
Mid Life Ladies :-)
by: Bridgett

I am cracking up and oh so comforted to see all you ladies at my age going thru the same feeling. I posted on "Her Moto Talk" about being 48 and wanting my own bike. I have always been content letting my hubby be in control of running our recreation. But I just want to have something of my own now! I just want to say, how blessed are we as women, that we live in a land and time where we really can pursue our dreams!

I don't feel it is a midlife crisis, but a midlife awakening! That is a hot looking bike! And you don't look your age! So why act it? LOL

Ride on ladies!


Jan 22, 2009
Never Too Late!
by: Lynn (Florida)

At 51 I decided I had to get back on a bike. (raced motocross as a younger woman) After taking the motorcycle safety class, there was no turning back. I am the proud owner of a 2007 Triumph Bonneville and love it! Living in Florida, I can ride nearly year-round. On Any Sunday!

Jan 21, 2009
Bucket List
by: kenberlyc

You go girl! I started riding 2 years ago, and I must tell you, there is nothing like it. The sense of empowerment and freedom is exhilarating. Good luck and be safe!

Jan 16, 2009
Great Bike
by: lizz1958

I was 49 last year when I started riding. Don't know what took me so long, but I ride every chance I get now. Love it, keep it up and enjoy the new ride Debby.


Jan 16, 2009
Join the Ranks
by: gina

Hey you are one lucky gal what a wicked bike :)
I started riding this last year at the age of 48 and it is now such a part of me, I really can't imagine now not riding. I was not as lucky as you to get such a bike but (I own a Honda Rebel). I know it does not even compare but as I heard said, it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you ride.

Jan 16, 2009
Bucket List
by: Doreen (Quincy)

You must keep the same list as I, I am 47 and have always wanted to to do the same thing. So before I even took the riders course I purchased a new Honda Shadow 600, still getting used to it but loving every minute. It is in storage for the winter now it is very cold here in Mass. can't wait for the spring. Have fun!

Jan 15, 2009
Awesome Bike!
by: Marc

That is a very nice bike and you are a lucky lady! But as you mentioned, there may be an ulterior motive underlying somewhere...I have used similar tactics myself :)

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