Biker Buddy Women

by Melissa
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

Why are There Never Any Biker-Buddy Movies about Women?

If you talk about biker buddy movies, you start naming off male actors’ names. If there are women involved at all, they are the uptight, no nonsense and no fun wives who grumble and groan to their middle aged men until they ride off to recapture some sense of their former selves. Along the way, these men will go on a journey of self discovery, meeting beautiful, young chicks who test their resolve and eventually they go back to their homes, finding their wives all decked out in hot chick gear waiting to win them back. Where is the justice in any of that?

Where are the movies about a bunch of women who ride their bikes in search of some lightning bolt realization from above? No group of biking ladies has ever rode off after being misunderstood by their husbands- no group of women ever abandoned their families for a few weeks of self discovery and adventure, meeting odd characters and ogling luscious be-muscled hunks with waving blonde hair and perfectly straight, white teeth. Could you imagine the outrage if that was even suggested as a movie idea?

Women in movies are rarely given the ability to get themselves in some of the predicaments of the men; mainly because despite progress, so many of these decisions are being made by men. With as many women that are ruling the roost in their homes, so many riding their motorcycles and making high-powered decisions, it should be only a matter of time before the idea becomes more realistic.

Eventually, they will make one- a biker-buddy women starring women in the lead roles with men stuck as supporting characters. Let the guy be the uptight, fuss budget who worries that she does not have enough clean underwear or that she will forget to take her vitamins on the road. Let some young male actor parade around in some small costume serving as nothing but eye candy and comic relief. They could make several. One could feature the hottest young actresses of the day, learning how strong they are without a man and how sometimes all that you need is a group of good friends and a bike. One could be about the older women- recapturing part of their lost youth as they ride along on their bikes, dissecting their lives and where they might have gone wrong or what they have done right.

Hollywood will eventually catch on that women are sick of watching the guys get to be buddies while the gals are the love interest or worse, the voice of reason that brings everyone back to reality. Let the women be the impulsive ones for once and let the girls be the ones having all of the fun.

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Jul 09, 2010
by: Aili

Biker movies are about guys because they're easier to laugh at. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Jun 08, 2010
Women Biker Buddies
by: Anonymous

If you go online you will discover that there are woman MC groups around your country. They are what you described without the Hollywood. Have you seen the movie GI Joe? The redhead in the movie has a great bike scene. Good luck in your dream. Cheers

Mar 18, 2010
Riding in the Front
by: Destini

What a great idea. I think it would be the best movie in a very long time. Hollywood better get on board soon. We are done taking the back seat to men. Let's ride.

Mar 12, 2010
Road to Sturgis
by: Alystar Mckenneh

Hi, the film I am planning to shoot in Sturgis this year is just that. The lead is a woman biker who ends up in Sturgis and find herself.

I hope when it comes out next year, you will watch it!

Mar 08, 2010
Women Biker Movie
by: Lynn - SW FL

A couple years ago I saw a PBS type documentary about a several women bikers taking a cross-country ride together (maybe LA to Sturgis?) I found it very interesting because they rode different styles of bikes; a HD, a sport bike, etc. I had not gotten back into biking yet and it made me long for the open road.

Mar 07, 2010
Biker Buddies
by: Judy

You are on to something. Maybe an independent film maker would do a fantastic job at making such a movie. They must make sure that their are women bikers that are assisting in this movie.

We can also start a group of women right here that just might want to take off on such an adventure.

I am game.

Ural Tourist 05 (Irina)

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