Attention Ontario Canada Riders

by Jeanette
(Ontario Canada)

If you are canadian and took your MSF course at a local college, can you tell me how they handled it if someone failed their test at the end of the course?
I am in the process of talks witht he vice president of our local college to change what I call the walk of shame.
When I failed my test, the minute I went over the point allotment, they made me get off my bike and walk across the course instead of riding.. I did not drop the bike or do anything dangerous.. on the contrary the reason I failed the test is because I went too slow in some areas.
I just want to know if this policy is across ONTARIO or is it a local decision.. In other words is it my local college or the ministry of transportation guidlines?
If anyone has any input I would very much appreciate it. Thanks :)

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May 14, 2013
Failed test from going too slow
by: Dianna

I took my safety. Ourselves 2 weeks ago and failed because I was going too slow thru timed sequence. Their policy here in Windsor, Ontario is when your points are depleted you must leave then and there. Very humbling but with 4 newbies and 11 guys who rode up on their bikes to take class- all of us newbies failed. Class was great and guys were very supportive. I need to call to find out the retest policy. They told my friend and I then but we were in no mood to retain the retest info upon hearing we failed.

Dec 26, 2012
by: Jeanette

thanks Joe:I actually have taken the test again in August and passed, no problem. I have put over 6000klm on my bike since then. Loving every minute... happy riding

Dec 24, 2012
Nate Meyers blog
by: Joe


First, I want to say to you, don't give up. I took the beginners (M1) course at Fanshawe college in London, Ont. I failed my first time. I made one minor mistake during a turn, but what really got me was I got mixed up in the red cones during the quick stop exercise. So I took the half course the next weekend and passed.

What's really interesting is, I didn't want to spend 400 bucks for the M2 exit course, so I googled the question: What is the route for the M exit test in London, Ont. That brought me to Nate Meyers blog. I practiced the route on my Honda sh150i scooter and passed the test. Perhaps you could do something similar.

Now I'm saving up for a suzuki boulevard C 50t, which I intend to buy next April. Good luck!

Aug 19, 2012
by: Jeanette

Thanks for your comments Lexxia ... I have since taken the test and passed. I've logged a couple thousand klms in the saddle in the last few weeks and am completely confident. Speed is not an issue at all any more . My 800 Suzuki boulevard is much easier to ride & maneuver than the 250`s they had at our college. I still think that policy is ridiculous and they should change it. None the less I am enjoying riding even more than I thought I ever would! Happy riding and stay safe

Aug 19, 2012
So sorry about your situation - think it's Ontario wide though
by: Lexxia

I took my course in Ottawa, Ontario and the instructors where amazing! I was one of four girls in the class. All except one beside me had been on bikes before.

Our instructors emphasized good maneuvering and speed...throughout the entire two days. Once we got a maneuver and showed we could do it...then we worked on speeding up our time. All the instructors where extremely supportive and I had a great group to learn with...all very supportive as well.

At no time were we ever embarrassed, told to get off the bike and leave or anything. Even during testing those who did fail were told so discreetly...the instructors went out of their way to be professional and not create any discomfort for any of the students.

Our course was through the MSC (Motorcycle Safety Council) not the college. Sounds like the instructor(s) that you had need a refresher because they shouldn't have done what they did to you.

Speed however, is important. Ontario Licensing requires that when we get on the road we not only have the knowledge but the ability to get ourselves out of situations where more speed might be required...ie someone fails to see you and you have to act quickly to get out of harms way, etc. We can have all the skill in the world but if we aren't confident of that skill and we can't be as fast with that skill as the roads require...then we are putting both ourselves and others in danger.

All the best with your next test. You'll Ace it because you have all the maneuvers down...just practice doing them a little more quickly. Do so in an empty parking lot if possible and the more you do them, the faster you'll get. The test will be a cinch for you then. Good luck!!

Aug 02, 2012
by: Katie

Hey there I feel your pain

I took my test last September with Conestoga College. I failed by 1 point (I lost all my points with going to slow) I had fallen earlier when my bike cut out (not my fault, it was faulty) and I was a little freaked out. The instructors told others to slow down during the exam but they never told me to hurry up. I was told at the end of everyone's test alone. My embarrassing part was I had to walk back into the class to get my stuff and leave and everyone knew I had failed. I was 45 at the time. I went home and was very upset. My 16 year old told me I would get it next time and things were not always easy. She is legally blind LOL so I listened to her. I had an option of taking the test again or paying some more money and taking a one day course and test. I chose to take the course. HEY I failed so I thought what the heck. OMG BEST DAY EVER! 6 of us in the class, 4 women 2 men (in my first course I was the only female) everyone had failed like me. The two instructors were incredible, we worked hard all day and the entire class passed. I learned more in that day than I did in the whole 2 day course. I only got one wrong. I have taken off with my riding. We live near Guelph and we have ridden to Sault St Marie, Manitoulin Island, I ride to work often and I just got in from doing all my errands on my bike. I have already outgrown my 650GSXF I realized it hurt my butt too much on long trips and I dont have secure luggage. So we are looking for a 1300 Yamaha tourer used. You will get it. Dont worry about the Asses at your course. Take more lessons and you will get your M2.

