Before and after pic's of my flattop haircut

by Lydie

Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words on my haircut. Tell me what you think about my before and after pic's

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Jul 08, 2018
Exciting news ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Well, thst is exciting news alright ! Comgratulations with your wife !
Encourage her and support her ! ! Keep us posted !
Soon your male friends will envy you !

Jul 07, 2018
victory NEW
by: Anonymous

Well after my post and a many hints from last post, my wife has decided that she will get the same look as yours. But much to my surprise she wants to add to the look with a surprise of her own. Initially Thought, hang on, but she said well if I'm going to to a radical makeover, why stop with a flat top. So straight after the haircut, she says she is getting a septum ring. At post mid life and both retired she said, what the hell, might even get these of her head tattooed.
I fear I may have unleashed a a monster but I will support her all the way. I love this complete turnaround and the commitment. will keep posted, who knows where this will end

Mar 19, 2018
love it NEW
by: Anonymous

would love it if my wife got this. i keep trying to convince her to go back to the buzz cut she had years ago, it looked fantastic on her. i would offer her to re visit the hairdressers regularly to keep it for a while

Nov 15, 2017
Female flattop, tattoos and permanent rings... NEW
by: Karole

Hi, I am Karole, I reported here a few years back.
I was thinking about a septum ring then. I have new boyfriend and he is an artist. He loves my sleeve tattoos and we decided to do me a neckring tattoo. It's wild ! He's nuts about it !
Two years ago I had my septum cut. They did not pierce me, but actually cut a little circle out of the soft part ! It took forever to heal up, I was sorry I ever had it done. My boyfriend had an angels patience with it and took good care of it, like it was a baby !
It healed up fine now and I have a real see-through hole now. He has a friend who made a special ring for me. When they put it in I could hear a click..., I cannot open it anymore ! It is there to stay forever ! Now he wants his friend to make more rings for my nipples and further down....
Is there anybody out there who has any advice for me ?

Feb 04, 2017
Beautiful Flattop haircut NEW
by: Anonymous

Love this, I wish my girlfriend would do a flattop haircut again. Your is sexy.

Nov 24, 2016
funny NEW
by: Anonymous

could have sworn these pictures were originally posted on a french haircut site years ago..your command of the english language is amazing

Jan 11, 2015
compliments !
by: floro

Dear Softtail.
My heartfelt compliments with your flattop haircut !
I am an aficionado of that cut on ladies !
I love it, my wife is sporting a flattop too now, since Xmas !!
My admiration ! We like to hear more from you !

Jan 08, 2015
by: H-D soft tail

Love the look on you, Lydia. Took off ten years....
This week, heart in my throat, I went to a guy's baber shop ane had the lady barber clip my short hair to a brush-back flat top. I love it ! I thought she'd try to talk me out of it, but her only comment was that I should realize I'd need to use reular product to make it stand up [true]. She then proceeded to buzz me, then do the top flat. Whew ! Exhiliratig. I plan to keep it for a while. And to heck with what people think--its my hair.

Jul 17, 2013
true lydie
by: Anonymous

i just have a question what's the true name of lydie since this picture is from a french site...t.lefaivre.free.fr

Apr 22, 2013
Any Pictures
by: Billy-ann

Do you have any picutres you can share? I would love to see the look on you. Lydie

Apr 14, 2013
Changed my mind.
by: Billy-Ann

My bf wanted to cut my hair into a flattop. I didn't want it. I had long hair all my life and was admired for it, women were jealous of me.
One day at a bikers party three women had their hair cut that way and I ended uo on the chair too...
Thechange was unbelievable! I hated to look in the mirror.
I thought it a terribly demeaning experience. But to my surprise after a few weeks I willingly had it cut again...
I like the comments, I like the looks, men give me on the street or in the supermarket.
I know, I'm flaunting my haircut!
And most of all I like my bf's reaction! Ha! He can't keep his hands off me...!
It will wear him out yet! And I love that reaction. I had never expected that. From now on I'll wear a flattop, it's well worth the minor negative consequences.
I am a petite woman of thirty and wear my haircut with pride now, it makes me feel so sexy1

