Another newbie

Little red dress. ;-)

Little red dress. ;-)

My hubby has been riding and I knew he secretly wanted me to get the *bug*. I did. I had never ridden a motorcycle before...just a 150 scooter (no clutch, just throttle) for a few weeks. That's what did it for me.
I also own and ride horses. Lots of similarities here! Use head to look where u r going, etc.
I'm 50 years old and told hubby if I am going to ride, it must be a Harley. So we put the cart B4 the horse and bought a 2010 883L Sportster. Mind you, never ridden one B4.....he takes me to an empty school lot and I practice for 15 mins, only 3X before taking the MSF course.
We both just passed the test this past Sunday July 15th! I was a pro in that little damn box...until the test. LOL! choked and put my foot down!
Anyway....we both rode into work together Monday and boy did I have my eyes opened. I had a lot to learn still..almost biffed it.
Now...I thoguht about some things and read some really good info here as well...so rode in again this AM and WHAT a difference! I relaxed, and changed a few things when taking slow turns...I also press more in curves and turns. ALomost there!

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Aug 02, 2012
I Can Totally Relate
by: Cheryl R.

Loved reading your story because I too am a Newbie and just passed the MSF course in May. I rocked the class as well, and I'll be darned if the 1st 4 ppl didn't put their foot down in the "box" during testing...myself included. I too bought a Harley, 2006 Sportster 1200L and I Love Her!!! I'm 44yrs old and riding has always been a dream of mine. I got my permit in February, signed up for the MSF class and got my license on June 7th, 2012. I couldn't be more proud of how far I've come and how nice it is to read similiar stories such as yours to remind me that there are many, many other women riders out there with questions, comments & answers.
Keep your knees in the breeze & ride safe!!

Jul 22, 2012
I read your blog
by: Marilyn

wow. just wow. Now I understand where ur are coming from, and you ride horses as well.
I respect the bike completely. Funny...today we rode across town to Bed/Bath and Beyond to pick up a shower curtain. lol. I was in a tank top, jeans and boots.....told hubby we are really supposed to gear up, just B4 we left. All went well...this time.
But that's it. No more nakedness. Leather it is. I like to wear my half chaps (horse riding gear) as they look pretty cool anyway. But that won't cover the upper thigh. But I gotta find a nice jacket that I like. A friend offered an original '70's HD juacket made in USA to use in the mean time. Just sweat. Thank you, and I hope you are well. You are still very beautiful, that's not ugly at all.

Jul 20, 2012
check the net
by: Anonymous

Thanks for getting trained and congrats on your wheels. As you say, the MSF course is a basic course to teach you the basics of riding and generally touches on street knowledge. Get on the internet and look up motorcycle safety and start reading so that you'll at least be exposed to many different situations. Read. Read. Read. Yep it'll get somewhat boring but remember that you're reading to learn how to save your life when that day comes. And it will...today or tomorrow. The more prepared you are to handle it the better the outcome will be. There are also a few other womens m/c sites out there that also have a wealth of knowledge so use all the resources you can. When riding always expect the unexpected. Ride like you're invivisible. A different way to look at all other vehicles it that they are out to harm/kill you in some way. And NEVER get cocky/smug ...thinking you know it all or that you are a great rider...if you get that big head ...it will come back to bite you in the butt!!! Also follow your gut..if you think that car will pull out in front of you..they probably will. If you plan to ride but have second thoughts about it...don't..leave the m/c in the garage. And don't forget to wear ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME! Better to sweat and wash it off than to have road rash for weeks. Remember..it CAN happen to you.

Jul 19, 2012
by: Sassy2731

First off Congratulations of taking the first step and passing the MSF course! Then second for riding! About the only advise I can give you is to be sure to chew you some chewing gum when you ride! It helps you relax and be able to enjoy your ride more. I can say how but trust me it does work! I have been riding now for 6 years and I still use the chewing gum technique! My instructor told me this little trick and it has really stuck with me. The hubby and I are leaving in a week and a half now for Sturgis from the Gulf Coast of Texas! I can hardly wait for the ride!

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