Brand new rider

by Elaine
(Pembroke Pines, Florida)

Hi everyone,
I just got my motorcycle endorsement yesterday (Wednesday)!I purchased a 750 Honda Shadow on Friday. I was so excited after sucsessfully finishing my class. As soon as I got home I started up my new Bike and took it for a few spins around the block. I did love the feeling but at the same time, I was scared, the power and weight compared to the 250 I trained on was huge. Will the fear ever go away? How long before I get use to the weight and power difference? When I was training on the 250 it only took about 30 minutes before I was comfortable on it, by the second day I was puttin around like it was second nature and just wanted to take off faster. The feeling was a bit different on my 750.


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Aug 18, 2012
Started on an 800 Vulcan
by: Randi Z

My first bike was a Vulcan 800. I bought it before I had my license and my friend rode it and took it to his house. Right after I got my endorsement, I rode my first 50 miles on that bike in his parking lot. Then he rode it home for me. I did the next 85 miles just around my neighborhood, never leaving 3rd gear. Once I was ready to hit the highway, I never looked back.

Do it in your own time in your own way. Take the next level MSF class with your own bike as soon as you can. Something I learned in my MSF class saves my life every time I get on the road.

Have fun!

Aug 17, 2012
Me & my shadow
by: Anonymous

I have a 750 Shadow, and I was not expecting it to be as "front" heavy as it is. Getting used to steering, especially around tight corners, was the hardest part. I like to think it keeps my arms in shape! :)

You may come to appreciate the power the way that I do. Riding a cruiser is like sitting on a cloud; this bike has spoiled me! The bike is my new bestfriend -- it's reliable and dependable, and I trust it.

Fear is just a thing. My advice is, don't be afraid of your bike -- but always repect it.

Aug 17, 2012
New Rider
by: Pammie

I learned on the 125s they had in the class. They had the 250s but I wanted to be sure I could handle the bike first. Then I bought a GZ250. Yes it is smaller and I sound like a fly buzzing by....BUT....it is my size. I feel really comfortable on my bike. My feet fit flat on the ground. I can even lift it up. (I dumped it in the garage. Sure glad nobody saw me! )So maybe I could handle a bigger bike but for now, I like what I have and doubt that I will ever go bigger.

Aug 17, 2012
A little short of comfort = a little more aware
by: Lexxia

Congratulations Elaine! Awesome that you are jumping right on to your bike like this. I was almost a full year before I finally got my bike, so I look up to anyone has that added advantage of going from the course to the road all in the same year...let alone same week :)

I own a Honda Shadow 750. She's a 1985 but runs beautifully, handles like a sweetheart. When my husband first told me he was going to drive over 2 hours to pick the bike up, I tried to talk him out of buying it. I wanted it but I didn't. I sometimes tend not to see the strengths in me that he does. He kept telling me that if I could ride his (a 650 Suzuki), I could ride the Shadow. Turns out he was right.

That said though, I personally prefer to have just a little bit of edginess - it tends to keep me mindful and hopefully alert, to as much as possible going on around me when I'm out on runs.

You will get comfy, no doubt about that. The more you ride, the more you ride. You'll also get to know your bike a lot better and as you do, you'll find it "fitting" you better and better, every ride.

All the best, Elaine. Enjoy the wind, love the ride and respect the road.


Aug 17, 2012
brand new rider
by: Lydia

I started out on a yamaha 650, and rode around in my neighborhood working on skills that I needed out on the road and not just in a parking lot. The first time I had to actually make a turn from a stop sign was a little shaky. Practice stopping and starting, practice on slight inclines. Practice pushing your turn signal and then pushing it off after a turn..All those things will come natural to you after awhile. But one big giveaway of a new rider is to see them going down the highway with their turn signal blinking and they have no idea. Don't be surprised if you forget to push in your clutch when starting the bike and lunge forward and almost knock yourself out... LOL... I am speaking from experience of course. Your bike will seem huge at first but withing a few months you and the bike will become one. I have been riding for about ten years now and love it every minute. I did graduate to a Harley Davidson Heritage and so appreciate my automatic shutoff on my turn signal.. Good luck..

Aug 17, 2012
Hello Elaine!
by: Anonymous

Congrats on your new bike! After my course, my fiance wanted me to step up from the bikes I had used in the course. I just knew I wasn't ready for that! Like you, I felt the weight was intimidating. Anyway, I ended up driving a little Buell Blast for a few months and then stepped up only a tiny tiny bit to a 550 Verigo. Honestly, I like the size and because I am a whopping 5 foot tall...I will probably never jump to the 750. My fiance would love to see me on a shadow or something with a little more power but I just know myself and how it feels to sit on one. My advice is: if you aren't feeling safe, comfortable and confident on it then sell and try something a little smaller. It's a bummer to go through the hassle but for me, feeling good was well worth my hunt.

Betty :)

Aug 17, 2012
Newbie too
by: Michelle

I got mine in april, started out on a 250. In three weeks I bought a Suzuki c50 (805).After about a week I was even more comfortable on the bigger bike. You feel less vibration, wind everything is smoother. Just stay with your comfort zone and practice after a few days you will be a pro at handling your new bike. I still get nervous before rides but relax completely once I get going. Good Luck!

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