Apr 12, 2013
Am I nuts, or what...?
by: Karole

Had my hair cut off last year into a militairy flattop ! All my long hair gone, I felt ridiculous, like a man...
Yet just the last few months I had my arms tattooed, shoulder to wrist on left. shoulder to fingers on right !
I have very ambivalent feelings about those tattoos.
They are well done and very beautiful..., but I am a WOMAN !!!
My man is crazy about them and that helps of course.
We are talking about more tattoos and a nose ring, right through my septum. I'll be more ridiculous yet. Maybe I am crazy.

Dec 29, 2012
Lydie Great flattop!
by: Anonymous

Hi Lydie great cut looks great! Do you still have it I have had my Flattop for a long time now and just bleached it white! It's hard to keep up but I like it because it stands out! I got the idea when I saw your RED Flattop !

Oct 05, 2012
i love your flattop
by: Anonymous

hello, i love your flattop, i hope you go on with it, you look very sexy, greetings from spain

Aug 17, 2012
Good look
by: Anonymous

Makes you look younger!

Jul 16, 2012
by: Lydie

I do still wear the same flat top cut everyone love it!! thanks Lydie

Jul 12, 2012
by: Rusty

So still sporting that wonderful look I hope! Reactions all positive?

Jun 23, 2012
by: Lydie

Hi Tony, are you on FB I would like to see your haircut. You should post some pictures and story of the cut on helment hair, good luck Lydie

Jun 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I keep my flattop much flatter and the corners sharp. I think that is exacrly what makes that hairccut so special.
It makes me look younger too even though I am under thirty yet!
Flattop Tony.

Feb 29, 2012
Good for you
by: Lydie

Crystal Pybas, I bet you look amazing with your flat top haircut. I love mine! I am keep it for many years to come. I would love to see a picture of you with your,Thanks Lydie

Feb 28, 2012
Yes yes yes!!!
by: Annabeth

I love your haircut! I am going to get mine cut like that for upcoming bike week in Daytona beach. I 46 and I think it look super. So cool I hope my boy friend will like it. Annabeth

Feb 26, 2012
no no no
by: Anonymous

go bye ladylike

Feb 24, 2012
i love your hairstyle
by: Anonymous


i love your hairstyle, next time you could make a real horseshoe flattop with landing stripe on top, you look awsome, verry sexy, i hope you go on, wish you all the best

Feb 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I like your flat. One suggestion from a sometimes flattoper guy (way shorter than yours), maybe have the "corners" rounded or beveled in a bit. A bit shorter, but way easier to care for. Good job on getting a flat and I wish more women did cause it is very hot!

Jan 04, 2012
I so love the look
by: Crystal Pybas

I have cut my hair several times just like this and once buzzed all over. Absolute confidence!

Oct 28, 2011
looks good
by: Heather

You look so good with your new haircut. Much younger looking.

Oct 21, 2011
I'm Next!
by: Kelly

Wow!! I love your haircut. I'm next when summer come back around

Oct 15, 2011
by: Beth - NC

I love your new haircut. You should 100% keep the Flattop haircut. Makes you looks younger, I bet when you pull up on your bike heads are turning. Husband wears a flattop he's been after me to get one for years. Now that I see how great you look maybe I will now. YOU ROCK IT FOR ALL OF US WOMEN!

Oct 14, 2011
Looking chic
by: DebS

Love the new do, it gives your face a different shape and does make you look younger.
I shaved my head 3 years ago for St. Baldricks. Loved it except my ears kept getting cold.
Rock the look lady, no more helmet hair.

Oct 13, 2011
by: kim Wlliams- Fl

I really like your haircut makes you look younger. You should keep it that way.

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