Any Advice for Long Ride - 2 Up?

by Rene L.
(Bay Area, CA)

Hi Folks,

In about a month, I will be taking my first long ride going two up with my boyfriend the Harley guy : ). Though I've been on the back of his bike many times before it has always been local runs. This time we will be out riding for the day on the way to his club retreat location.

I am wondering if others have any advice to help make the ride as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Open to all suggestions. By the way, the ride will be in early June.

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Mar 31, 2010
Thanks for all of the advice!
by: Rene L

Thanks Ladies for all of the wonderful advice. The ride was actually last June, lol and it could not have been more wonderful. We both enjoyed the rides up and back as well as the interim club rides over the weekend. Saw some really beautiful country - even got caught in the rain - without rain gear! That part was cold and wet, but all a part of the experience. We hit some serious twisties. I didn't miss a beat and my boyfriend said I did great. Got some great pics of the other riders in the club and some nice shots of us.

We will be making the ride again this year. I can hardly wait. Oh, and I have since upgraded my own bike. I'm thinking that by next year's ride, I will not be going 2 up. Will ride my own : ).

Mar 30, 2010
Riding 2 Up
by: BM6900

My husband and I rode several rides before I got my own. Couple of things - the CB is nice, jokes break up the longest rides... iPod is really nice... On your next short ride with him, let him know you want to practice moving - your feet, adjusting your sitting position, etc. You need to move slowly to avoid upsetting his balance. You might need to stretch feet every now and then... And, if you decide to take pictures (I do LOTS!) he needs to know when you're turning. Learn to move the camera (not you) and just snap. Photos of fellow riders are cool!

May 11, 2009
by: Mimi1138

Do you have an ipod or shuffle? It won't last the whole trip, but if you have it to listen to for even part it may be worth it. Music always heightens long drives for me. Have fun!

May 10, 2009
2 Up On Long Rides
by: kenberlyc

If you feel you need to stop, let him know. Also drink plenty of water, for some reason you get thirstier on the road. Sunscreen and chapstick are important, as is a brush and a little makeup. That way you can touch up. Don't get so caught up worrying that you forget to have fun. Also be sure and bring your own cash in case you need it and your drivers license even though you are not driving. Have fun, be safe.

May 10, 2009
All Good Advice Jenny
by: Anonymous

Hi Jenny,

I think the ride is about 4-5 hours (approximately 250 miles or so). Thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestions. They were all helpful and make sense to me. My boyfriend has been riding forever and so does not think like a new rider. As loveable as he is, he is not the best on advice in these situations. Also, I really appreciate getting advice from other women riders - sometimes I think it can make a difference : ).



May 10, 2009
How Long?
by: Jenny

You mentioned one day, so I assume that you're not looking for info on preparing for a two week trip :-) A few things - take some rides that are longer before then. You'll have a chance to see how your body reacts, how long before you personally need a break, etc. I'm sure they'll be planning regular breaks (most folks that I know have bikes that need gas every 100 or so miles, plus riding too long makes the rider sloppy and reaction times slower), but if you find that you have back issues and that you need a walk every 50 minutes or so, let your partner know that you need breaks more often. That being said, that's an unlikely extreme :-) Mostly, though, learning to handle longer durations (so trips over more than an hour) will be good before you're in the saddle for six hours.

Be prepared for weather. June can be unpredictable. If there's any chance of rain, pack rain gear! Also, have layers packed so that if it ends up chillier then expected, you can add another sweatshirt or a scarf. Same thing the other way - be prepared to cool off. I don't recommend riding without a jacket. I know some folks do it and aren't afraid of road rash or an accident, but even beyond that, hours in the sun can bring sunburn. It can also seriously dry out your skin with all that wind rushing at you all day.

Does your partner have a sissy bar/backrest? If not, they are really handy. When I used to ride two-up, I found that I could only handle rides under an hour when I was without a sissy bar, but with one, I could go much, much longer!

And finally, don't forget boredom. I had to fight that one, but if I stopped paying attention to the ride, I'd get sleepy, and that's never a good thing when you're on the back of a bike :-) I'm sure others will have better suggestions, but those were the ones that were important for me.

Oh! And boots - obviously if you're on a bike, you're wearing boots, but make sure your boots give your toes a little wiggle room. My riding boots don't, but when I'm a passenger, I wear a pair that has more toe room so that I can keep my feet from falling asleep on the passenger foot rests :-)

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