Camping Motorcycle, no motels..?

by Jill

I live In canada, Toronto. and wanted to start chatting about traveling here, not just USA or Europe. for us, in either ontario,or other provinces.. Womyn of course...
Im planning to just pic up and go this July and most of Aug, and see how i can manage again. trying def not to go to any motels, as im on a budget anyway, so, i prob can't. i want only to spend gas money on this trip, and odd coffee. or camp sites.. im prob travelling alone again, packing a bit more this time, as im going longer than last yr. will have knap sack, tank bag, more not buy any!!! cooking stuff, like homemade popcacn stoves, and tinfoil bowls, gps, walkie talkies, as no cell service many places in deep woods. a compass, and warmer sweaters. night time coldness. and extra 12 volt battery, for led stip (white) light, and to charge up my gps, mp3, and cell phone. with a car battery charger i learnd to make, when no plugs around.
I went north west last yr, and juat went. no plans just rode.
End of july is my plan to leave here, and ride... who else is just riding? anywhere to nowhere, but ending up somewhere? canada or other?

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Jun 16, 2014
love your plans
by: Susan

Dear Jill,
Your plans sound like what I have been dreamng up in my mind to do this August, no real destination just a direction and the gear and go.I am from kingston central area and ride every time I can when I have days off. I will look forward to hearing about your adventures if you write about it for sure. My hope for summer 2015 is a larger bike and a trip west accross our beautiful country in August. happy trails ans safe riding!

Mar 21, 2013
stove camping.
by: J

hey i saw that stove!! cool def will look into it. but 100.not sure i can afford it right now.. hmm.
i took your eamil sent u msg. we can ride for sure. soon i hope. im riding my elctric scootr til then.gets me downtown on one charge.. lol.
ok talk soon..
thanks again anyone eles, check the link. cool invention!!!!

Mar 21, 2013
Best tool you could ever bring with you ..
by: Anonymous

Hi There

I read your post and boy are you in for some serious fun :)

I would like to make a suggestion that might save you some frustration with that whole extra battery thing.


I really hope links are welcome here. I dont work for the company or anything like that .. but if you notice .. you can charge your phone with the usb cord and have a fire for cooking ... or even if you happen to encounter a fire ban ... trust me I love my little stove/charger ... it's the best 100 bucks I have ever spent... you can even charge your gps on this usb plug in ... trust me you will love it!

Anyways, enough ramble ... I had to stop by the site and take a look around because I am patiently awaiting my first bike (I had a 400cc scooter before .. which is RIP) ... the honda cb500f .. which is due in dealerships the first week of April ... so can't wait!!

cfmthompson@gmail.com if you want to contact me .. I'd be up for some rides either day long or a weekend type thing .. I live in Scarborough so not too far away at all :)

Feb 08, 2013
by: Missrider

Hi Jill,

Will add my email to my website when I have time. Here it is: MMV11@VERIZON.NET

Had a snow day off from work. The luxury of being a poor teacher, getting snow days - LOL! We are expected to receive a few feet of snow.

What would we do without Her Motorcycle website. I have met a few female riders here.


Feb 08, 2013
Motorcycle, campimg, no motels...
by: Jill

hey Madelene!! i got your msg, but no email there. and if u are like here, we have major snow storm, havent had one like this in prob 10 yrs! lol. last yr we had nothing!!come one spring. ok, so i can try to track u in april..if u get to toronto by July? msg me, i can send u my email. im thinking of heading to wawa again, off the main roads. will have gps! and compas.. to help a bit. and to the other lady, lol hotel motelers!!! shame one you. kidding.. if u have the money... i dont.. for gas and maybe emerg... I work for myself, when i can, so i can do what i want, even if im broke!! but have my bike!!! i just winged the camping..made a fire no issues, gathered wood all that day for night time... but being mixed with some native helps? lol.maybe u motelers can meet me and camp out one night! try a campsite near u...first?

Feb 08, 2013
camping motorcycle no hotels
by: Missrider

Hello Jill,
Please try to get in touch with me via


I am planning to learn how to camp during my motorcycle travels. I invested in all NEMO gear and looking forward to the warm weather. I will be riding to Newfoundland first few weeks in July then off to ride anywhere. On my site I mapped out a ride around the Great Lakes but my plans are flexible, actually looking for places to ride the last week in July into 2 weeks into August. I ride a Triumph Bonneville and cannot find the right knobby tires to go off road, but still willing to figure things out with the bike. I want to learn how to camp as my passion to riding my motorcycle extreme distances is getting expensive. I live near Boston Massachusetts USA.
Visit my site, I have all my contact information posted there, looking forward to hearing from you.

Madeleine (aka - Missrider)

Feb 07, 2013
by: Katie

Hi there
I am from just outside of Guelph so not too far from you. Your trip sounds interesting. My husband and I both ride but we do not camp LOL we are the motel kind of bikers. That is great you can get so much time off work!

We are thinking of maybe heading to Atlanta this summer for 10 days

Enjoy your planning and camping


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