by Dawna
(Hendersonville, NC)

My Girl!  V Star 650 Silverado

My Girl! V Star 650 Silverado

I don't know what my problem was today! I was doing great when we left here. We rode a road that was nice and twisty and played obstacle course with a bunch of gravel-didn't scare me and I kept in control even with it being on almost every curve! Then I stalled it out at a stop light, from there it all went downhill! It seems like that just caused a domino effect and I stalled out at almost every light and stop sight we stopped at, almost got creamed by a dump truck because of it! I was getting so frustrated with myself that I almost parked the bike on the side of the road and left it there. All I wanted to do is go home.

Then, we stopped at a stop sign and I always stop right next to my husband but this time I stopped behind him and for some reason second guessed myself. I decided at the last minute to pull up next to him and then realized there wasn't enough room. I had already turned the bars and almost dropped the bike!

It is just not my personality to allow myself to FAIL at ANYTHING! I can do ANYTHING and I have proved that with driving tractor trailers I was DEATHLY afraid of before last year. I couldn't even drive a straight drive car and now I am driving big trucks of all kinds. I don't like having anything I can't do. I don't know why I am letting this get in my head! Please girls, talk me through this!!!! I need it!!!

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Sep 18, 2010
Gloves / Grips
by: Noelle

I rented quite a few models before deciding to buy (HD NightRod Special :) For some reason, the bigger bikes (Fat Boy, Heritage) gave me the same issues you are having. I DREADED coming to a stop sign or red light. I wobbled around right turns. Then I test drove a V-Rod. The longer wheelbase eliminated those problems. I was ecstatic that I had found 'my' bike! It felt like a part of me on acceleration and turning.

Another thing that really helped with that problem was taking off my gloves. I could feel the grab of the clutch a lot easier.

And one more thing that might help is to get some grips that dont have any chrome or really smooth rubber on them. They make some really aggressive rubber grips that will help regulate the twisting motion.

Sep 03, 2010
Don't give up!!
by: Anonymous

Don't let that get you down. Just get on a quiet back road and practice and relax. I have those days and it does zap all confidence. Practice makes perfect. "Stella got her grove back"

Sep 02, 2010
Thank you Ladies
by: Dawna

I think all I need is a good kick in the pants! My husband keeps telling me that I need to be on the bike EVERY DAY! I know that sounds good, but it is harder to find the time than it seems. We are on the road constantly and part of my problem is not doing good in strange places. I will have to just work on it and stop allowing my head to get the best of me.

Thanks ladies.

Sep 02, 2010
Bad Bike Day
by: ND Mass '58

Keep riding. If you love it. Do it. Find a way to build your confidence back up. Get out again as soon as you can. It does sounds like your nerves did get the best of you and then you second guessed yourself from that point on each mishap making it worse. You can't do that on a bike. I find you need to be confident and assertive to keep you out of trouble. So I would find some nice roads on a slow time of day all by myself and just go out and ride and enjoy. Also, I think it's great to have something in common with your husband. So keep that in the back of your mind too. We just became emtpy nesters and we're trying to figure out what to do together now to keep the marriage alive. He's great, he's supportive especially with this bike thing - he thinks it's a phase I'm going through - but I don't think so. He helped me shop for it and asked questions for me and give his opinions where it was needed and let me go when it wasn't. He's even gone as far as to meet me places for ice cream just so I would have a familiar face to meet up with. If you knew my husband you would know how hard that is for him especially meeting in public places with bikers and crowds. So ride on and be confident in yourself. It's easy - just dangerous with the looneys out there these days.

Sep 02, 2010
bad day
by: robin

It is OK...it happens to many of us...i find taking a breath and knowing i am not alone helps me get back on. You are OK and the bike is OK. Breathe...ride!

Sep 02, 2010
Pretty Bike!!
by: Sandra

Did you try talking to your bike? Perhaps she's feeling neglected or taken for granted, and her constant stalling is just her way of making you pay extra attention to her! LOL

Seriously, check and double check you are in 1st, not 2nd (my personal #1 reason for repeatedly stalling), and search for that friction zone between brake and clutch to allow the bike to pull itself forward...you know this stuff...just breathe.

Sounds like you have taken on a LOT of new modes of transportation lately (semi driving??); perhaps you are just overloaded and confusing your vehicles - so much of riding smoothly and naturally has to do with "muscle memory", where our muscles know just when to engage or not from repetition...maybe your "muscles" are "confused" as to which vehicle requires which set of muscles!?!

It's all good; don't ride when you are emotionally drained or stressed for a while - make sure you are in the mood for FUN and just feel your way...

Sep 02, 2010
Bad Day
by: Anonymous

Just get back on that bike and ride. We all have our bad days. Even my hubby has those. Just keep riding. There are many more good days than bad days.

Sep 02, 2010
by: Lynn - Florida

Sounds like maybe your nerves got to you. It happens. As long as your bike is mechanically sound and your idle is set properly, it was just an off day. It happens.

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