by KO

I realize all of the advice says to start on a small motorcycle, like the 250CC bike from the MSF class. I don't really want to purchase two bikes. Do you think it is possible to develop the needed skills by taking additional beginner classes? (I passed and have my endorsement. I'm chopping at the bit to start practicing ... in empty parking lots, of course.)

Comments for Beginner

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Apr 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

On downshifting think 50 5th 40 4th 30 3rd 20 2nd 10 1st

Nov 01, 2011
Harley Low Rider - New Rider
by: Denise

Hi. I stumbled upon this website. Really enjoyed reading everything here.

I just bought a bike. I am a new rider. I took the 3 day course, got my license, bought a bike. I love my bike. Its beautiful. I got my bike monday (yesterday).

This morning i went around the block then home. I am still very nervous at times and fearful. I do not like this fear and I know I have to push past it.

I am grasping everything (controls, clutch, etc), its just I have a mental block on how to properly slow down my bike (downshifting). I want to learn the right way how to slow down by down shifting. Rather than coast with clutch disengaged, coasting to a stop, click click click down through gears into 1st at stop.

I think I am worried about shifting gears when engine is not at correct speed for gear chosen. I can up shift fine. Why does down shifting seem so much more challenging??? I think slowing to a stop or in traffic and having to slow down and be in the right gear is making me stressed about riding in traffic

Oct 27, 2011
My bike is
by: Kelly

A v star 650 classic. I too was told not to start out too small because I would want to get a bigger bike sooner than we could probaly afford to buy one.

So I did a lot of comparisons on weight, seat height, and chose the 650 because it fits me. I truly think that I will be happy with my choice for quite some time.

As for the motorcycle dealers? I got the " oh you are gonna want something bigger in no time, and you should have thought about that." How about you wish me well and welcome me to the mototcycle community, because I'm more apt to come back and talk to you if and when I'm ready to move up if you are nice and not condencending to me because you think I chose poorly.

Do what is right for you, that is the most important thing you can do.

Oct 26, 2011
Agree w/RandiZ
by: Denise

My bike is a Suzuki GSXR 750,and it's a 1998 model I agree 100% with Randi, don't buy a new bike for yur first bike. This bike has been laid down a couple of times, but still looks fine and works perfect for me. I bought a new car a few years ago and have sworn I'll never buy new again. The 4th time I rode my bike after MS class, I was down in traffic and all over the place. I feel really confident now. Be safe!

Oct 24, 2011
First bike
by: Robin C

For my first bike I purchased a used VSTAR 650 Classic. Love the bike, still happy with it 2 years and 14,000 miles later. Great bike to learn on for me, didn't have the "top heavy" feel that I experienced on the 250s in class. I love how low and balanced my bike is.

Oct 23, 2011
Beginner bike
by: Rachel

I think it depends on the bike. I took my MSF course overseas and they didn't provide one, so I had to rent it. Only one available was a Harley 1200 XR! Didn't like it for the course b/c the throttle was so "torque-y". But, I did fine on it. I just got my first bike and I picked a Harley 883 Iron Sportster. It's just a matter of taking your time and knowing *you* control the throttle. Learn the bike at your own pace in a parking lot or something and you should be fine.

Oct 23, 2011
No Beginner Bike for Me
by: RandiZ

My first bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan 800. A very forgiving bike. I was told early on that the throttle is in my hand not the bike. I did the first 50 miles on that bike in my friends parking lot in first gear. That was right for me. Can't say it is so for everyone.

I do recommend a used bike for a first bike because it is highly likely, though not a certainty, that you will drop it.

Sit on lots of bikes and figure out which one fits and speaks to you. Then practice, practice, practice.

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