All the Gear All the Time

by Lois
(N. Carolina)

Moto Guzzi V-7 Cafe

Moto Guzzi V-7 Cafe

In the MSF course you learn "all the gear all the time" I'm here to tell you it works. I was riding with my husband we were traveling along at about 45-50 it was a beautiful day the sun was shining I remember thinking this is going to be a great ride. We were going to the dealer to drop my bike off for the 1000 mile service, we decided to take the scenic route instead of the highway, so we started up the mountain. It had rained the night before hard enough that someones gravel driveway ended up all across the road, we came around the curve and there it was, I let off the throttle and got through it but got to close to the edge of the road. My back tire slipped off the road I stayed with it for a while but hit a rut and over the bars I went right back into the road.

My bike flipped up on the bars and rolled, I slid down the road on my shoulder chin and knees. My poor husband was watching this in his mirror trying to keep out of the way and stop at the same time. I tried to scramble out of the road I didn't want to be hit to. A car came up on us and stopped, the women called 911 and then proceeded to hold me down until EMS got there, I didn't want to be down, I wanted my helmet off and I wanted to sit up and see my bike but she wouldn't let me go. EMS took me to the hospital on a back board, I was fine I had 2 skinned knees and that was all, really my jeans didn't even have a hole in them, until EMS cut them up to my knees to check them out. Morale of the story my helmet was cracked but my face was fine (I wear a full face helmet always), the shoulder on my jacket is shredded but the armor kept my shoulder from being shredded gloves skinned hands fine.

Husband, shaken and thought about selling all our bikes for awhile, thank God he got over that.

Me, I'm fine was up and riding within the week, good thing at the time I had 3 bikes it took 3 months to get my bike back to 100% waiting for parts etc. but it was only 3 months old when we wrecked. I ride her all the time and love every minute

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Jun 19, 2013
Yay for your safety gear!
by: Valerie

I work in a hospital and have seen enough people who chose to not wear gear. Glad to read that your incident turned out the way it did. Getting ready to drive from Indiana to Florida in a week or so and while I'm not looking forward to the Florida heat with all the gear, I won't be riding without it just to stay cool.

Mar 30, 2011
Glad You are Okay
by: Mary

I am a First Responder and those who wanted you to stay down were correct in doing that. People don't always realize the extent of their injuries and we keep you down in case there is a broken bone near the spine that could sever the spinal cord and cause paralysis. We love when people are well protected. Seen too many who have not been. Thank heavens you are okay and back on the bike. BTW, some EMS personnel are scissor happy, but once again it is for the patient's benefit.

Mar 25, 2011
Safety Gear
by: Lynn - Florida

Thanks for sharing that story Lois. Here in Florida lots of people ride totally unprotected.

I, myself, have a full face, 3/4 and shorty helmet. I wore the shorty helmet a lot last summer but when my friend crashed and bruised up her face pretty bad, I put it away. Being cool isn't as important as being protected. Thanks for the reminder and I'm glad you didn't get hurt any worse than you did.

Mar 25, 2011
I'm with YOU!
by: Sandra

Tough spill - glad you walked away AND saved the bike...a good day indeed.

I'm all about reinforced jeans - didn't know there was such a thing - to wear in the summer months when chaps are just too much! It took me a couple of rides to realize that quality boots were a must-have. Each helmet I buy covers a little more of me! LOL

No one plans to go out today and have an accident. You cannot stop time and gear up - better to go prepared for the worst and enjoy the best of rides!

Wish I could get my riding friends to realize this...but some of those guys just don't think it will happen to them! Hope it doesn't...

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