Good luck


Jul 22, 2012
by: Jeanette

Hey Trisha thanks for your feedback. I now know the policy but still do not agree with it. Points due to being too slow is hardly dangerous and I could have hopped on my own bike and legally driven home. I appreciate that your class was at least informed about it. Whomever came up with that rule is a bit of a power tripping *#**#*#.... I think the instructors can tell if someone is actually dangerous and should allow those who are not to finish the test so they know what they need to do. After all are they teaching us skills we need to know or what is the point?
I love the comments from places that everyone finishes and if you don't pass it is up to you to let others know. I believe this needs to change.

Jul 21, 2012
Don't Give Up
by: Trisha

I took the course in London, at the end of March and we had one young fellow who was in the same situation as you are. He had never been on a bike before, and had issues with speed etc. that put him in a position that he had already lost too many points to continue the test. We all felt for him , as he had made so much progress over the few days of the course that he really could have passed, but a lack of confidence got in his way. I genuinely believe that a few more hours on the road with his M1 would have made all the difference.

Our instructors had indeed warned us that, if we accumulated too many points and were going to fail regardless, we would be stopped and we would not be permitted to finish the test. It's an insurance thing: if it becomes evident that you are not going to pass, you are deemed to be unsafe and must be taken off the road to protect the college, the bikes, etc.

Our course offered a re-test for a fee (about one-third of the cost of the course proper): it provided an additional few hours of instruction prior to the test itself.

I suspect that this procedure is standard for all Ontario MSP courses and tests, particularly the M2 entrance test. I don't know whether the same standard applies to the M2 exit/M entrance test, but I suspect so.

I hope you were at least offered the additional instruction/retest. Above all, you still have your M1 and can renew it by rewriting the M1 test as often as you need to. Keep riding - get on the road if you feel confident enough to do so - even just in a suburban neighborhood. Those are enough skills to boost your ability to pass the M2 test. I encourage you to take the retest option, if it was offered to you. If not, keep riding for a few weeks and book a test with the MTO. I suspect the test via the course is more structured and possibly easier, but again, I don't know that for sure.

Don't give up and keep riding! Keep the shiny side up and enjoy our beautiful summer weather!

Hugs and happy thoughts and lots of props...

Jul 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Michele...what happend at your last class has nothing to do with your class this time. It is past! Don't freak out...just do what they are asking you to do at that particular time...not what you've got to do in the next exercise. If you haven't been told..chew gum to help you relax. Don't think of what you did before in testing but what you are doing right now.

Through all my many times to take the course, first to learn and others as a refresher course, those who failed the range portion weren't told of their failure until we were headed inside to take the written test. They were pulled aside and told so that they knew the results prior to the ceremony and could leave if they chose to do so.

Good luck on your class and test. Relax. Let us know how you did. And remember YOU CAN DO IT!

Jul 20, 2012
Ontario Riders
by: Michele

My daughter passed the course in April and I took it again in June, it was not at a College but a Ministry approved (not for profit) school in Oakville On. There was one instance when a rider was not allowed back on their bike and that was during the test and she dropped her bike, she was allowed to schedule a retest for a later date. I never witnessed an instructor losing their patience or treating a student in a condescending way, it's unfortunate you had to experience that. Good Luck, stay positive!

Jul 19, 2012
by: Jeanette

Libby I couldn`t agee with you more. It really is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of. I am going to push this as far as I can to ensure nobody else is treated with such disrespect. I am redoing the test August 4th.
Anonymous... I wish you all the best on the test and don`t be nervous about the course. It is a great course and you will enjoy it and have a blast.:)

Jul 19, 2012
just had to comment...
by: Libby (Nova Scotia)

Jeannette, I'm from Nova Scotia.. so my comment is not helpful, but I couldn't resist putting my two cents worth in. I did my course last year with Safety Services here in Nova Scotia.. I also accumulated too many points, but we weren't advised of the points until after the tests were completed. At one point, after I knew I screwed up completely, the instructor gave me a pep talk and encouraged me to continue with all the testing so I would have a feel for it when I retested. They were very supportive. I retested a few weeks later, and have put over 10,000 kms on two bikes since then. (Now have a third bike.) That 'Walk of Shame' is ludicrous, and not conducive to rider confidence. So sorry they did that to you!!

Jul 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Iam taking the course this weekend, nervous as heck I will repost on Sunday. Wish me luck

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