Biggest Problem for Women Riders

by Bridgett

TIME! I have found that the biggest obstacle to riding is, as Women, we have so many balls in the air, kids, jobs, partners, grandkids, grocery's, household chores,etc...It is hard to find time for ourselves, time to ride! I am jonesing bad! I have been working alot because of losing a staff member, and my last kid at home is out of school for summer, just so busy, hard to find time to ride! Darn it! I don't typically see allot of guys worrying about what doesn't get done or who doesn't get taken care of if they choose a ride over chores or kids :-) Just my observation!

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Jul 19, 2009
Good Answers!
by: Bridgett

I realize it's all about priorities.

All I know is when I am able to ride, aaahh, it is the best! Took a nice ride Sat morning before it got too hot and it was great!

Yep, gonna have to be creative to find me time!
Thanks for all the support, great feedback.

Jul 17, 2009
Just Make Time!
by: Quicklimegirl

When you can, fit it in with other activities!

Designate a block of YOU TIME at least once a week...don't compromise on this...say, for instance 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon. Like someone else suggested, take the long way home from work....let someone else make dinner, or have a crock pot meal started from the night before cooked while everyone's sleeping. Get creative with time management.

Be happy you're physically capable of it. I'm typing one handed now, I had my thumb operated on 2 days ago...I haven't been able to ride since May due an odd type of arthritis. If I'm lucky I'll be able to ride again sometime around the end of September if there's any warm dry weather left!

It doesn't help that my favorite mountain road, which I never thought would fully reopen due to '07 snow pack washouts, was repaired and did so July 3rd!

Jul 17, 2009
Guys Too
by: Anonymous

It's not just a woman problem. Some of us men have a hard time finding the time to ride too!!!

But at least I'm off to ride the roads of WV next week!! What a beautiful state to see. Everyone should go up there.

Jul 17, 2009
Riding Everyday
by: Anonymous

I also ride to work most of the time. It's a 10 mile ride each way, and on the way home I take the long back way home :).

Whenever I go anywhere by myself I make sure I ride the bike. I put on a backpack with any stuff I need to bring and off I go.

I have a friend at work who considers herself a "recreational" rider. She only get's to ride once in awhile because she goes with a group on day long trips. That sounds nice, but my life doesn't give me time for that, so I just ride it in my daily life. It's working for now anyway. For the most part, I ride every day.

Jul 17, 2009
Biggest Problem for Women Riders
by: Anonymous

I ride to work and I ride all the time - I don't have a car. On the weekends I find time to ride but I am sure that some can't with kids and a husband. Kind of makes me happy I am single :)

When I do work I work 60 - 80 hours a week and on the weekends but Sundays are MINE - everyone else be damned.

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