Chaps vs "other" types of cold weather pants

by Tracie
(Petersburg, IL )

I need some advice... I live in Illinois and it's starting to cool down. I've been riding my bike to work (25 mile one way) and the route I take has me going 55 - 60 mph. I've been wearing long johns under my jeans but have accepted the fact that I NEED some sort of outer pants. I just can't see myself in chaps.. I know there are some folks who pull off that look and look fabulous.. I, personally don't see myself in chaps. What are some of the other types of pants you like for cold weather riding??

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Oct 21, 2011
Heated pants
by: Browner

I'm in Alberta Canada, it's just starting to get really cold. I have a heated jacket and gloves that I wear under my leather jacket. I wear chaps, but they have heated pants also. You connect to your battery. Toasty warm!

Oct 05, 2011
Chaps won...
by: Tracie

SO my boyfriend tricked me... a few days after this post he told me he found a pair of chaps for himself... he coaxed me into trying them on and then told me they were never for him.. they were for me.. I was a little resistent, but wanted to ride to work the next day and it was 50 degrees, so I tried the chaps.. it was AMAZING how much warmer I was than the time before... I still kinda feel like a tool, and I take them off the second I get to work.. but Im a believer in the power of the chaps!!! LOL

Sep 27, 2011
cold weather riding
by: Sharon NY

I wear force field climate control tornado pants under my jeans in cold weather riding. I found them online at cruisercustomizing.com They're a bit pricey but well worth it. I can ride at 55-60 MPH in 50 degree weather and not feel any cold on my legs. watch the sizing.. they shrink after washing

Sep 27, 2011
Pants or chaps
by: Anonymous

I put on a pair of thick insulated socks on and a pair of fleece lined jeans or pants over my uniforms pants. I take the jeans off when I get to work without having to take my shoes off. I get the flannel or fleece lined jeans at Pro Bass or hunting sportings co. You will have to try them on over your pants first before buying them.

Sep 26, 2011
Cheap chaps worth "giving a try"
by: Angie

Like you, I didn't feel like I was the "chaps" type, but had heard so much positive talk about them, such as: warmth, protection if you go down, and easy on/off. Through another motorcycle forum, I learned about some very inexpensive chaps that also got rave reviews by those who had bought them. The website is www.jafrum.com. Cheapest pair, which is what I bought, are $34. I actually wore them for the first time yesterday and they were fabulous!!! The best part is, I was able to use them in the morning and then easily slip them off after it warmed up. Otherwise, when you wear long-underwear under your jeans, you're stuck with them on all day long, or you're faced with going into some gas station bathroom: take off your shoes, socks, long underwear, and jeans all while balancing on one bare-foot at a time, then put your jeans, socks and shoes back on. Neither option is appealing. And for $34 (plus tax and shipping), if you don't end up liking them, you're not out that much.

Sep 24, 2011
Chaps just won't do it!
by: Dawn from WI

Meghan, in this climate, the only thing I've found that works, are full leather bibs. Just back from the Tomahawk, WI Fall Ride and I can honestly say I was 'almost' comfortable.

I bought my at Stone Lake Leatherworks. I'm not sure if they still have a website, but the address was: stonelakeleatherworks.com

Hope this helps.

Sep 24, 2011
Chaps Good
by: Meghan

I felt the same way you do about chaps, but I finally broke down and bought some last year and wore them for the first time to work yesterday (I too go one way 25 miles). It was nice. I was still chilly on my hips, but all in all, much better ride then the day before. And when I got to work, the good thing about my chaps, I was able to unzip there in the parking lot, so my personal "what are people gonna think" didn't cross my mind.... give them a try!

Sep 23, 2011
dont worry so much!
by: sassy2731

If I were you I would not be worrying so much about what you look like as much as worrying about how warm you are while riding. If you don't stay warm enough then you will be in trouble. I wear whatever is comfortable and warm. To heck with what everyone else thinks.

Sep 23, 2011
by: Wanda

Check out the Olympia ProMax 2 overpants. They are awesome! For summertime, I like the Olympia Airglide 3 overpants.

Sep 23, 2011
by: Lois

I have a pair of leather overpants made to go over your regular jeans they zip up the outside of the leg to the waist easy on and off for commuting to work.

Sep 23, 2011
cold weather
by: Rose

My self i wear panty hose under my jeans and then my chaps or what ever you decide to wear. They are tight and block the air keeping your legs warm and toasty. Works for me, my hubby and i went cross country and i had no problem staying warm....try it and see if it works for you. Good Luck

Sep 23, 2011
by: Yvonne - NC

I've tried the "long johns", don't care for them and they don't block the wind at all. I use the chaps, they block the wind and dampness, easy to put on and off. I find them very comfortable.

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