Becoming a Lady Rider

by Bridgett
(Roseville, CA USA)

Future Lady Rider

Future Lady Rider

I want to bring up the topic of buying a bike for a new rider. I am 48 and have been researching buying my own bike. My husband bought a brand new Heritage Softail 105th edition last year. I really enjoy riding on the back, but, yes, I really want my own...I think!

I am at the point in my life where I have been doing for everyone else, raising 3 kids and such. All our recreation is done at my husbands lead. We have a camper, a boat, and now a motorcycle. I am not able (allowed) to drive any of these items. My husband feels its a man thing! Really irritates me. So I feel a desire for some independence. I love riding so I thought a bike for me would be the ticket. I entertained other hobbies that I might like that are less expensive and are my own and just keep riding on the back, stuff like Kayaking, bicycling, etc...but nothing seems to float my boat like the thought of having my own bike. But I also wonder, is this because I feel I want to prove something to my hubby!? Like I can do what I darn well please! You are not my boss! Will I fail if I do get one? What if I get one and really don't like driving it and really do like being a passenger only (there are perks!) I am confused.

I was recently given a cash gift from a family member that would allow me to purchase a bike. I would take most of the money I received. I want to hang on to a few thousand so I only want to spend about $6,000.00. That leaves me with a sportser. I am fine with that, but I really want a 1200 not an 883. However, I must modify the handlebars, add a windshield and you know there are other modifications you must do to make it yours. That leaves me looking at an 883, I can find a decent used one for about $4,500.00 vs the min of $6,000 for a 1200 (at $6,00 this leaves me with no cash reserve for modificatons) My husband does not want me taking money out of our budget for this (of course it wasn't a problem when he wanted his bike! He has a bigger savings than me)
So feedback on starter bikes. I am a Harley Lover, all my gear is Harley gear, I have always ridden Harley's but in looking at bikes, I can get a really nice Honda cruiser or Yamaha V Star for a lot less money with a lot more comfort and all the upgrades I want! What is one to do! Please help me with your thoughts! I know many of you have been here before. Thanks in advance.

Bridgett Phillips

Comments for Becoming a Lady Rider

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Apr 28, 2009
by: Angie

I have an 86 Honda Shadow 700, and it's great. I'm 5'6 and a big girl so it has plenty of power for me, and it's very comfortable, and easy to put my feet down. It's very reliable as well. I hope that helps!

Mar 29, 2009
Your Class
by: Brycie

Have fun in the class learning to ride girl. I didn't start riding until I was 41 and I am 71 now, still riding and having a ball.

Jan 26, 2009
Buy Your Bike
by: Gina

We have chimed in about your getting a bike, we all share the passion of riding and I would agree that you should get what you like. I'm 48 started riding August 2008. I was not in the place to buy a big budget bike, I started out with a Honda Rebel 250, you may laugh but it is a great little bike and now after these few months, I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger bike. I think the V-Star is a beautiful bike, I saw one at a dealer under $4000.00 (had all the bells & whistles) but I think you should look at others till you find the one that makes your heart beat a bit faster (like love at first sight) :) Hope to hear back on what you buy and wish you the best. Please post back or email me. I would like to hear how the class goes and see you on your new bike. Come take the ride...you love it!

Jan 25, 2009
Thanks Gals!
by: Bridgett

I really appreciate all the feedback. I am seriously thinking the Honda VTX 1300 is sweet! My hubby test drove it for me today and said it spanked the Sportster. And yes, my husband is kind of a control freak. He is old fashioned and worries about me riding. But hey, I worried when he was learning, AND I was not happy about the money spent. But we love it sooo much, we wish we had done this years ago. So my hubby may piss me off for sure, but after talking he said he will back me up on what type of bike I decide on. I appreciate you all giving me the pat of encouragement. I CANT WAIT! I take the safety class next weekend, then I hope to get my license. I will let you know what I decide!


Jan 25, 2009
Becoming a Lady Rider
by: Anonymous

First your husband sounds like a control freak. Does he not realize that you 2 are a partnership and that he should want you to have the same opportunities as you? I suggest you get a bike if that is what is in your heart to do. There is no other freedom like it. NO ONE tells you what to do when it's just you and your bike. Good luck and God bless you!

Jan 25, 2009
What Bike to Buy
by: Doreen

I am 47 and just purchased a Honda Shadow 600 which has all the makings of a Harley. Low and looks good. I love it. Check it out, I purchased mine new for around $5200.

Jan 25, 2009
by: Jacee

Don't get hung up on a certain brand. Go sit on several motorcycles and see how they feel. Lauren is correct - you can get a brand new Japanese brand with all the whips and jingles you want for the price of a HD without those items. Mostly because of the price, you could not ever convince me to buy a HD. There are other reasons too - but that's another story.

I also had a Suzuki Intruder 800 (now the Boulevard) and I LOVED it. Lots of power and torque and I could do 80 mph all day if I wanted. Very comfortable, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous silver. My friend bought a new Yamaha V-Star and LOVED it.

There are just so many good choices. Take the safety class, then go sit and assess what fits you well.

Jan 25, 2009
That's Love
by: Jenny

You must really love him if you'll allow a double standard like that! In my house, I'd like to say what's good for the goose is good for the gander, but I currently own two bikes to his one (both of mine cost more than his one bike, too!).

Truthfully, I love the look of Harley's, but I'm not keen on the price tag. I'm a Yamaha girl (then again, I've always loved Yamaha cruisers - I drooled over my husband's Virago for months before I met its owner and married him!). The new V-stars are great bikes, and for the price, WOW! I currently own a Suzuki and a Yamaha (The Suzuki's a GZ250, it was my starter bike, the Virago's a 1995 550cc bike, it's my new bike, and it's in way better shape than my husband's Virago 750 which he's constantly got to tinker with!).

Get the bike that you want that you can afford. If you can't afford a tricked out Harley with the money you've got but you can find a Yamaha that fits the bill, do it! Those Yamaha cruisers really do last if they're taken care of.

If your husband gives you slack, don't get mad, just go for a ride on your new bike!

Jan 25, 2009
Suzuki Boulevard
by: Lauren

I too am 48, although single and I enjoyed riding on the back as well. My boyfriend rides a Harley Fat Boy and all my gear is Harley stuff. I did get my own, a Suzuki Boulevard C50 which has an 800 cc engine. It also has many of the accessories that make a bigger Harley, not the Sportster, so comfortable to ride such as floorboards and a heel shifter, and, I can keep up with my boyfriend and anyone else on the interstate. The really nice part is, it fits in your budget new, not used! You really might want to go try one out!

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